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One day after day surgery, Mama B is dancing. Never stop dancing. Never stop baby, never stop. and the day before yesterday she tried to preform day surgery on herself. Which was strongly advised by myself, and the doctor. But, Mama Bee is The Doctors have better things to do with their time. That’s what they do. That’s what Doctors do. eh, but I could have done it myself, and I tried to do it myself. And it just didn’t work out. Next time tho. She’s crazy. So Mama Bee had something.. I had something on my person. In her upper thigh. That was not suppose to be there. You have ta, you gotta you know, so… I tried to cut it out myself. She tried to do it herself. it didn’t work. You’re not Rambo I’m Ramba OOOOOOOOO Mind blown. If I had day surgery, I wouldn’t be doing that. But, Mama Bee was. You’re Strong. You’d be on the couch- “Ooo can you make me a cup of tea?” NO “ooo my head hurts.” I wouldn’t have done that. “Oooo Can I have a blanket? I am so cold im shivering.” Look how pretty. You’re pretty today. You’ve always been pretty. I was a hot tamale hot tamale, but you are a hot tamale now. You were always a hot tamale. You’re just like a hot jalapeno now. You’re always a Hot tamale. Ohh I like that. Ohh you’re a hot jalapeno now, who’s crazy and does her own surgery which is weird. Anyways, moral of the story; Stuff happens to everybody. And we get a lot of comments from people, saying that aw, you guys have a happy life, happy family, happy everything. Stuff happens to us too. But, you have a choice, of how you are going to react to it. And if you are going to remain positive about it. I could have stayed in bed all night last night, and made the kids feel sorry for me. But no. I got up, and made dinner. And danced with the kids and celebrated life, and asked them about their day. Very nice. And, and… If you think you need to cut yourself, or surgery. Don’t do it. Go to a doctor. Yes, please don’t do what I did. You know, I am not very squeamish, is the word.. You’re, you’re crazy. That’s the word. It’s funny ’cause the other day I was watching a Casey Neistat Vlog, and they were talking about how Candace was singing “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-a-lot and she knows the song word for word, and Sir Mix-a-lot contacted Casey. It was hilarious. You should do a duet with Candace one day. That would be awesome. {singing} *I like big* do you know the words? Maybe. *Sings Sir Mix-A-Lot, Baby Got Back* it’s like a shake that booty anthem. Shake that booty, it’s like there is a very booty theme to this video today. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with a healthy booty. Hi Taylor Hi! How are you? Good friend, good friend. So I’m looking at this work-out today, it looks gross. It does look gross. I don’t even know what this means. What is this, 20 minutes, as many reps as possible. 100 meter plate runs, clean and jerks, snatches. Whatever these mean. Whatever these mean. Whatever that means. Where’s Mama Bee, she gunna do this? There she is Mama Bee! Who’s your partner in this work out? You have to do all the weight lifting tho. k I’m one with the ladies one with the ladies Crossfit girls. Group hug. You guys aren’t going to be like this in 20 minutes so, good luck. Here’s John. Johns like one of the nicest guys in the world. So if you ever meet John… That’s what everybody says it’s he like one of the nicest guys in the world? The first time any one meets him, “that’s a nice boy” He’s like the nicest. I was like, you know we should play some Rick Ross, Rick Ross-Purple Lamborghini And john was like, That is inappropriate! We should never do that! That’s going to offend way too many people! I was like, okay that’s fine. Nice john. I think that is going to be your nickname from now on. How’s the work-out today? it’s intresting. You did the work-out? I haven’t done it, I’ve coached it this morning. So, I’ve seen people do it. and, did anybody die? no one died, some people came close. Mama Bee doesn’t want to be my partner. So Sug is going to be my partner. We’re going to rock it today. We’re gunna rock it Here’s a funny story, we were friends when we were kids. That must have been like twe….Ahh *kisses cheek* He was like 12, I was like 13, we were friends from the neighborhood. We lost contact. One day, we show up here. Like 15-years later with…OOH Woah! And now you are going to be my partner today. Now we will die together in this work-out. Thanks for being my partner Sugs. Good job. What a work out. Mama Bee Okay, we just finished working out for the day. And, Mama Bee want’s to challenge me to another plank contest. So, we are going to hold plank on like our fore arms. And, people are going to put weights on our backs. People, who people? What, you’re going to put weight on my back? Go pick someone who is really ripped. Go pick like a really shredded person and have them come and put weights on us. Go for it Mama Bee. He’s missing a shoe. He works out so hard that he is missing a shoe. You know, you have really let yourself go. So basically, if you wanna know what olympic swimmer looks like, this is what they look like. And that’s all they are. Mama Bee, close your eyes. Dear CrossFit, thank you. Okay, you’re going to put weights on our backs. *SINGS* Okay, I am going to go like this. And I am going to put a 45 pound weight on my back. And Mama Bee is going to hold… 25 25, 25 pounds on your back? yea And we are going to see who holds it the longest. Forget this 30 second thing. Who can hold it the longest. 45 pounds on my back, or 25 pounds on Mama Bee’s back. I don’t care what kind of yoga you do, 3…2…1… Do they serve breakfast here? She’s shaking. Stop talking. That’s my technique, trash talk. Wanna hear a joke? Wow Mama Bee Wins. Woah. Woah, woah. Mama Bee Champion. She’s still goin’ I should probably help her with that. Plank champion. *SINGING* “We are the champions my friends” Mama Bee is strong. Oh! She had day surgery yesterday. And she tried to preform her own surgery the day before. And she just won the plank contest. No big deal. No big deal, she calls it friday. That’s what she calls it. And we’re home. Ms. Monkey, you’re back from school. Uh, what are you watching now? Mr. Monkey! How was your day, Mr. Monkey? Two words, math and literacy. Oh, but it’s Friday. Happy Friday. Happy Friday. What do you want to do tonight? Movie night! You wanna do movie night? Yea. What do you wanna watch? Harry Potter. We gotta keep watching that Harry Potter Yo What’s your happy Friday face? eh, STOP Stop with those weird YouTube videos! Tell me about life Miss Monkey. I missed you today, I missed your brother. Well, this is rare. Mama Bee is making something in the kitchen. You’re always making something in the kitchen! It’s not rare. Wow I like to cook for my family. She cooks from the bottom of her heart. Stoves are going all out. There’s some chicken pot pie being made in this house. I think it’s like this, I think that’s how it is. Yea. Mama Bee made this chicken pot pie before. So, i’m going to link to that if you guys wanna see the beautiful recipe. and the beautiful makings of the beautiful chicken pot pie. after we eat, we are going to do a little skit. I have to get to my costume. You guys wanna check it out? You ready for the next skit monkey? What the… Thanks for watching everybody. Like, subscribe and leave a comment down below. if you haven’t subscribed yet please click on the icon on the left and a little thing will pop up and you get to subscribe. if you already have subscribed please forget everything I have just said it’s my radio voice.

