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Southside BJJ Funnel VSL

Southside BJJ Funnel VSL

hi my name is Vicente Cavalcanti
I’m a black belt, head coach and the owner of Southside Brazilian JiuJitsu. Do you want to skyrocket your fitness? incinerate fat and become a better
person inside and out? Brazilian Jiu Jitsu does all of this and the best part is anyone
can do it! We help people just like you become confident strong and healthy in a
friendly and a supportive environment, even if you’re out of shape or have
never been in the gym in your life. We are the most successful team in Queensland with
a number of national, state, and world champions to prove it. But, Jiu Jitsu is not
just about competition, and whether you want to learn self defence,
lose weight, get fit or just have fun, Southside can provide it and much more!
Right now we are offering a low risk no pressure, 7-day free trial for our
beginners class… totally free! Check out what some students have to say. Me
may my son have been training at Southside for about three years now,
great coaching staff, friendly family atmosphere, I’ve lost over ten kilos since
I’ve been coming here so it’s good for overall fitness as well. It’s a great gym,
awesome coaches, awesome teammates it’s a fun atmosphere, it’s a safe atmosphere,
there’s lots of classes, day classes night classes. I started Jiu Jitsu
as my son was doing it. Once I started I enjoyed it heaps and now you can’t keep me away…
I love it anyone thinking they’re doing martial
arts get down to Southside you’ve got gang of lads, fantastic teachers
you’ll really enjoy it, I promise that. In only seven days BJJ can change your
life just like it did for them. There’s no pressure to join, but I have to warn
you Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is very addictive and after you start you’re never gonna stop!
I looking forward to see you guys in my class, OSS!

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