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SONYA’S BIG SECRET! Sonya Deville REVEALS Secret That Will CHANGE Mandy Rose, Otis, & Ziggler – WWE

SONYA’S BIG SECRET! Sonya Deville REVEALS Secret That Will CHANGE Mandy Rose, Otis, & Ziggler – WWE

The Mandy Rose and Otis story line has really
picked up a lot of pace over the last few months This entire thing started off as just a little
joke on social media As Otis once explained, he became friends
with Mandy and Sonya while training and working out at the performance center. Otis thought to himself that he should do
something nice for Mandy, so he went to her Instagram page and left a few compliments
under her pictures Other fans in the comment section noticed
Otis’ comments and thought he was trying to make a move on Mandy Mandy is rumored to be dating another nxt
superstar, but fans got confused for a second and thought something could be going on between
the two of them Once wwe picked up on all this attention Mandy
and Otis was getting through social media, the decision was made to bring the story over
to television The story started off very basic and innocent,
Otis would reveal that he had a crush on Mandy and would get nervous and shy around her Mandy was very dismissive of Otis at first,
but after getting Otis in a secret Santa game, mandy’s attitude started to shift towards
Otis Mandy started being more nice to otis, even
giving him a kiss on the cheek at one point The two went back and forth exchanging gifts
for a few weeks and finally their Valentine’s date was set As we saw on the Valentine’s Day edition
of Smackdown, Mandy arrived to the date very early and was waiting quite some time for
Otis, now remember that point because it will be important in just a moment. After Otis was taking so long to arrive, Dolph
Ziggler ended up sitting down with Mandy at the restaurant Which lead to otis walking in and seeing the
both of them together causing him to be heartbroken This isn’t the first time Ziggler has been
involved in the story, Ziggler took the cake that Otis gave to Mandy one week and threw
it on the floor, so it’s not his first involvement in the story at all But it seems like this story is getting deeper
and something huge could come out of it Even though otis, Ziggler, and Mandy seem
to be the main focus of this story, don’t take your eyes off of Sonya Deville Sonya is most definitely the wildcard in this
story and could play a huge role During a recent segment, tucker revealed that
Mandy had texted otis saying that she was running late, but just go back and look at
Mandy’s reaction when tucker said this Mandy has the look of disbelief on her face
and it looks like she doesn’t remember sending him a text like that at all And Mandy definitely wasn’t running late
because they she was there extremely early and was actually waiting on otis for a long
time. With Otis getting this text that Mandy was
running late, this caused Otis to take his time and show up late himself because he thought
Mandy was running late as well But that was all a lie and showing up late
actually costed him his date with Mandy Rose So that right there is a huge mystery, If
Mandy didn’t send that late text then who did? Someone is clearly trying to stop Otis and
Mandy from being together, but we don’t know who? Ziggler couldn’t be the one to send the
text because the text was sent out way before he got there But Sonya Deville on the other hand seems
a little more likely Sonya is always with Mandy and Sonya has been
acting very strange since everything with Otis started, so what if Sonya sent out the
misleading “late” text to ruin Otis and Mandy’s date? If this turns out to be the case then this
will push Sonya to the forefront of the story as probably the biggest heel of the story The Sonya character most definitely has a
crush on Mandy and always had her all to herself before everything with Otis started So Sonya could definitely be getting jealous
of otis and Ziggler taking Mandy away from her, so she took matters into her own hands
to destroy Mandy’s other relationships So If this was in fact Sonya that ruined the
valentine’s date, she’ll now have to find a way to wreck Ziggler and Mandy’s relationship So when all of these things start to go wrong
for Mandy and it’s revealed that Otis and Ziggler aren’t the ones behind it, Sonya
could start to get busted Otis could probably destroy Ziggler one on
one and think it’s all over and he won over his dream girl, but the main villain to still
get by in this story is Sonya Deville This could also put Mandy in quite the confusing
situation with not one, not two, but actually three possible love interests at the same
time With Otis, Ziggler, and now Sonya all wanting
Mandy to themselves Every one knows by now how hard Sonya has
been pushing for a romantic story line between herself and Mandy, so this could lead right
into that situation if wwe decided to take it that way Rumor right now is that Otis and Ziggler will
go one on one with Mandy as a guest referee and she’ll probably help whoever she wants
to be with win that match, but hopefully Sonya gets involved in the story as well because
there’s so much you can do with Sonya’s character being in a “jealous” like position So we’ll have to see which direction wwe
decides to take this story in What are your thoughts on this theory and
what direction would you like to see this story with Otis and Mandy go in? Leave your comments, don’t forget to subscribe,
and leave a like if you enjoyed! Thanks for watching guys!

