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Smorgasburg LA: Send Foodz w/ Timothy DeLaGhetto & David So

Smorgasburg LA: Send Foodz w/ Timothy DeLaGhetto & David So

– You see it creeping on
this man’s face? Something’s happening here. – I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry! – I’m Timothy DeLaGhetto. – And I’m David So. – We travel around to
different food festivals where we eat all the eats. – We drinks all the drinks. – And we get all types of crazy while giving you guys the most raw and realest food reviews in the game. – This is “Send Foodz.” – What’s good, you sexy-ass bitches? Welcome back to “Send Foodz” on Thrillist. I’m Timothy DeLaGhetto. – And I’m David So. – We out here in beautiful
Downtown Los Angeles. What the (beep)! Keep that. Keep that. – Yo, Smorgasburg LA. So this is originally a concept
that came from New York, and it’s a food event
that happens every Sunday. You already know I got a
couple of my businesses here. So we ’bout to try some of that. We ’bout to grub. The food is amazing! – Well, (beep)! – Ready? – Let’s get it, then! Damn, I think we got that. – Yeah, that was– Yo, we over here at Ugly Drum. Now, this is one of my
favorite spots in Smorgasburg. I’m talking about their smoked pastrami, and their briskets which
they didn’t have before. – Oh! See, I love some pastrami. – So when you get that brisket, right? You got to do the the (beep) slap test. So if you slap that (beep),
and it jiggles like (beep), that means it was smoked perfectly. – I like that! I like that. – This is the pit-smoked
pastrami tall stack. – And what’s this? – This is the barbecue brisket bun. – Oh, OK. Here we go. – Thank you. – This looks amazing. – You don’t even know, man. I saw the jiggle, the brisket jiggle. – Oh, yeah! Look at that! – You see that? Reminds me of Miami. – Let me tell you somethin’ about Miami. It’s some nice booties out here. – I’m talkin’ about fresh-steamed buns. – Cheers! – It’s gotta have the jiggle. – I’m not puttin’ on for
the camera, right now. Everyone always says, “Oh,
it melts in your mouth.” – No! – But this (beep) right here… – Melts in your mouth. – Melts in your mouth,
like, for real, for real. Let me get the other
one before I get full. ♪ Hoo, my god! Yeah! ♪ This is the thickest cut of pastrami I’ve ever seen in my life. – Bite that and tell me
what’s happening in– – OK, OK. Oh, my god. I just (beep). – Yo, put my pickle in your mouth, bro. – Oh, wow. That’s a good-ass pickle, too. – Half-sour pickle so
it still has the crunch. I know a lot of times people
like mayo on their sandwiches. When you get something
that’s so delicious, you actually need something
to cut that (beep). That’s why you have the half-sour pickle and you have mustard. Wow, wow. – So many good food. – Aw, so many good food! – This guy looks like
he goes to EDM concerts, and he does kung fu. He came up to and was like, “Sawatdee ka.” Legit thought it was racist for a second. Then I saw his face. I saw the wisdom-whiskers. It’s OK. (Beep) this guy, huh? – Well, what’s this spot, bro? I haven’t been. – Yo, so Cheezus does
the whole raclette thing. So a raclette is a semi-hard Swiss cheese, I believe… And “raclette” is actually a
French word that means “scrape.” You’ll do it with pasta and scrape it. – How you know that? – Just because I look
it up all the time, man. – (speaks French) That’s French for, “Would
you like to touch my butt?” – Yeah, but anyways. It’s supposed to be bomb as (beep). It’s supposed to be that cheesy,
cheesy, gooey experience, and what they do with that raclette. They get either a burner
or something really hot to just broil it over the
top so it just bubbles and foams up and chars up and then you scrape it on to
something that you wanna eat. – What do you have for us, dog? – So this is a reading raclette. You have potatoes, bread cubes. You have a mole sausage. This sandwich, you have aged
Cheddar, aged provolone, smoked bacon, avocado,
