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Russian Indy Wrestler from Nizhny Novgorod 🤼 | motivational story

Russian Indy Wrestler from Nizhny Novgorod 🤼 | motivational story

Hi friends, my name is Tim Kirby, this is the first episode
of our new project on YouTube, which features people who’ve taken the bull by the horns and
are living the lives they want to, regardless of the circumstances and no matter how far they
live from ultra-rich Moscow. I received Russian citizenship precisely because I believe
in this country. I know that everything is possible here, if you Russians don’t believe in your country… well this
American does. The focus of our first episode is Dmitry Greenberg. By day he leads a team that remodels apartments but by night
he is a pro-wrestler. If you don’t know what pro-wrestling is, it is that weird
fake fighting where two guys pretend to pummel each
other. Dmitry has been dreaming of becoming a success in the world
of wrestling since childhood and has brought many of his friends into his promotion and
even his wife’s too. But since no one in Russia really knows about wrestling,
especially in Nizhny Novgorod he has had to become not just a wrestler but also a trainer
and a promoter. Right now he is getting ready for a big match in St.
Petersburg that will take place in exactly one week. Dmitry! Dmitry Greenberg, in the ring he’s Sigurd. Wrestler, trainer, promoter. In his everyday life he leads a team of home remodelers. Greetings! Yo! Nice to meet you. Tim, right? Yeah that’s me. That’s it! Yes this is the costume I was telling you about. Not bad,to be honest I thought that an Indie-Wrestler in
Russia would have something more basic, like junk from AliExpress. Ah, well there is nothing on AliExpress in my size, so I
have to get everything custom made. Irina Pavlova, in the ring she’s Irma. If you need a
wrestling costume, she’s your woman. In general how important is it for a wrestler to have an amazing costume that may require a lot of work to
make? First off sometimes you need to use your costume to distract the audience from the flaws in your technical skill. This is more important that you’d think. Secondly, in some cases your costume can increase the
dramatic effect of your performance, which means that you should wear clothing that is striking
and unusual. Tim take a look at these decorative patches which are more
than just decorations. They are located on very good parts of a wrestler’s body. I mean I don’t want to whack everyone in order to
make noise. They might not like that. They maybe not ready for this. I fear I am giving you all my secrets but it goes something
like this. I mean the thing is, if you do all sorts of moves like for
example kicks you can use these to make noise. Dmitry as I understand it this is not your first wrestling
“gimmick”. So what was your first uniform like? Well let me be honest here. For our first event we were at some kind of LARP event and they said that we had to have an “Undertaker” character. Just like the one in the WWE. They wanted him to be in a duster, with a big dark
hat etc. We tried to put together something like this. There were about 150 people there. Some of them screamed that they wanted to have my baby, one of them was probably my wife. The match began and we annihilated the commentator’s table. We destroyed it with my head because it was made of super
thin boards. My opponent smashed me against the bar, threw me in the casket and stomped on me while I was in it. So yeah they had me in there, they put the lid on the casket threw a ton of lighter fluid onto the top of it and lit the whole darn thing in a blaze. We had a darn good time, we took it to the max Now I wouldn’t do that again with people who are
totally untrained. As an organizer I am proud of this casket match because the
reaction was huge from the audience. This was the initial push that gave us the strength and
desire to get started in pro-wrestling. And to be honest, the people who saw that match remembered
it and they started to regularly attend our events at various
festivals in the hope to see another deadly match like that one. He said that we were going to a big LARP event and that he had a special project tied to it and I supported
him. Alyona Greenberg, Dmitry’s wife. Just that simple? Yep. We often exercise and play different sports but we also love
doing creative things. That is very much at the core of both of us. In general, modern art is highly syncretic. It brings in
many disciplines. It is the juxtaposition of museum and theatre projects, art and music. It has been for the last decade or even earlier. Wrestling really shows this syncretic approach… but it is also very postmodern blending in all sorts of
cultural phenomena. It’s interesting to reveal these cultural patterns. It is really a mix, a mix of a show, a combat,
and acrobatics. From a cultural point of view it is fascinating to see where this wrestling stuff is
going. What do you think is happening in this video? He hit him with a license plate from a car, so it isn’t MMA. This some kind of no-holds-barred competition. Actually this is pro-wrestling. Yeah, that’s it wrestling! Yeah, so you seem to know all about this. What do you think, where is this happening? Probably in the USA. In the USA. Probably in the USA. America. In some hell hole around “Nizhny”. Well I would lean towards saying America but based on your questions I would have to assume it’s
around these parts. What do these guys need to do to make you start watching
wrestling… They could put on some damn long pants for starters. I was 10 years old and at some family holiday. They needed to occupy the kids with something so my dad’s friend called me over to the TV. He said “Dima, come here and I will show you something that
