ShadyLei – Firestorm (Prod. Syndrome) [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Now that you have come, listen to the entire song you don’t wanna miss such a good chance if you show too much swag, then I’mma make leave no slow songs,’cause this is the era of rap but this is not a rap, it’s the fire in me Don’t dare to accelerate this fire even by mistake you won’t be able to breathe after seeing this fire ’cause my mind got no control you’d run at full speed the next time you see me Don’t mess with me ’cause it’s dangerous I’m no less than an Avenger,don’t tick me off or I’mma finish you in the Endgame right here I have done everything on my own I don’t copy, even this swag is original I don’t gotta say anything ’cause my rap is roaring I’m a ball of fire coming to change the world and tell all the other rappers they need to be careful ’cause this matter is uber cool

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