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SKYDIVE SNIPER | The Last Sniper VR (HTC Vive Virtual Reality)

SKYDIVE SNIPER | The Last Sniper VR (HTC Vive Virtual Reality)

*WAPOOSH* Top of the mornin’ to ya laddies! (Voice Crack) MAI name is JackSepticeye and welcome to a game called “The Last Sniper VR”! It’s a WWII sniper game, and it just came out on Steam. And it looks awesome! The little trailer I saw of it looked incredibility realistic! I got my little pointers here. *loudly* YOU! (me?) I can actually see through my hand, that’s really weird. Umm, it looked incredibility realistic; and it looked like I was jumpin’ out of a plane. There was stuff about hittin’ guys with rocks. So I’m really excited! Can I do anything with this? … Prob – probably not yet. No, okay. Ohhhkay, ah; Start game! Ah campaign, “Operation: Market Garden” “The Rogue Sniper” “The Last Stand” OK this is fucking Normandy Beach so
yeah I’m going to start on easy because I don’t trust myself. Hello Little Controllers you guys can actually can actually see
that guys it’s likely just frozen on the screen …yeah 😛 (Inner Mettaton) OHHH YES 17 Seconds to jump?! (Don’t do it Jack D:) Aye aye, soldier! Yes, stand down.. Stand here! (Nuuuu) Okay don-don’t stand down, it says stand here. (Why, yes it does) Why are you allowed to stand over there …and I have to stand over here? OK just five seconds to my jump I don’t
have fuckin’ time for this shit LETS FUCKIN’ DO THIS! Oh yeah! “Stand behind the line” I AM!!>:( “Step off The Plane”- Oh god…! (“Oh” Count:1) Uh- *Nervous Laughter* OHHH GOD! (2) That’s INCREDIBLY realistic!! Holy fucking SHIT! *Inhales* OHHHHHHHHHH (3) MY GOD! You can actually SEE the fuckin’ SKY! OHHH (4) The fact that I can’t – …I have like NO GROUND (How very observant of you, Jack) OHH (5) THIS IS BIZZARE! This is the weirdest like… *Thinks of Definition* …thing I’ve ever had to do in a VR Game (you don’t HAVE to…) Cause normally, ye- you’d – the ground is — Okay Fuck it. (FINALLY) Okay, fuck it – OHHH MY GAAWWWWWD HOLY FUCKING SHIT! (*screaming*)…YEAH Oh my god my parachute and everything… This
is so fuckin bonkers Oh God Hi everyone! Oh my god you can actually
see the fuckin’ trenches. That’s nuts! WHOA WHOA! What happened!?… I almost got hit by a Fuckin’ Plane! Yeah Baby! All the way down! That’s so fucking cool, because normally
you’re used to your hand going through things for VR…or your head can go
through them, You’re not used to your feet disappearing from under you-or the ground disappearing Okay! Where am I going? You have a terrible aim, you’re not hitting any of the planes. Okay, down we go… See it has the scorch marks and everything, that’s so cool! okay, AHH Fuck jesus fucking christ…
“Squeeze grip button to pick up” Okay I fucking did it “pull bolt back with other hand to reloa-” Oh That’s awesome! Look at that! I can see through the little scope already.. Oh that is awesome.. that is AWESOME! Seriously fucking cool.. Am I shooting these dudes? “Press trigger to fire”. Ok.. I shot him but he didn’t die! Oh God it’s actually like a full-on bolt action and.. Eh.. I fucking missed! See that’s the thing normally guns have
weight or something Ok let me see.. Let me see if we can do this.. aaaannd…. Oh god I can’t see you dudes anymore! Ok.. Got him! YES! Fuck yeah! Oh, the reload is cool! ..Where is he? FUCK! Where you going, fucker? Where you going? aaaww no, come back! (NO!) C’mon! There’s no weight, or recoil or anything, so
aiming with sniper rifles is really hard to do in VR. …Did I hit him? I think I hit him.. yes! That reload is cool though, like I can’t hold like the button at the bottom of the gun like this (what?) Got him. Got him. Nice! Best sniper! Best sniper time-fuck- Sir?! Ok I hit him in the leg I think.. It’s
really hard to see them! …That helps.. Ok …..I…. eh….Got him! Yes! Ok, fucking, can I shoot these? Okay latter’n out a splod of yuppies (wtf does that mean, Jack?) Fuck! I need to hit him in the face K, that’ll do… Oh that’s a cool reload… Got him! Yes! My fuckin’ arm is tired *Laughs*
But that’s what’s going on here and I’m (unclear) focused on the carpet stinks Hello! Come.. c’mon! Are you guys ever gonna stop?
