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Spider-Man VS Batman in Toronto FULL VIDEO

Spider-Man VS Batman in Toronto FULL VIDEO

[ambient street noise] [ambient street noise] Spider-Man: What’s going on, tough guy? What’re you doing here? Spider-Man: My movie is already out. It comes out tonight! Batman: My movie is coming out… very, very soon. Spider-Man: Listen here, Tim Burton [laughing behind the camera] Spider-Man: Where’s, uh, Arnold Schwarzenegger? Spider-Man (in Schwarzenegger accent): I see you later, babe. Batman: I’m not buying you a token for taking the subway. Spider-Man: I got my own pass. Batman: Where do you think your going? Spider-Man: I’m going south, but I’ll take you downtown! Batman: I’ll take you to… Midtown! Batman: Quiet! Batman: He’s not my friend. Don’t get mistaken. [coin drops] [turnstile clicks] Batman: Which one of you like better? Me or him? Crowd: Batman! Batman! Spider-Man: Hey! Crowd: Spider-Man! Spider-Man! Spider-Man: Yeah, there we go. [ambient subway noise] [subway chimes] Batman: Hey. Spider-Man: Alright tough guy, let’s see it. Spider-Man: You gotta contract your abs. Oy. [ambient subway noise] Subway Speaker: Arriving at, King… Spider-Man: Woo!
Batman: Alright, show off.
Subway Speaker: King Station Spider-Man: Hello there, big man. Or should I say Big Mac? [laughing] Spider-Man: Right for you. Go find Killer Croc there, big man. Batman: How bout you find the Ninja Turtles. [ambient street noise] Man in Car: Hey you! [ambient street noise] Spider-Man: Want a pic?
Batman: Why are you associating with these people? Woman: Who are these guys? Woman: Wait, how come you guys are dressed up, what’s going on? Spider-Man: Doesn’t matter. We’re right here, kicking ass! Woman: Okay, seriously. Batman: Seriously ass punching Spider-Man. Woman: Go again, one more? Man: Yeah go again, man! Spider-Man: Looks like we got a real tough guy here. [Group laughing] Spider-Man: You’re the reason my last movie sucked. Batman: I’m just gonna shut to- [crash] [door chimes] [scuffling] [laughing behind the camera] [scuffling] [Batman grunts] [laughing behind the camera] [scuffling] [Batman heaves] [Batman groans] [scuffling] [laughter] [pan crashes] [whack] [Batman groans] [whack] [whack] [Batman says something, unintelligible] [shoes squeak] [scuffling, laughter from behind the camera] [Spider-Man grunting] [crowd cheering] [crowd cheering, Batman speaking, unintelligible] Crowd (cheering): Batman! Spider-Man! Crowd: Come on, Batman! Crowd: Batman! [Crowd cheering] [crowd cheering, laughter behind the camera] Man: Come on, Batman! [crowd cheering, laughter behind the camera] Batman: Eat it! Subway Speaker: Next station is… Union. Spider-Man: This must be…
Subway Speaker: Union Station. Batman: I’m a Bat! [laughter behind the camera] Spider-Man: Batman? Or Bat-Bitch? Spider-Man: I don’t know to know. Subway Speaker: Arriving at Union, Union Station. [Batman struggling] [laughter] Spider-Man: Oh! You got a little something on your head. Batman: Eeeee! Spider-Man: Nice sound there, tough guy. [ambient street noises, laughter behind the camera] [ambient crowd noises] [thud] [laughter behind camera] Batman: Alright, up, buddy. [laughter behind camera] Spider-Man: Chicago style! Batman: Well I did…
[laughter behind camera] [scuffling, laughter behind camera] Man: Go easy on him, his parents are dead. [crowd cheers] [ambient crowd noises] Woman: Where is Spider-Man going? [air hockey noises] [cheering] Spider-Man: Times up for now. Bail, bud. [ambient arcade noises] Woman: I have hugged Spider-Man and Batmam. Sean: On the same night! Women (cheering): Oh hey! Woman: I’m so happy. [subway chimes] Subway Speaker: Please stand clear of doors. [Batman yelling]

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