100 thoughts on “Shayna Baszler interrupts Becky Lynch’s interview: Raw, Nov. 4, 2019

  1. Ok the NXT chick only wins her matches with help from her posse. Never was a fan of NXT now I have no care for them. WWE is scared of AEW on Wednesday night. They should be it is a better program.

  2. Becky still taking shots @ Rhonda. Can't get over her telling Shayna " I'll show you who the real baddest woman on the planet is". Loved every bit of it🙃

  3. the last Friday Night SMACKDOWN before Survivor Series will be Bayley Standing OVER the Man / Queen of ♠️ even though she'll be the One taking the Fall / Tap OUT at Survivor Series

  4. I think that Shayna a selfs a devil character is as her friend Roundabout Rousey now she's at rest to April 2021 and Shayna comes to RAW or Smack down thanks she my favorite

  5. When's Naomi Ember Moon and Bianca Belair going to be pushed to be a multiple time champions over Lynch, Bliss and Charlotte?

  6. But frankly speaking, u know Becky didn't win Rondey Rousey directly.its becos, it was a triplet Match. Have u Forgotten? Rondey is still my champion.

  7. Other women: Take notes. THIS is how you sell a match with a single promo. That was really good. Can´t wait for that match.

  8. It’s funny how Becky says she made ronda run into hiding when the match was a triple threat and she won by a leverage pin

  9. This is one powerful confrontation of Shayna Baszler and Becky Lynch, one from Team PCB and one from The Four-Horsewomen.

  10. “Toughest test time date…Bayley…Shayna Bazler…”

    Except she beat “the baddest woman on the planet” Ronda Rousey and “wrestling royalty” Charlotte Flair at Wrestlemania. 🤔

  11. Becky lynch do you know marital and doyou know is it real fight in wwe or entertainment fight withpeople who are more special and better than you you are dummy piece

  12. I like how they not going give us the brock vs bray match… Its sucks because its unfinish business there it goes back to 2015 but its cool becuase we all know if they did book it they just let brock win so its not point smashing bray soo yea do yall agree

  13. Becky can do more in a promo and has more fire in her than Rollins. No wonder Rollins lost his title. She brings it he doesn't

  14. Becky Dats the first time you beat shasha… So, Don't try to think dat ur a champion after sometimes your championship will be over…cause shasha and charllote are still alive….

  15. Most of the damage done to Ronda was Charlotte, Becky only snuck away via dirty pin. There’s no way she’ll survive Shayna since it’s Bayley there lmao.

  16. Shayna has a voice like a 12 year old school yard bully thought she was gonna steal Beckys lunch money and push her in the mud at one point

  17. I love Becky.

    It's weird not to have Charlotte in the match as well. For a moment there, I thought they were going to do to Bayley what the did to Asuka before WM.

  18. Shayna cuts an impressive promo and now everyone has started with "she is so much better than ronda and ronda is trash blah blah". Ignorance is irritating when it is at the extreme level. Ronda is very talented. She got good in a very short time while Shayna has spent much more time than her.

  19. Becky Lynch still think she's badder than Ronda Rousey just because she roll her up for a lil count and Ronda's shoulders were not even down on the mat

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