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66 thoughts on “SONYA’S BIG SECRET! Sonya Deville REVEALS Secret That Will CHANGE Mandy Rose, Otis, & Ziggler – WWE

  1. What direction do you think WWE should take Mandy Rose and Otis's story and should Sonya play a big role in it? Leave your comments, don't forget to Subscribe, and leave a like if you enjoyed! Thanks for all the support on all the story concepts, I made a playlist on the channel with all the story concepts just in case you missed one, but we have a lot of good story ideas on the way! Stay tuned!

  2. this is possibly gonna play out as sonya is secretly in love with mandy
    she's finally getting the lesbian storyline she's always wanted! hopefully it doesn't end the way like wwe did with liv morgan and lana's "lesbian" relationship

  3. Save you the time Sonya could have sent the text to ruin Otiz and Mandy’s date and Sonya could turn into a super heel

  4. Creative Writers CAN'T come up with a decent storyline IF their jobs depended on it. The lesbian storyline apparently FLOPPED with Lana and Liv Morgan. NOW they're hinting at the same storyline with Mandy Rose and Sonya DeVille. EVERYONE KNOWS Sonya is a lesbian in real life with a life partner as revealed on Total Divas. Mandy is dating a different wrestler in real life NOT Otis. We're ONLY getting these LAME stories because VKM wants them. Becky Lynch versus Asuka and NOW versus Shayna Baszler is WAY more interesting. Even Bayley versus Carmella and / or Naomi is better from a storyline perspective. Bayley DOESN'T even need Sasha Banks to keep the feuds intriguing. The Creative Writing well of ideas has RUN DRY!

  5. Sonya DeVille has something to do trying to Villa send that text he Sonya DeVille Otis update on Mandy Rose somebody want to find out that she send that Sonya DeVille

  6. I think maybe Paige is pulling the strings and Sonya is doing what Paige says thinking that Mandy 🌹 will fall for her .

  7. As much as I've always had respect for lesbians as a guy all i can is, Just let Mandy and Sonya start being together for hell sake!!! And let the big man destroy the douchebag Ziggles for all i can care less what anyone thinks about this situation am i right?! 😅😝 LMFAO!!!!

  8. No body should play with people friend love that's going to lead you down the path that's going to destroy you and your friendship with

  9. Sonya DeVille and Dolph Ziggler are behind all of the Otis and Mandy Rose Relationship…."Dolph Ziggler needs to do something relevant because he has no momentum right now in another storyline…." Blame Bruce Pritchard….

  10. My theory is Sonya Deville is 100% behind this and Mandy doesn't know cause WWE will spilt them up by Wrestlemania then we'll get the mixed tag featuring Otis & mandy verses Sonya & Dolph Ziggler

  11. Excellent video! 5/5 I am happy Bayley is the longest Smackdown women’s champion (my favorite superstar as well) but this Love square not triangle is really good this storyline can be looked at so many different ways, I would love to see Mandy and Sonya together, and it would not be the first time Sonya Express her feelings for Mandy before so a a storyline with the two would not come out of nowhere. I really miss Sonya and Mandy as fire and desire would love to see them as women’s tag team champion as well in the future on the blue brand.

  12. Dude!! That was also my theory!!! Cause the only person that maybe have the cellphone password of Mandy should be Sonya!! And what if… what if this was a plan of Dolph Ziggler and Sonya Deville to ruin Otis chances with Mandy?! Just think about this: Sonya is interesting in Mandy but she cannot take out Otis for her road of take the love of Mandy, so she make a little alliance with Dolph Ziggler this one gonna stoke the date of Otis to make him feel sad and have a broken heart and then Sonya have all the chances to have Mandy Rose for her!!

  13. Please god if the incompetent one, Vince McMahon, goes the way of splitting Mandy an Sonya at least give them a tag title run before doing it!!!

  14. Vince should have fixed where Otis beat up Dolph in the restaurant. Then Otis and Mandy walk out the restaurant together

  15. Otis deserves Mandy oh, he seems too kind-hearted not to get her, Ziggler is just full of himself and needs a reality check, and Sonya needs to keep her nosy but out of their business

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