Shigeki Kiyono’s Picks!! – 2010 WGP FINAL

Hello,I’m Seino.I’m an announcer for PPV broadcasting. I’ve been watching all fights of WGP 2010 by the ringside. So I’m really looking forward to watching WGP FINAL. Peter will win Mighty. Semmy and Kyotaro..well..I’d say Semmy. Ghita will win. Alistair will win. I’m paying lots of attention to Ghita. He has big low-kicks. he also has gotten good punch skills now. I’m really looking forward to seeing Ghita and Saki’s fight. I believe Ghita has a chance to win this tournament. Ghita and alistair are the keys of this year’s WGP. Semmy and Ghita will go to final. And..Semmy will win again.. So many exciting fights will be made but in the end, Semmy will win again. We will see Semmy put on champion’s belt. And we’ll be feeling this is the end of the year. Again, Semmy will be a champion!

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