red pepper chili oil, lime aioli, and a fried egg. So– – You tryin’ to give me diarrhea. I love it! – For real, no, but it’s worth it. I’mma break out and
I’m gonna get diarrhea, but it’s lit. – Let’s get that raclette. – Oh, my God. – It’s like a hash with
that melted raclette. – Did you ever have French onion soup? Imagine the bomb-ass cheese on
top of the French onion soup, but then on top a crispy hash
with some potatoes and apples. Oh, and this pickle too? – It’s stringy, it’s melty, but it has enough body like
mozzarella when it gets melted. – Give me this! – The ultimate breakfast
grilled cheese is what it is. – Oh, my god. Nice. Oh, my god. You got that nice
ooey-gooey center of the egg and the cheese. I like when the yolk busted open just a
little bit on you like that. – What else did it do? – I like when the yolk
bust open on you like that. – Oh, my God. Look! Look what’s happening here. That’s crazy. – It’s not balanced, of course, because there’s a lot of heavy fat, but if you’re looking for something dank as (beep) to eat in the morning, this is definitively, probably one of the better breakfast sandwiches I’ve had. – Look, it’s just a nice,
healthy start to your day, you know? Oh, yeah. Let’s take a selfie, sure. – Absolute trash. She clearly knows I’m this show as well and she just completely ignores me. Hi. – You are my (beep) idol. Oh, my gosh. I’m literally shaking. – She loved David. She
didn’t say that to me. – Well, one out of 4,782. – Skinny David’s on some
next level (beep), man. – Y’know man, I’m just saying dude. People are shallow. – Next stop: Anarchy Seafood. I love seafood. – I love seafood! – Hello.
– Hi, how are you doing? – Hello. What do we have here? – What we got going on? – All right, this is our salmon poke nachos. It’s on a bed of wonton
chips, mango pico de gallo, yuzu crema, throw some furikake on there. – Some who on there? – Furikake. – Furikake? What’s that? – They put it over rice
on a lot of Japanese food and a lot of dishes. – What’s this? – And this one we call
our Anarchy Chowder Bowls. – Ooo! – Girl, you crazy. – It’s also topped with bacon and it’s in fresh sourdough bowl. – Wow, you are wild. – Thanks! – We’re talking about seafood galore! This is like a chowder on crack. Red snapper, we’re talking
about red crabs, shrimp, clams– – Fried oysters on top! – Fried oysters on top. – Burping a little bit? – A little bit. Ooh. – Give me fried oysters, damn.
– Get that fried oyster. – I gotta get that red crab. – Cheers.
– Yo! – Wow! – Gimme a little piece of this bread. – How’s it with the bread? – Good. It’s good sourdough. Soft. – I hear that you (beep)
up cause the top, they buttered it and they
put it on the griddle. – Word? That’s some good sour– Ooh, yeah! Yeah. All right, so now we’re gonna
try these poke salmon nachos. It’s a lot. What was the makakie? – Furikake. – Oh, furikake. – Furikake wit’ it! Most people when they do
this whole poke nacho (beep), it’s not this good. This
is actually really good. It’s just like a smattering
of different flavors, man. But it’s just very well-layered. Is that what I’m looking for? – A lot of complex flavors that come together nice though, cause sometimes when they try to do too much, that (beep) really
contrasts in a weird way but this shit kinda comes together nicely. – That’s what I was trying
to say. Thank you, Tim. – I mean, most of the time you the one doing that, so this time– – Nah, you know what’s up, dude– – Switching it up a little bit– – You’re so much better
than me at this, dude. – You look good, though. – You’re cute too, man. C’mon, now. Let’s kiss each other. – Where we at, dog? – We at eat Shrimp Daddy, baby! – Damn. – As you can tell by this
long-ass line over here, people know what’s up.
It’s absolutely delicious. We’re talking about that
delicious, delicious, snappy, delicious scrimps. – Delicious scrimps! – We talking ’bout that
steamed rice, ‘cuz! – Jesus Christ! – – It’s so good! Jesus – Christ! – Why’d you guys get us two?
