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Sonic Unleashed. Opening and Apotos day. Part 1 [KM+Gaming S01E36]

Sonic Unleashed. Opening and Apotos day. Part 1 [KM+Gaming S01E36]

How do you get so fast? It’s like, how do you get so fast? Well, I got so fast by… just… rolling through these barrels Hi everybody, welcome back to Kid Matters Plus TV and today we are playing Sonic Unleashed and the old sonic…um… was like… very old, but this one is better because it is in 3D and now I’m going to press New Game…[inaudible] old. I haven’t played it in a long time so this is the part where he’s in our space I know… …this is very weird because Sonic is a hedgehog. But he’s also an Alien. The music…so… Sonic the Hedgehog is an [enemy?] because he’s a hedgehog. “FIRE!” “Why, you little…” “Huh?” “You’re not getting away!” “Whoa oh” “What?” “It’s over 9000!!!” “What?” “9000?” “You got to be kidding me!” Sonic is my favorite! “Uh oh, time to go!” If I play a game on the Wii, I would have to stand up so the cam….so the camera would have to be somewhere else. Away, from where I’m going to stand. because of the whip it around and stuff “Sonic!” “I’m sorry!” “Really! Look, go easy on me” “I’ll turn over a new leaf, I swear!” “Just give me a chance!” “Well, this is new. Showing remorse, Eggman?” “If you played nice, I wouldn’t have to
break all your toys” “Gotcha!” “What?” “Oh, I’ve waited a long time for this!” “Fire!” oh, it’s like a volcano. But it’s not water Guess who’s controlling this? Guess who’s controlling it? and inside it…. “Whoa” It’s supposed to be silver Inner earth That’s sonic that’s controlling that monster Well, not that one That one! “It’s Alive!” “Oh, in the name of God? Now I know what it feels like to be God” “Alive! uh it’s Alive!” “It’s alive!!” “It’s alive!” “Holy Frankenstein” “it’s alive” “It…IS…ALIVE!” “It’s alive!” “It’s alive!!” See, it’s that monster that one You can see it’s doing the same thing[inaudible] Anyway He’s a wolf now! because a hedgehog… “It’s just as the Gaia Manuscripts foretold!” Anyways, if there was a hedgehog in pokemon It would be an evolved. If it evolves it would be [? sound cut out] because there is already a wolf pokemon “You’ve really…gone and done it this time, Eggman.” I like I like sonic, but I also like like [?]’s my favorite color. And…different planet. Sonic Unleashed so now that Sonic dropped, the thing is going down and I played this game when we didn’t have a youtube channel… That’s why I told you, I played this game before. so this way that way My favorite game and in the morning, you’re normal but at night you’re that guy “No!” No! I can read that. it’s a N and an O But, if it’s an okay, it’s an O and a K. “what the heck is going on?” “Hey! Are you okay? ” “Can’t…I can’t” “Eat another bite” “Hey, pull yourself together” Tragen: Turn the volume up. It’s very hard to hear. “Huh?” “Huh?” “Don’t eat me! I taste bad!” “You okay?” “Nothing broken?” “oh I’m just fine” “Thanks for asking, Mister Monster guy!” Mr. Monster “Mister…Monster Guy?” “looks like things have gotten pretty ugly” Yeah look at those teeth, and those claws. What’s your name anyway? “I’m Sonic” “Sonic the Hedgehog” “and you are?” “Huh?” It’s the evolved form of Sonic “What is my name? Ah, I don’t know” “I can’t remember!” I think there actually is a hedgehog in… “I remember something falling from the sky..” in…um…Pokemon Go. but it’s from Pokemon XY “and then nothing! I can’t remember a thing past that” There’s also a fish “Uh oh, did I fall on him?” from pokemon XY that wears headphones Probably an electric type when it’s actually a water type. “I’m hungry” I’m going to have powerful pokemon because Gabe…is a good trader “Absolutely! I’m sure we’ll find somebody who knows you if we look around” He is a… ultimate trainer, but also he needs to get more ultimate pokemon I have a friend in Roblox.. …and he is a youtuber, I can’t believe it. Oh no! The best part…weee I got my first ever egg and it’s a black one in pokemon brick bronze and which it’s a free game because of the new logo [Roblox] they changed it to a free game last time it was not a free game. and I was… …very jealous because of Dan [DanTDM] and Think Noodles And now it’s a free game, now it’s awesome. oh oh oh OW oh oh “Sonic” Sonic He says Sonic all the time. Aw man [?] cause it’s ALWAYS… can’t double jump. Why is this happening!? Ow! oh-oh I got scared …when that happened. I got a B, not an A. “what do you figure that was all about?” “The hair, and those arms and – ” “And look at the Choas Emeralds” So the Chaos Gems… are what turns them into golden sonic …as you can see. right there “Pretty cool, huh?” “Huh? where’d you go “Oh” “Looks good, don’t it?” “That there chocolate-chip
cream sundae supreme is the pride of the city the whole world can come tumbling
down but they’ll still line up for a taste” “mm-hmm” “Hey! what about your memories?” “chocolate chip sundae supreme” “Ha Ha, you said it” “Enjoy it kiddo” “satisfaction guaranteed. if you