god damn it. Imagine if real guns in real life were this fucking light! Ok I’ll cover my aiming….. God damn it! That reload feels incredibly intuitive
though. That’s so cool! Can we move on? Is this all I do? Is fire at dudes
down here? Can I be down at Normandy Beach? When Tom Hanks is coming in? I don’t know if I hit him…. Oh getting the
hang of it now gettin the hang of it now… No! I said I was getting the hang of it, don’t make me look bad! Here we go I like it just *Bluergh, laughs* The big gun is still going off in the background, though. Should I not be stopping that? I feel like I should be, instead of just sniping these fuckers. Can I have Backup?! err.. Stop It! Or at least something… I
was gonna say ‘why do I even need the other controller’ – I forgot, I need to reload with it. See if I can do this…. god damn it! Where you going? …Got em! Nailed ’em! Yes! I did it! Awesome! ..What? Where’s my accu – sniper rifle accuracy? Eighty-one percent! That was cool! I
thought there was more to – I – I didn’t know you have to like switch between the
levels or anything Sniping in VR is awesome but – yeah I’m going to talk directly to you – sniping in VR is awesome but again because
there’s no weight, there’s no feedback, there’s no anything it’s really hard to do! That and the fact that everything in the distance gets really blurry, because of the lenses, and the
fact that you can see all the pixels…. aahhm… The Rogue Sniper can I do these ones? Ok, I have to do these… Side: Allied Location: Paris Ok. ….I click that one * Jack attempts at Italian* let’s-a do it! Yeah! a-big-a-dig….. OHHHHH Awesome! Aahh, the rate is so nice! I almost feel like I can feel it! I
almost feel like I can feel… I throw rocks.. damn it! Ok, get my hair outta my fucking eye holes! Ou! There’s a dude over there! ….Hello! I mean um… Hello! FUCK Woahhh *Jack-a-boy is amazed* What’s happening?! Is this The Blitzkrieg?! I’m Scared! “Crouch here” Oh God! …Shh…. Can I pick up rocks? What am I hiding from? I hear Hitler! Adolf, shut the fuck up! …”Squeeze Grip Buttons”…. Oh, OH HI!….BUAH! mother fucker! That’s what’s UP! You mess with the best you get
destroyed – “Squeeze Grip Button to Pick Up Weapon” *Laughing* Yeahaha! Here we fucking go… Fuck! Missed ’em… goddammit! Son-of–a-bitch! It’s really hard to make them out cuz they’re the same fucking color as the background. Oh come on! Now you’re all down there?! stupid fuckin bastard – stop it! STOPIT! AHHHH! Ow! Ow! I’m dying! Who’s shootin me? Thought I saw another dude over there – AH! Imma get him! Wow my hands are so shaky! Got him though! …. *Argh!* come on! YAAY! I did it! Are you all dead? Hello?
Wha-Hey! *Garbled yelling* I don’t even need to scope for that dude…
son of a b- Are you guys sneaking up?! Oh nobody sneak up on Jackaboy – AAHHH! Where? Who’s shooting me? son of a – Hello? Could you die for me?! I’m seein like the fucking mesh at the
edge of the screen telling me where my boundaries are I know that’s the wall.. But if you could
disappear so I can actually see the fuckin AAAAHHHH BAM! ….Fuck you! ya fuckin’, crouchin’ up on me like that… but I thought I saw a dude down there somewhere HI! C’mon! god fuck…. Stop it! I swear to buddha…. Where’s this – where ya I fuckin’ – I throw a rock at you! YEAH! fuckin’ son-of-a-bitch! Look at these bastards sneaking up… could you NOT! *Laughing* That is fucking cool haha where else? *More laughing* this game is fun! yeah you fucking scared now right? If you guys just all want to crouch up like that would be great! Uh-oh.. I thought I lost my gun there for a sec- I wanna see if I can throw a rock at them huh!…Nope! *laughs as he hits the air* Imagine if I hit him with a rock from there? Fucking yeah! YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! that makes me feel like a fucking badass. Where even am I? Okay, I am where I thought I was OH this is FUN! I have an itchy nose tho it’s goin to be the end of life as we know it!
