100 thoughts on ““SADB” Ep.9 – A Fight on the Campus

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  2. i dont like this these confrontations could be very dangerous leads to numerous fights and chaos just let authorities know what u noticed was wrong theyll handle it

  3. Where is Putin's Russia he always tells us about? Corrupt lazy Police, corrupt bullshit Russian politicians and a corrupt fake Russian president who has fake elections with fake candidates… At least Americans get to vote for their corrupt thief, Russians have no choice.

  4. Lorenco Lamas as a Jack Black !!!And in front of the students preaching this is some old school social morality and shit !!! Bery nice indeed.hahahahahaha Much Love from Varna-Bulgaria to all !!!

  5. Honestly guys, you should get some trained fighters to hold the cameras… just in order to surprise these douchebags

  6. What are they learning , if no manners there not human,,,,, resources management on themselves need in that school …..

  7. I love how that one guy turned up, stickered a load of cars, offered 50 lads out and not one word was said to him haha dude must have a rep

  8. Most guys tend to be heroes when they are with crowd and when they are confronted alone, they back out.
    Good job guys 👍

  9. Even these guys older videos are badass. They had to tighten it up when they started getting famous, but they definitely aren't scared to throw down. Much respect as always douche cleaners!

  10. Its very annoying that im not able to understand this language . . Have to focus on subtitles as well as the main action 😂😂

  11. Those cowards seem worried about their cameras getting damaged but don’t care if they damage people’s cars. Need to just put them all down

  12. so many young and retarded kids theath don't no the laws of they own cuntry and cat like little cunts with snoflakes complex lol how the f can you be so stupid to not know the law where you born in the desert ? wtf stupidity at its max

  13. at the end of the video ..they were fucked by student in campus! no one left.. and the big faggot bend to serve others !!!

  14. Stop the big Russian lads or the mafia they're breaking the law every day why are they always picking on the average person?

  15. this is the perfect proof that rusia was, is and will be extremelly savage.. a lot of slaves defending a cunt. Fuck you all!!

  16. They school boy haha…they study for nothing they have no brain in his head STOP A DOUCHEBAG we support u from here Indonesian country

  17. Aaaa, „revoluționarii” erau în pauză și trebuiau să-și arate mușchii! Băi forțoșilor, în Rusia nu mai există LEGE? Oricare vagabond poate să aplice legea lui?

  18. These guys are like the idiotic, jobless morons morons Antifa who probably live at home with their moms and have no jobs and will never get anywhere in life. Thinking they’ll reach some notoriety with these lame videos. Basically useless parking wanna be cops lmao 😂. They probably have no cars themselves and are haters Hahahahah

  19. Not a single one of them had a word to say when he said "one on one over there", never seen so many blank faces in my life one the stop a douche bag guys started getting "aggressive" back.

  20. Стопхамовцам бы с десяток нормальных пацанов в помощь сука всю бы это толпу раком поставили

  21. ''calm down,calm down''…I could picture them with the scouser perm wig's..Terry from Brookside….''Calm down.clam down lar''

  22. I live in france but i hate guyes of douchebag, why don t they get a job like everyone instead of caring about business which is not them 🤦🏽‍♂️

  23. Кирилл ты просто красава как бы я хотел там с тобой очутится 😡😡😡😂😡


  25. Why you calling this a campus? 😀 These are some uncultured faggots. Look at them, the stupidicity radiates all around from their faces.

  26. Это быдло обыкновенное, к сожалению таких 90% в нашей стране… природа красивая, а люди биомусор.

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