you’ll really like. And there was pro-wrestling on the TV. I sat down and started to watch. And I was hooked. Ric Flair took a brutal bump from Bill Goldberg and blood started pouring from his mouth. I sat there thinking “excellent”. But I was actually most interested in the reactions of those
who were watching with me. Later on I found out that it was enough to give Ric Flare a severe look and he started bleeding. This was all very interesting, was a spectacle! If I were in Moscow and not Nizhny Novgorod I would have gone to some already-established wrestling
school. However here in Nizhny there is no adequate wrestling school so I knew that I had to start one myself. So I talked to some much more experienced colleagues and watched a ton of instructional videos, and based on them I taught other people . Since I already had a martial arts background, I knew that the key thing to teach first is safety and how to
protect yourself. Next comes basic acrobatics. Then after that we teach them about the geometry of strikes
and throws and how to do them. That’s basically it. After that comes ring psychology and how to build drama in
their matches. I have no start capital whatsoever. I basically do what young indie rock bands do: I’ve got the instruments, I’ve got the guys, I’ve got the
ring. We go to festivals and try to build an audience. In many families it is normal to scoff at anything that the husband does that doesn’t
bring home money. “Why they hell do you need to do that?”, “What the heck is the point?”, “You bought a canoe, why?”, “What do you need a bike for?”, “Why go work out every day it is a waste of time”. “Why have a second kid?”… well … i mean kids are obviously more important than
hobbies. I am used to answering these types of questions from random
people, but thank God I don’t get them too often. I got lucky with my parents. But the biggest bit of luck I have ever had was finding my
wife. So basically I never get questions like those thrown at me. Only one time my mother asked me “Dima, don’t you think that you are teaching people bad
non-Christian values?”. At the time I was playing a bad guy (heel) character. If wrestling is fake then, what does the referee have to do, I mean you could just stand there smoking right? When the fighters are up to snuff the referee has to be
agile and follow them everywhere they go. Alexander Savchenko, in the ring he’s The Black Knight. He’s a referee who’s had enough with disorderly behavior of wrestlers, and he is willing to bring discipline with his own fists. Well you need to check in on the guys to see what is going
on and often you need to drop to the ground to see if someone’s
shoulder is down or if it isn’t. Plus the ref needs better than anyone to understand the
specifics of the match types. Sometimes the ref needs to take a “bump” and get knocked out as part of a story element. Everything has its ups and downs. Sergey Vorobyov, in the ring he’s Alex Malta. The oldest wrestler in the promotion and professionally heat treats metal in a factory in his
normal life. The fact that they call me by my first and patronymic names is something that only happens inside our
promotion. In the ring I am Alex Malta. My career is just starting, but as you can see I have started to get into wrestling
later in life than most. I used to be hardcore into boxing. Wrestling is like a second wind for my life and it is a new beginning for me. Just doing normal sports became boring. You get a lot of attention and it is very thrilling. Everything I put into my matches gets great reactions and is really appreciated by the audience. Our female division at its worst is made up of me, myself
and I. Anastasia Sidorova, in the ring she’s Angara Sverdlova. Athlete, Communist-Socialist Youth Member, Samo-fighter She is always ready to fight male opponent. Thankfully things have gotten better. There are young girls turning up at practices. We try to keep and build ties with other cities. My first fight was against a man. Nice way to start things! Yeah, and well I won. Was he large like myself? A bit smaller. Thank God for that. And yeah, he was an evil capitalist manager. Ah, now everything makes perfect sense. The thing is, how exactly are you able to throw big guys
around? Or is it that if you work well together then it is super
easy? It’s the Sambo factor. Sambo? Sambo allows anyone to be able to
throw anyone. So basically all my “finisher” moves all come from Sambo and
are real attacks and throws. Since they are “real” they work. Yes. Entering the ring, like an actor you need a bright and
stylish look, to get attention. Dmitry Gorbachyov, in the ring he’s Strashila. He’s the sex symbol of the promotion and works in biochemistry for a big pharma company in his
normal life. He excited the audience and left his mark. I think that, firstly you need a rockin’ costume and
secondly your persona has to have meaning. You also need to be physically fit
and do cool moves Being a good actor is a plus too. It’s sort of two parts of the same whole and the “gimmick” (the persona and ring gear)
is very important. Sigurd is raw emotion. Theoretically if I were to use face paint this character would be like a demon, but he is not a demon. Sigurd is a form of living retribution, the one who uproots the seeds My gimmick is very different from myself in real life almost entirely. The Sigurd character is not so much used in the promotion
like a weapon but as a mediator between conflicts. When this happens he acts closer to how I actually do. Well he does this with a voice a bit different from my own
if he needs to intimidate someone. Maybe his voice becomes at times more heavenly when speaking
to his opponent or the audience. So If I speak with the tongues of angels but have not love I am become a sounding brass My job is to send the ideas and emotions
to the audience. I need to pull out some sympathy from them even if that
sympathy is for my opponent. So, how do you decide who becomes the champ? Well maybe more importantly how do you deal with injuries? So, here’s the deal, they actually are more likely to get
