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  1. i play this then i play these songs

    Deadmau5 windows error
    Deadmau5 Sometimes things get Whatever

  2. My friend is practicing to sing, but she’s afraid of the crowd at her little “concert” so I searched for this and put it on… problem solved😂😂

  3. Seems to me that this type of sound could help with self-help techniques like positive affirmations or self-hypnosis. The idea, as I see it, is to "transmute" the natural excitement that we get from the energy of the crowd noises (presumably even more excitement if we can somehow trick ourselves into thinking that all the cheering is directed at ourselves at center stage, which could probably be achieved with visualization) into the feeling that it is "amplifying" our will and/or effectiveness at creating the inner changes that we desire or, perhaps even more powerful, imagining that we're actually being cheered on to go through with the "metamorphosis" or, likely still even more powerful, that they're cheering us on for ALREADY achieving the great changes in ourselves.

    This plays off of two pretty well known, and mostly agreed upon, concepts:

    1.) from the perspective of being within the crowd, who's cheering someone(s) else on: the sounds of authentic cheering naturally increases our excitement level, amplifying "pleasant emotions" (which is extra energy of the proper, positive type, that can be directed at our intention – to make positive changes within)

    2.) from the perspective of being the sole person that the crowd is cheering on: the actual experience of having a group of people cheer you on passionately is "being-shakingly" powerful in its effects to bring out positive emotions (as in #1 times some multiple higher than 10), as we're all wired to enjoy the feeling of being appreciated, which is amplified many times over in the extreme case of having a whole stadium of people cheering for us (this level of energy is obviously transformative, which is why, if we can somehow manage to channel it into our intention should, in theory, work very powerfully to that effect).

  4. I was playing football tournament with my brother and I was the narrator. The funny part was when I said pretending to the crowd “shut up” and then my brother paused it

  5. I had this going in the background when I practiced for my big English class presentation to boost my self confidence 😅😂

  6. whoa I havnt heard this in decades! I had a sound effect cd back in 96 and this is the same sound

  7. I hate listening to sports commentators, so I mute the tv and have this playing in the background for a bit of atmosphere

  8. I m just so weird.I played my country s anthem and now i m listening to this.I m playing soccer and i m thinking that i play for the national team lol

  9. I hear the crowd chanting Michael. if so. its perfect for what I am using this for. I make fan made Michael Jackson concerts.

  10. Everyone when kiryu93 says “you obviously do not know who you are MESSING WITH!” As a nod to Wesley Snipes.

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