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Smack down! ปล้ำกับดาว! เกือบแบน!

Smack down! ปล้ำกับดาว! เกือบแบน!

Dao has a dung on his ass. He’s finished shit You can’t vie it. This is basketball. He is going to use his behind leg to kick it. You throw it to me This is my basketball skills. He can also bounce a ball with head. You turned this way. You bounce a ball with head. I am teaching him to bounce a ball with head. Come on. 1 2 3! You turned this way. I threw his ass You bounce a ball with head. I threw his ass You turned this way and bounce a ball with head. Quickly!! 1 2 3! I threw the ball into his eyebrows. It is my life Look at Dao. You try to make sounds like Mr. Roen. You bounce a ball with head. You bounce a ball with head. Open your mouth, please. You eat it I threw the ball to him.
So I want he to uses his behind leg to kick it. You bounce a ball with head. I can ride Dao. The ball will burst Hello!! my pig. He is a bed for me to be very warm. Why do you like to sleep for him ride you like this? I escape you first May I have an interview with you? How did you feel when you let him on your back? He rides on you is better than I ride you, right? Let me touch your mic It’s time for me to ride his back. His body is very soft. Let me touch your legs Let me touch your legs I can’t fight with him. Because he is very big Let’s sleep together Why are you so stubborn? We are best friends I’d like to run away from him first. You bounce a ball with head. You bounce a ball with head. My little pig. You are look like pig so much. What time is it? Now is 5.50 pm. You bounce a ball with head. Do you eat it? I will give the ball to you. I didn’t dare to sleep on him.
Because his body full of soil He is very cool. You try to step on it to break. Now it is the evening atmosphere. You are stand on this side.
Because the light is better this side. Where did they go to swim? They play the water like Dao. Boonlai, Dao is come closer you. Come on. You go to bully him. He doesn’t afraid of dog. Can you take a picture for me? There is only me who can treat him like this. Please, don’t stubborn. I will let him play alone.
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13 thoughts on “Smack down! ปล้ำกับดาว! เกือบแบน!

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