100 thoughts on ““Stone Cold” Steve Austin toasts AJ Styles with a Stunner after Raw: Raw Exclusive, Sept. 9, 2019

  1. So Steve has been quoted as saying he has one more match in him I'd love to see a fatal 4 way at Mania a match of the generations maybe stone cold vs cena vs seth vs Shawn or taker if shawn wasn't up 4 it maybe get hogan to guest referee

  2. Wow i didnt know that one of the members of impractical jokers are here Sal the loser AHHAHAHAHA BECAUSE HE ALWAYS LOSES IN CHALLENGES HAHAHA

  3. It hadn't been a minute or at least 30 seconds and AJ Styles is already standing up after that stunner. 4:05

  4. Stone cold is legend these new wrestlers not like old wrestlers they bite off old wrestlers instead come up with there owm style and there own finishers they need get there own style the old wrestlers like stone cold the rock hardeys bunch more they had there own styles and knew how get crowd involved u got respect the old school wrestlers they put that work in

  5. Kevin Owens already took Stone colds spot and cmpunk already outtalked stone…soo fook ya old grandpa just leave the spotlight

  6. It's not wwe it's the stars bro cos after all these years stone cold is just a different class.. it's like putting a hollywood movie stars amongst sitcom actors

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