don’t love it you get your money back” “Hey!” “Oh, I love it I love it!” I love it!! Looks yummy “Wow, this chip whatever stuff is great !” “If you say so…” “How about you give me a hand and help
look for somebody that knows you, Chip” Ready, going to be night time soon. “Chip?” “Got to call you something don’t I?” “What do you think?” “Yeah…Chip. Chip. I love it! Yum!” “Now, what do you say we start asking around and see if
anybody here knows you?” “Okay!” Here we are at normal Sonic… Running around the town. Of course, we have to go up there…that’s our only choice. But you can also change it to
nighttime But, I can’t right now until I beat the boss. in..umm. the…sand place. He just went through the morning. …we…go! I forgot Oh my favorite bit, stop! My favorite bit. My favorite bit, I just missed my favorite bit. My favorite bit is when you speed up Jump! Missed it Missed it I should get these coins. These rings, rings are health… …for the night time Sonic. Argh I’m going to go straight. I don’t care about them No, I missed it. Argh! My favorite bit Boing Oh man, I missed the
ring. No, I want to go back! Wha-chow. BAM Oh! Argh! Dead! Bomb[?], there’s more here. even more here Wow! See.. when you collect enough rings, you can bust through robots. Yeah seriously, you can bust through it. Aw man, that wasn’t high enough….but anyways… oh man That was going to be awesome if I could… Blah! won’t let me up. Boing! Whoa! One of my favorite bits about this is when you…um… Well… show you! It’s not this bit, but… Okay, anyway… Oh God! don’t need to be in the middle around here ohman, I messed up It’s okay because… What!? No. Wait! Go back! I missed a couple things and I need to go there. Because it was a…Argh! Stop!…moon thing for night time. and a…Jump! over! a disk. I thought that was a morning one. anyway Moon medal and a morning medal. so anyway Oh! wrong Argh! No! I kind of wanted to do that What? What does it say?? Anyway, I’m going to show you a secret I can’t go that way, but…. When you’re at the new place, you can go across this. But I can’t… Anyways, I’m going to collect some rings, and… This is the moon one Um… But anyways, the moon one is very hard also. We’re gonna do another one But…. because we’re only gonna do two Anyways… ARGH!!! That was amazing! me going through them all like YAH! Just see me roll! Woo! How do you get so fast? It’s like, how do you get so fast? well, I got so fast by… Just….rolling through these barrels. because that’s why I roll through some barrels! But…I forgot some. And then we got two oh man One of my favorite bits is when you get to do something, I forgot what’s it called, but… I knew it Bam, that’s amazing! Yea, doing it… Oh ho… Whoa. Go back! Go back! I retreat! Oh, this is my favorite bit! One of my favorite bits are coming. Ooo, press square. I forgot Oh, duh. Ow! You can never can hit that, because after you hit it… You…die! I mean you loose health That’s all it’s going to do Oh slow! I need more rings! need MORE…RINGS! got some Oh, that’s so bad, but any..ARGH! Busting! through! Oh, my favorite bit is coming. [signing] My favorite bit is coming, coming…coming Oh, this is my favorite bit you ready? Boom! NO! Lost. I want to go back! I went around circle Stop, I want to go back! Why can’t I go back? no fair. Okay, my bit was there. I’m want to try again Um… I’m gonna try again because that… FAILED! But that won! Oh oh OH! That also won! a big prize. oh that’s amazing! I know what you’re saying, guys. Oh OH HO OH! Let’s GO! bro whoa. whoa. Whoa. Whoa I… do…. Oh, man! a punishment [?] punishments Never punish yourself! We’re doing what? We’re doing that! no, got it wrong! Wait! I was pressing R1 OH! …keep doing it, right? Ouch! This is fun for the little ones, like Marcus. not fun for me. I know it’s fun for the little ones, because Marcus keeps doing it over and over again. But I am going to restart. Aqua, oh NO! I start back here Boom boom boom BAM [signing] Wonder why you are going, do not hide goodnight! Nope Bosh Triangle square square! Weee! I got it! That won…finally! Oh! Ooo, I got in it! But…that was good. oh oh oh, wait. oh no no, don’t get in the ring yet Going to explore for a little way Nothing here? Nope. Just this
golden ring that’s sparkling a star Well, I said one more…and that’s it! I got a C, not too bad! Last time I got a B. Bye everybody! And don’t forget to subscribe!! Please hit that Bell icon Then, it will tell you when our videos are uploaded. Bye!! all engines running

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  1. Hi guys. How are you? Nice video I like it. 😇😇😇 Tnx for you support also😇. Take care😇.

  2. Just added in the transcription for english and the translations to other languages. Sorry for the delay, basement studio/computer room remodel work is taking up a lot of time. Good news is that the new walls are done with 2nd coat of paint (so that much closer to fully completed).

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