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100 thoughts on “SHE DID HER OWN SURGERY!!

  1. Hoping speedy recovery and best health and happiness to you all. We all love the glimpses of your family fun you share with us.

  2. I really like this family.I love you guys your such a great family.Then papa bee is such a good father.Mama bee is a very loving mother too.Miss monkey is so pretty too like her mother.Also the little boy sorry I forgot his name but he is such a loving brother.😚

  3. i can tell he's wearing a clown costume ive been watching to much killer clown vids and memorising their costumes

  4. Love you guys, but just a gentle reminder that for those with depression or other mental illnesses it's not always as "easy" as deciding to be happy.


  5. john is the nicest guy in the world…if you ever see him ask him for 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000$$$

  6. It's mainly your core that gets the workout from planking. Putting weights on your shoulder blades doesn't really do as much. My stomach and abs are pretty much all that burn when planking for a while. Now if they lowered the weights down about 4 inches that would be something. 👍🏼

  7. I cant wait to check out the pop pie vlog…
    and web md is not a site to seek out medical care… but I do admire your I can do it myself attitude.. momma Bees has that can do attitude.. love your faces and have a happy taco Tuesday kind of day….cheers

  8. You probably live nowhere near me, but I want to meet you guys in person SO badly! You are the exact kind of people I would get along with so well!

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