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Stipe Miocic on Daniel Cormier Fight (I Wasn’t Interested At First)

Stipe Miocic on Daniel Cormier Fight (I Wasn’t Interested At First)

When was the first time d seems like on your radar not so much like a fight with him But when you started to realize that he was you know, they’re really good Oh It’s Strikeforce and all that watching Watching as I was coming up to the rankings as an amateur and through a pro and coming to UFC No, and then he’s going to five when it came B or C. But I still knew young. He was a great fighter font Great guys beat great guy so I know Look at Calvin wrestling was a medalist. You know guys a good fighter. He was good athlete Do you feel like when he was at a head of a first game from? Strikeforce and you guys might have fought at some point that you got Right. Oh, you know, I think it’s 205 by that time. I think it was Yeah, I think he came the once or twice if I like We’re not snow after me and then whatever but I’m yeah, I mean that’s not funny. Anyone doesn’t matter who it is I don’t care for 2014 gonna fight worthy so I call No UFC contacted us. Oh, yeah. Anyway, I Yeah I’m not where I wasn’t worried about nothin, dude, Columbia and like dude Vinny alone. I’m fighting in two days Like I keep telling Gabe either for that scored power like you come with me at this so I got the other fight they’re not Then the they call you on Monday. I didn’t answer because I knew what he wanted. So I want a day to myself Cuz I got all my Sunday and then I choose that fine contact them and that’s what it came with everything And here we are so you couldn’t really like something about that at all no, I’m not gonna worry about that other things worry about oh Yeah, so yeah, those there yeah Something that interested you right away. No. No, I don’t want to do it I just wanted cuz my was frightening I want to make sure it’s okay with her. You know, she she’s the boss Yeah, I mean she she’s carrying our child and I can’t get out. Yeah she’s put a lot into it and that’s what make sure it’s go through make sure is okay for me to leave and Make sure was right, you know talking me BC talk to we make sure was right it all worked out Was there something that she said? Oh no I had nothing to do with these she was on the Wi-Fi guys wanna make sure that we Still talked about it mean DC called me, but also lit make sure I was okay my wife, you know I’m just like I said, she’s a pregnant one She’s gonna be at home with the dogs and Canada house and you know, we’re getting ready for the baby and you know She you know, she’s growing a child inside every night and I know it’s tough not being there doing some of the things like going on a sound and doctors and Make sure she was okay with that. How much consideration do you have to give the DC’s? Oh I’m he’s fine. I said it’s for the best of the world fuck great okay, guys great guys every way I like every way I mean Great Russell, I mean he’s great because every time you change the great Jim I mean the guy brings it and you can overwhelm it by doing. What do you mean me me? Put me about and my coaches. I’ll be fine. No, I mean, I don’t mean I stop with my coaches this problem So see I don’t know they worked out so happy that’s winning this I mean like you say There’s winning this fight finally get you to the point world. Okay, and I flip that you’re gonna be at that point Maybe maybe not maybe not. I’m not gonna worry about it Honestly, you said I am but I guess a lot bills. They’re always in a few heavy ways. So it’s my books Did they say but you know people talk, you know and it is where there’s you know, listen, he deserves all I could he gets he’s amazing fighter, but Fortunately, I’m a different breed

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