100 thoughts on “Stray Kids – BOXER (Color Coded Lyrics Eng/Rom/Han/가사)

  1. pretty sure 0:57 is I.N … and 2:05 is Chan…. 2:37 is definitely Hyunjin …. 2:58 is Chan again…. but i mean those lines would have been hard to tell because of the voice effects

  2. I guess Felix is meant to have few lines because if he has more lines it might kill us.😶 I don't even know if my grammar is right lmao.

  3. la persona que puso subtítulos en español es lo más basta JAJSJSJSJSJ (encima stanea a tbz nanana intelectual)

  4. I think in this part 0:15 Hyunjin is the one who is singing because in a fancam i watched Hyunjin sang this part

  5. Changbin rapped about mountains and rivers in boxer

    Felix rapped about mountains and rivers in miroh

    Chan explain.

  6. Putting Lee Know in the front song is a genius. Whoever suggest him to sang that part is a genius I REPEAT. 😍😍 Plus Changbin and Seungmin looking good here 😣

  7. Qué onda los súbtitulos al español xd los tenía activados por accidente y dice cualquier mierda menos la traducción de la canción

  8. Qué onda con la que metió subtítulos en español? Se vino a pedorrear en el boxer de los chicos ah 😂😂

  9. 1:17 sounds like CHan to me, not Hyunjin lol XD
    Alsoooo 2:39 sounded like Hyunjin to me but I could be wrong… Pretty sure its Hyunjin tho

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