Sahuarita native Birchak to lead MMA fight card in Phoenix

mix how’s your energy southern Arizona welcome back my friends apostacy kala former Sawadee the wrestling standout Anthony el Toro berchik will be heading up a mixed martial arts fight card in the Phoenix area next month we are talking LFA 72 at the Comerica theater just two hours away from Tucson Arizona at least driving berchik will be taken on top prospect no Aileen suave at undestand the baton weight division it was just a few months ago with the casino del Sol here in Tucson that Anthony berchik took care of business in his matchup against Adam Martinez this with the TKO victory in just 51 seconds tens of millions of viewers tuned in in the international broadcast and since then berchik has kept busy training at his Midtown gym 10th planet jiu-jitsu Tucson berchik has continued to take part wrestling and jiu-jitsu tournaments when he’s not training for MMA bouts and hey it’s no secret berchik has definitely worked hard to make his way up the ranks of mixed martial arts here’s more for my interview with him on his climb through the sports biggest venues I made my my professional debut in 2009 at Alva amphitheater and then I graduated up and moved back into the more prestigious world championship fights for the MFC and maximum fighting championships in Canada and I was the inaugural bantamweight champion for maximum fighting championships and winning that world title is what actually got me my my big shot at the UFC it’s something really hard to put into words but the one word that I have is just pride its pride of the whole public [Applause] if you want to check them out in person there’s tickets available of course that’s in Phoenix we have more on KBO a calm we’ll be right back you

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