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Shane Smith Strips Down for 2,000,000 Subscribers!

Shane Smith Strips Down for 2,000,000 Subscribers!

Shane Smith. We’re here at Vice offices
at Brooklyn, NY. I’m celebrating. Why? Because we hit two million
subscribers. Very quickly, because
you’re beautiful. And I’m naked. Let’s go take a tour. All right, here we go. There’s people in there
and they’re laughing. You’ve humiliated me, YouTube. Last time we talked to
“Motherboard” who did “Click Print Gun”, which did
over 5 million video views, which is awesome. It’s a great piece. Here we have Noisy. What’re you working on? BEN SHAPIRO: We just blew
the lid off Ace of Base’s Nazi past. SHANE SMITH: Scoop. BEN SHAPIRO: And now we’re going
on a tour with Rihanna and the ASAP Rocky tour. We’re out there with them
filming the whole tour. SHANE SMITH: Rihanna,
ASAP Rocky. We’ve got the Yeah
Yeah Yeahs video. SHANE SMITH: This is
our new news guy. What’s in the news? WES ENZINNA: News. Mayday in Cairo. SHANE SMITH: Ongoing
revolution. Mayday in Cairo. My thighs smell like kebabs. Vice Magazine editor. What are we working on, honey? ROCCO CASTORO: We just
got the issue in. The cover’s about Chechnya. SHANE SMITH: Oh, we
got Chechnya. And didn’t you do a thing with
the KKK and the Crips? ROCCO CASTORO: There was a park
that was being renamed. It was named after the
founder of the KKK. They had a rally in Memphis to
protest the changing of the park’s name. And the Crips put a YouTube
video up saying they would be there in full force. But they didn’t come because
it was raining. SHANE SMITH: So it’s KKK
versus the Crips. But the Crips don’t
like the rain. Rocco, Vice magazine. There’s Suroosh Alvi,
my partner. SUROOSH ALVI: Internet
psychonauts try all the drugs you don’t want to. It’s quite popular. It’s blowing up. SHANE SMITH: Last time we came
in through a random room. We’re going to do it again. What’re you working on? TRAVIS WOOD: I’m working on
this Vice news piece about Afghanistan. Us withdrawing troops. SHANE SMITH: It’s going
to be on YouTube. Ben Anderson, my favorite
journalist, in Afghanistan about our troops withdrawing. Good stuff. Doing a piece on Afghanistan,
the troops. He’s my favorite journalist
in the whole world. People think I’m badass. This guy makes me look
like nothing. Like a wussie. He’s the man, Ben Anderson. Jason Mojica produced our
North Korea piece, with Kim Jong Un. You’re going to be seeing
that as well. Ben Anderson, what are we
going to see from you? BEN ANDERSON: What it really
looks like in Afghanistan has me prepared to leave. And it’s a mess. SHANE SMITH: Look
at this [BEEP] beard. Look at him. It’s just beards everywhere. What do you do? JUSTIN SIRIZZOTTI:
I’m the assistant editor on the HBO show. SHANE SMITH: He’s the assistant editor on the HBO show. I’ve never met him. I’m on the HBO show too. All right, we’re going
to come in here. Who’s this guy? Look. This is Eddy Moretti. He’s our creative director. We’re touching moles. Look at this dude. He’s just eating a tomato. This is not a joke. He’s just eating a [BEEP] tomato. This is the art department. He want to Cooper Union. That just makes me tingle. MATT SCHOEN: That’s really
close, right there in my face. This is Sterling. What do you do here? STERLING PROFFER: I
do the YouTubes. SHANE SMITH: And what are
we doing on YouTube? STERLING PROFFER: Two
million subs. SHANE SMITH: So why am
I doing this video? STERLING PROFFER: Because you’re
naked and you got two million subs. SHANE SMITH: I’m doing the
video because I’m naked? STERLING PROFFER: Yeah. SHANE SMITH: No. I’m doing the video because
we got two million subs. Thank you YouTube. Fantastic. Oh, hold on. JOSH SCHNEIDER: When “Noisy”
hits a million subs, I’ll shave my Afro naked. SHANE SMITH: I want to say
thank you YouTube for two million subs. You’re beautiful. I love you. At three million subs, I will
climb a mountain naked. And do this on the
mountain top. Love you. Bango.

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100 thoughts on “Shane Smith Strips Down for 2,000,000 Subscribers!

  1. ^ This.
    It must be a strange feeling to have your boss ask you questions while his junk is 30cm away from your face.

  2. If I was Shane I would've made the video editors put a huge black bar from the dagger-strap down the my ankles. Maybe have it waggle depending on how motivated they are.

  3. So i don't need to see part 3 of "The KKK vs. the Crips vs. Memphis City Council". THANKS FOR SPOILING THE ENDING!

  4. Hey Shane! I love you too man, you and Suroosh rock out with your cocks out! LOL!!!! Some of the best damn journalism EVER!

  5. Dang only (taking a guess here) 4-4.5 months to hit the next milestone. Smithy is going to be real buisy for the 4M dedication onwards. Gotta say, he does much more than a basic 'thank you' which I, and many others appreciate. Keep doing what ya do Vice!

  6. They will reach 3 million next month, just 3 months after reaching too. I'm glad things are going so good for them and I'm looking forward to seeing Shane strip again 🙂

  7. Am I the only who will rain on this parade and say that this is inappropriate for him to do? I don't really care about the mountain – where no one will be around, but an office? Where people may have varying sexual histories … you don't know what could trigger memories for someone, I think it's best to leave the nakedness outside of his office. But being an owner means you can do whatever you want! To hell with the emotional wellbeing of your employees!

  8. Damn….. These fucking people working for Vice has so much fuckin passion for journalism … They risks their life and go through so much shit…. Just to show us what the world is really like….. I tip my hat to you guys for all of the great work you have done over the years.

  9. Vice has over 5,000,000 subscribers, and STILL Shane Smith has not gone up a mountain to celebrate naked.
    We demand satisfaction!

  10. Vice is a joke They make documentary for stupid people who normally do not watch one ! vice was built on advertising sponsorship. who can scream the loudest and not necessarily the most honest will get deals and contracts f**** assholes 

  11. Dog you can't flake out on the gay porn scene. Don't make me false promises like that, i've had a pretty solid erection for the last 4 years waiting for it.

  12. Vice is the Fox News of liberalism. Investigation? Journalism? What a fucking joke. Fox News. Vice. It's all lies.

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