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Shiribazarov Blue Belt (Ronin Family / RDA BJJ)

Shiribazarov Blue Belt (Ronin Family / RDA BJJ)

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is often compared to a game of chess After every *game* my techniques become stronger and the understanding of bjj becomes better You starting to realise that in order to progress using only one technique is not enough. You need to understand the *flow*. I would like to thank my teammates. Today was really an amazing day, i will remember this exam for the rest of my life! For the first few minutes all i was thinking about was how to survive till the end 😉 It was very cool, very cool!

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1 thought on “Shiribazarov Blue Belt (Ronin Family / RDA BJJ)

  1. Арсалан красавчик! Отличная аттестация и не менее отличный ролик!

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