Who’s shootin me? I wanna see if I can get them without scoping…
Oh! I hit him! I’ll fuckin hit YOU next… …I got him! OH! Oh my aim’s not bad actually… *Laughing* I’m better that way that I am with the fucking scope! Y’See! *Moar laughs, jumpcut to angry Jack* I swear to fucking god stop shootin at me! I know it’s your job and everything but
come on man! Oh I almost got him… OH fucking nailed ’em. *Haha Somebody climbin up? Somebody want a piece? Hello? Scuze me? ..uh…huh! ehr! I’mma shoot you like this!! OH shit! o shit! O shit! oh shit! don’t
you – WHAT?! WHAT?! WHAT? Oh I hear a tank.. oh shit! Going to shoot the tank! …..Prob’ly shouldn’t be…. but Screw It! C’mon, peek your head out! I’m up here
you want a piece? You’re gonna – you’re gonna have to try a bit harder if you
want a piece of me Don’t shoot my rocks tho, don’t shoot my building! NO!… Sir? Oh God! Oh god… take this!…Shit! I’m hiding, I’m hiding, I’m scared! I don’t want it! I would just play with
the rocks ‘tink tink’ What do I do?! Are there grenades?! Oh god I shouldn’t’ve dropped that, what’s happening?! IT IS THE BLITZKRIEG! Holy fuck STOP! STOP! STOP IN THE NAME OF THE LAW!… it was.. HEY! I should hit those guys… ooohh FUUCK! NOOOOOOOOOO! FUCKIN’ JESUS CHRIST *laughs* That was – AWESOME! OMG! What’s next? For the Fatherland, Axis, Omaha Beach ooooh that’s the one! Oh god that’s the one where I go in, that’s where I gotta be Tom Hanks. Let’s do it! Let’s do it! Start Game. Do I have to be on like, fuckin’ ‘Medal of Honor: Frontline’ beach? My hair’s in my face – ooooh yes! Oh yeah, I get to shoot down at them?! I thought I was going to be ON the
beach. Ah that’s awesome! How do I – How do I reload you? ….what da fuck? That’s really weird.. Ok, Imma put you down for a sec and Imma grab this Oh God.. where’s who’s shootin? Okay here… they’re coming in! Oh that’s cool My eyes are all foggy and the lenses are all smudgy though *Laughs maniacally testing out this gun* Do I even need to reload? OMG I have no idea if I’m hitting
any of those guys This is terrible – let me know if I’m hittin anybody! Are you all dead now?! Oh, people are dying, YAAAY! Scuze me! Bye please! HI FRIENDS! This is fun right? Murdering all the enemy? Yeah! This is a nice place, got some nice boots – Oh yeah, killing dudes AAAAHH! AAAHH! I can’t even fuckin see anything! Is he dead? I have no idea if I’m killing anybody! Ow! OW! OW! OW! STOPIT! *Chuckles* I don’t even need to aim! Ok.. there’s a lot of dudes down there, that are causing me a lot of grief! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Die die die die die die die! AAH! YES! Fuck ’em UP! Dude I’m wreckin right now! Just destroyin asses, and Sons-of-bitches! How are you guys so good at shooting me?!
There we go. It’s just like painting! ..Lookit all those bullets! It’s amazing! *Chuckles* it’s so calm! *chuckles* I like never have to reload or anything!
Hello! HEY! How the fu – How did you guys get in?! Um Hans! (?) Hello? Fuck this gun, here we go… EEERRRRAAAAAAAHHH!!
DIE, Bastards! Am I on like, the bad side of the war
then? Okay, see if you guys can kill me! There we go *laughs* I wanted to end the episode anyway
because – oh oh jeez there’s a fucking cabinet in the game right there, I thought I was gonna smack my head. Oh man! That was awesome! That’s a cool game, I really like that game, especially the one – uhm, it sucks because the set up TO the levels is almost better than the levels themselves – like jumping out of the plane I’m flying all the way down That was super cool! And then standin
there and sniping guys over and over and over again not so cool – also was I really like that.. .. dark all that time? Godammit I forgot to turn on the other light *Chuckles* but sometimes the lights mess up with the tracking because they block the sensors. Uhm.. really cool! I really like that, I might come back and try out that level again and do the last level – or maybe there’s
even more than four levels – I have no idea. Really really well made game though. The – – I think it’s like one dude who made it,
or a couple of people it’s made by very few people, anyway that’s all I know. And it’s really well
done, I’ve seen games that have come out for the VR, or for the Vive, that are way
worse, with way more people so that’s very impressive. Uhm, I hope they add out more scenes, because it was really cool to be in some of those like – see, being in that plane,
again like I said, normally you’re used to seeing boxes and shit on screen and
you’re used to your hands kind of going through them. That’s a given for VR, and sometimes if you lean too far your head goes through a wall or through an object or something in VR. That’s, that’s standard, that’s what
always happens, it’s something that’s just inherent with the software, and the type of experience it is, but to have the to like not have a floor underneath you in VR is something that I haven’t had yet. I mean I did do it in the Everest thing
but that’s that’s when you like don’t have a floor at all anyway so you’re floating, but to have
like ground that you’re standing on and the game telling you to step off, your
brain is saying ‘okay your foot is supposed to go down now’ but it doesn’t so
stepping off – it is so bizarre! It’s such a weird experience, and you
won’t be able to know what it’s like until you’re actually in VR trying out
for yourself – I wish I could explain it better. Uhm.. but it’s just so weird, it’s
like, like when you’re climbing steps, and you, you think there’s an extra step, but there’s not and then you go like that and you kind of fall and its really
weird your brain kind of freaks out for a second goes ‘wait wait wait wait wait what? I thought there was another step to go!’ So it’s kinda like that in a weird bizarre
way, but really good experience I liked it! But for now thank you guys so much for watching this episode if you liked it, PUNCH that like button in the FACE, LIKE A BOSS!! And, High-Fives all around! *W’PSH!, W’PSH!* Thank you guys, and I will see all you dudes IN THE NEXT VIDEOOOO! *Outro Music* I can grab anything I get near to… (something idk, loud music, quiet voice>.>) Orcas! C’mere! C’mere you majestic bastards! (Jack sings randomly)
Oh yeah! I got wireless headphones now! So cool right? They kinda muffle the sound a bit too much though, because my other ones are open but, finally! I’ve been talking
about getting wireless headphones for VR for the longest time and finally got
a pair! They’re pretty cheap though.

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