Stephen Thompson is NOT fighting Darren Till; One Champion Angela Lee in Car Accident

News of a bout between Darren Till and Stephen
wonder boy Thompson was circulating the internet yesterday. Turns out, it has not been confirmed. According to Thompson’s father and coach,
Ray Thompson, wonder boy possibly has 2 broken thumbs and ligament damage, stemming from
his win over Jorge Masvidal. He’s scheduled to see a doctor on Thursday. His father stated that he wants to see Darren
till go through the welterweight line up like his son first. So, apparently, there was no handshake. After tyrone Woodley stated that he could
beat Colby Covington with one arm, Covington responds
“Man the guy is making all these excuses. He doesn’t wanna tell the world the real
reason why he doesn’t want to fight me. The real reason that Tyrone Woodley doesn’t
wanna fight me is because the last time we were in the gym together, I broke him, and
I’ll do the same to thing to him in front of the world when we fight for that welterweight
championship, Tyrone Woodley. One’s atom weight champion Angela Lee was
involved in a massive car accident. She fell asleep at the wheel when driving
to an early morning practice. The car flipped over 5-6 times. She suffered a concussion, minor burns, and
some bumps and bruises. She was scheduled to fight on the 24th but
obviously that will be rescheduled. Derek Brunson calls out Michael Bisping again
on twitter but still no reply GSP says he weighed 200lbs at his heaviest
and 191lbs. on fight night at ufc 217 Yoel Romero wants a rematch vs Robert Whitaker
for the middleweight title presuming GSP vacates the belt. GSP: ah uhh ahdfulaksdf kla and finally, TJ Dillishaw embraces his “snake”
moniker and has a shirt with a King Cobra that reads strike first on sale

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