hurt at practice than in the ring. Oleg Senin, doctor specializing in emergency medical care. Treats Nizhny Novgorod’s wrestlers. This is because when they go out into the ring every stunt is so planned out that it becomes automatic. Naturally when they are working out these moves this is when they are more likely to get hurt. The most common injuries that wrestlers get are various
types of sprains, especially in the shoulders and the knees. Now, the second most common injury based on our stats is
cuts and gashes. Usually this comes from improperly using of
various objects. So say one guy wants to spray the other with a fire
extinguisher and wound up actually falling on to the metal and sharp extinguisher himself cutting open his forehead. Another example, they were going to break a chair over
Dmitry. The chair was not properly precut to fall apart on impact
and Dmitry got his back hurt, I had to treat him for a severe bruise on his lumbar
muscles. There was also this time when they were supposed to throw
Dmitry into a wooden casket and light the top on fire. Not surprisingly Dmitry got some first and second degree
burns from doing this. Before Dmitry goes home I want to give this all a try. I see success as a unifying force People come from all over Russia and even beyond Russia to
compete and that is great. We are building a good team here because of these exchanges. Also those who come here help us out with accomodations when
we go to them. Dima gets invites to go all over the country all the time,
this is super cool! Dmitry is able to do much more than he used to and those who train with him all get much better. I mean even I just came for two or three training sessions and I couldn’t even do a somersault the right way. I coudn’t understand how to do it. But after like 5 minutes a miracle happened The people who train with him all the time get the benefits of working with him even more than me. He really inspires people, and he himself gets inspiration
from this. He is very passionate and always pushing forward. Well Dmitry here is your train to Petersburg, I don’t want to make you angry, especially a wrestler of
your size, but where are the fans? I don’t know what you are talking about, they are probably
just sitting at home. I don’t want any “fans” to meet me at the train station. But, why? In Russia accompanying someone to the train station is for
loved ones, like your child or parents or maybe your best buddy. Maybe at the extreme for a coworker. Why should you see off the wrestler? The preparations for the big tournament are over, Dmitry and
his wife head out to St. Petersburg. Dmitry since we are going to be on this train for many hours
we have some time for philosophy… so what do you think are the real prospects for wrestling in
Russia are we on the verge of entering a bright future? This all depends on how we are willing to work. If we will sit on our fat a** and wait for someone to call
us to do shows then nothing will happen. So you are saying this is not a passive process? It is absolutely not passive whatsoever. In fact we need to constantly update our techniques and work
as actors. A few episodes of the show in the Internet is not enough. Until people get informed extensively there wouldn’t be the stimulus we need for growth. I’ve already said to you that wrestling is a secondary event at
a carnival or market. We need to go through all the stages of evolution that because of the history of our motherland did not happen
here… yet. We need to appear at big public events like markets, carnivals and festivals be they musical or for drag racing
or something. This way people will get involved and excited by us. When they understand that we are trying to cooperate, they want to root for you at that moment they will see why deep down they need
wrestling. Pro-Wrestling in Russia did not pass through the historical
stages of development that it needed to, like it did in the West. For someone this is the reason to lose heart, for me… I think we live in very interesting “young” times. We are the ones who will shape wrestling in Russia, what it will be or what it won’t be, if we commit too many mistakes along the way. As the great Musashi once said “I have seen all possible paths and one path among the paths
leads to nothingness”. Respected audience members today is an amazing day not only
for NRJW but for me personally. I am the promoter so I make all the final decisions. Can you really be objective as the promoter? I can be objective. When we are talking about titles and championships of my
promotion I think that… based on the experiences I’ve had as a viewer of wrestling in countries all over the
world… that it isn’t very good when the promoter wins his own
title. Well that is all we have left Dmitry and head back home. You know I am sure that Dmitry has found his place in
Russia. He follows his dream and develops
wrestling not only in Nizhny Novgorod but all over the country. I think Dmitry is a successful person, maybe that is just my naturally ingrained American optimism
talking, so if you think differently please write me in the comments. Well that is all guys, I’m heading home. Like a locomotive he pulls the train along
based on his charisma and enthusiasm. What Greenberg is doing with our group cannot be ignored. We are trying with all our might to popularize our sport,
our views and our movement.

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    Wrestling is a successor of gladiator games. While the shows of the bygone era resulted in bona fide blood, violence, and death, the contemporary ones, while having no malicious intent in its core, nonetheless produce the verisimilar bombastic effects of brutality and sadism arousing vicious feelings and desires among plebs and mob of spectators.

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