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Sokoudjou – Post-Fight Interview – Oct.6.2009

Sokoudjou – Post-Fight Interview – Oct.6.2009

Sokoudjou –You finished your fight early, are you satisfied with this result? I trained to fight for 15 minutes, but it’s always a good feeling to finish the fight early. I’m happy. –There was a big size difference in this bout, did you feel any pressure from this? I didn’t give him a chance to hit me. I knew that he was bigger and more powerful, so I took him down right off the bat. –You will fight against Minowa in the final, what’s your impression of him? He’s really good with leglocks, so I’ll work a lot on escaping the leglocks. I just got to make sure I don’t get caught. –Minowa’s weight class is lower than yours, how do you feel about this? I think this is your first time to fight against a lower weight class. I’m happy to fight big, giant guys, so I think it will be fun to fight someone lighter than me. –For the next bout, the fans are expecting you to have an MMA style fight, what did you think about this? I’ll make sure to knock him out. –After your last fight with Jan Nortje, you were punching after the bell. In this fight, you almost did it again, why so aggressive later and are you going to do it again? It’s just the way things go, I get in the fight and I want to make sure I hurt my opponent. Bob didn’t tap, the referee jumped in, and often in those situations the other guy will say “I didn’t tap, why did you stop the fight?” so usually you want the guy to tap first before the referee jumps in, but that didn’t happen, so I wanted to make sure the fight was over. I want to thank everybody and Doctor Ken Yamamoto for getting me healthy so as I could fight.

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