Son of a bitch, all right. – Thank you so much. – Thank you. – This is heavy! Boy– – You gotta do this though, homie! – Oh, damn. Damn. Oh, no! Oh, god! – Oh, (beep)! – Nah, we good. Wait, hold on. Eat the booty first. – OK. – That’s how I do. Eat
the booty like a man. Salty, garlicky, little bit sweet, little bit of spice. Little tiny kick ’cause you know David
can’t really handle spicy, ’cause he a bitch! But, fire though. OK, I kinda want to
try this pepino sour. So, what you got here? – So it’s a mango michelada. – Fa sho. – Mango michelada or mango beer. – What ya’ll know ’bout
this though, homie? – What you know about that, dog? – Tamarindo stick. – The tamarindo stick! – Tamarindo stick, ese! So good! – Bite the tip! – Just the tip though. – Just the tip. – If you bite the tip,
you can use a straw. You can stir it, there’s no rules. Do it however you want to do it. – I like a pepino drink because it tastes like when
you go to Mexican food carts and you get the little bottom of the bag– – And you bite the tip– – and you drink it out, yeah! – This is a craft michelada, dude. – Craft michelada. – This is so good! You’re getting a little
bit of everything, right? You get that spice, you get
that bitterness from the beer. You don’t get tired of it. Sometimes when I just have a regular beer, I have half of it. I
don’t want it anymore. – It gets boring. – Yeah, but because of that
salt factor, the tahini, the michelada mix makes
you want to go for more. And more, and more. – What is this again? – It’s a hibiscus saison. – Hibiscus saison? – A saison. – The (beep) is a saison? – It’s the name of my first child, dude! – It’s saison. Ey, Saison! Saison! – What, Daddy? – Bring me a michelada!

00:09:32,950 –>00:09:35,410
– Oh, my God! – I’m a huge fan of yours. – Oh, nice to meet you. – I know Timothy gets all the attention. – Oh, he’s trash, dude. – I just want to say hi to you! – Oh, nice to meet you! – Hi, it’s really good meeting you. – Can you go up and
tell Tim he’s nothing? – I was keeping your friend company cause you left her behind for some fans. – Sure, bro. – Not gonna lie, I was mad full?
I was ready to throw in the towel, but we were supposed to go
to Daddy’s Chicken Shack. The owner walked by me, she’s like, “Aren’t you coming?” I was like, “I’m full.” She goes, “Don’t be a weenie.” I was like, “(beep)!” – I gotta go. I ain’t no weenie. Gimme the chicken sandwich then. – Extra spice! – Extra spicy, then! – Cheers, my friend. – Cheers, bro. Wow. – Number one: Very
good. Number two: Spicy! – That is spicy. The
spice hits you instantly. Like the Nashville Hot
will creep up on you, this (beep) right here as
soon as it hits your tongue, it’s like rawr! – Let me talk about the
chicken first though. Crispy as (beep), buttermilk
too adds a little tang. I likes it. – It’s spicy but I gotta
say you (beep) delicious. Bomb as hell
– But it’s a good hot. It’s not overpowering, you know? You still get all the
other flavors in there. And I’m not gon’ lie, I’m
sweating a little bit. You see it creeping on
this man’s face? After we cut, I looked up, I said, “Hold on a second. Something’s happening here.” – Yo, the homie over there. He was like, “Yo, man. It actually looks a
lot spicier than it is.” You lying, lying son of a bitch! – I mean, it’s spicy like if you a bitch! If you a weenie! A weenie-ass boy! – I could eat some more. – All right, I’m ready for round two. Nah, I’m ready to do a number two. As always, I love LA.
I love the food in LA. You know, we always say, man. We got the perfect blend of food and culture and people out here. It’s always a beautiful time. – So many (beep) musics,
and cultures, and flavors! – Hey, hope you guys enjoyed
this episode of “Send Foodz.” As always, let us know in the comments where we should go to next. If you got a poppin’ food
festival in your town, we might just show up. – Be interactive! We love you guys, man. So, leave those comments below.

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