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Sokoudjou’s Pre-Fight Interview

Sokoudjou’s Pre-Fight Interview

Sokoudjou Q: How do you feel about your upcoming fight? A: I feel really great, I am happy to be here. I almost said I am ready to fight but I am ready to beat someone up. Q: How is your condition? A: My condition is pretty good. Like I said, I am ready. Q: What is your impression of Minowaman? A: Minowaman is just a man I have to kill to get the belt. Q: Have you a special game plan or did you do any particularly different training for this fight? A: My special training is easy; I will punch a hole in his head. Q: Are there any particular techniques of Minowaman’s that you feel you need to be careful of? A: Not really. All he does is leg locks and a bit of wrestling. Q: What sort of fight do you want to show for this New Year fight? A: I am not going to come and fight, I am coming to beat him up, so it will be entertaining. I’m going to give him a good ass beating. Q: Do you like soccer. A: I love soccer. I am from Cameroon, so that soccer what we do! Q: Do you know any players? A: Samuel Eto’o. Q: Have you ever met him? A: Not yet. Q: Did you know that Cameroon is in the same group as Japan for the World Cup? A: Yeah, but all I can say is that Cameroon will win. Q: So you want to jump-start Cameroon’s victory over Japan by beating Minowaman. A: Of course.

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9 thoughts on “Sokoudjou’s Pre-Fight Interview

  1. いきなりLeglock(足関節技)なんていわれても、格闘技に詳しいわけでもない通訳ならわからないよな。

  2. He's a bit cocky, but in a funny way ("I'll punch a hole in his head") 🙂

    He's so talented, yet his cardio is one of the worst I've seen in professional MMA. If he used more of his brain in his fights and worked at conditioning he would be top3 – top5 in the world, I'm sure about that.

  3. Lyota was running and irritating him and that got to him, owned him physicaly well you could say that b/c he lost the fight but he suffered no serious injury, however he was owned mentally

  4. i like sokoudjou. i think his judo techniques are really good. i like to watch his judo in his fights. But he doesn't know how to finish, he gets good positions but then he's clueless from there. he needs to work on submissions or ground and pound (but i think he's too buff to be good at submissions).
    i have respect for minowaman too.

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