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Street Fighting vs Ring Fighting

Street Fighting vs Ring Fighting

– Hey guys, Nick Drossos and
welcome to Code Red Defense. Today we’re going to talk about
the difference between fighting in the ring and fighting in the street. Now I’ve experienced them
both and I could even tell you the adrenaline that you get from fighting, from sparring in the ring to fighting in the street are two
completely different things. Some people watch the
video, sometimes they say, “Oh my God, you’re so out of
breath, you have bad cardio,” no, I have good cardio but
I’m not fighting in the ring where I’m pacing myself and
I’m keeping my heart rate to a certain level where I
get spikes of adrenaline. When I’m doing full out
drills with a guy like Moose whose trying to punch me in the face or you’re doing scenarios,
you get a spike of adrenaline because you’re survival kicks
in especially in the street. Your adrenaline’s going to go flying for a little bit and then it’s going to crash and you might not get
another adrenaline rush for 45 seconds to a minute and a half, and you’re going to be on fright or flight and then you’re going to
feel completely depleted. That is just one of the
elements that are very different from fighting in the ring
and fighting in the street. When you’re fighting in the
ring, you know your opponent, you know his mindset,
you know how he fights, his style, you’ve studied him. Look I’m training a pro fighter right now, he’s fighting this
Friday, Davis Dos Santos and we know exactly who he’s fighting, what he looks like, he’s prepared, he’s at the top of his shape, he’s ready, he’s mentally prepared as well and everything he’s been doing for the last few months
is to fight this guy. When you’re fighting in the
street and I can look at it from being a doorman, you’re
looking at him right now, right now I’m looking at
Pat and for all I know, this guy maybe just got out of prison, got out of prison, maybe
he’s fucking psycho, maybe he doesn’t give
a fuck if he stabs me, maybe he wants to go back into prison ’cause he hates it out here,
maybe he’s got a weapon and he doesn’t give a shit to use it. I don’t know his mindset,
I don’t know his skill, his background, I might
kick the shit out of him and he might come back and
fucking shoot me the next week. Those are so many factors
that you don’t think of when you’re fighting in
real life, in the street. You might waste the guy
but the guy might be out for you for the next three months. So unless you’re like
looking over your shoulder, every time you walk out of
the house, it’s scary shit. That’s why I tell people,
you always want to try to avoid, defuse, deescalate,
walk away if you can. When you don’t have a choice
to fight then you fight but the two differences
of fighting in the ring and the streets, you
can’t even compare them. Mind you, sparring and
fighting in the ring, is a great preparation,
doing scenarios are great to prepare you for real life but it’s still not the same
thing, in terms of fighting. So I hope you guys enjoyed the video and if you want to learn more self defense, go check out our website, we put the link in the description box and I’ll see you guys on the other side. Stay safe and stand strong. [Code Red Defense]

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17 thoughts on “Street Fighting vs Ring Fighting


  2. What should I do, when I see some dude trying to rape a female person, if I have no weapon or self-defence tool with me? Should I beat the sh*t out of that guy and call the police, or just stay away for some reason (he has a knife or something)? In my region, women are being raped pretty often. I just wanted to share a bad experience and ask for some suggestions…a lot of bad guys are walking out there, even more women without a partner or self-defence knowledge.

  3. 1:42 looool… so true. you simply don't know who you might be dealing with. his mental state, motivation, skill level, concealed weapons…

  4. Why does that guy look like he wants to put you in a box?!? Clinched fist, staring at you.. Showing no real expression on his face.. Did you owe him money or something damn..

  5. Nick, you use head butts a lot in your defences. Seriously, aren't you concerned about giving yourself brain concussions?

  6. Hey nick like your videos as always
    Your self defence techniques are legit
    I know u may not have done did this kind of video where u analyse fight scene from a movie to see realism
    Can u please do a video anaysis on atomic blonde fight scene
    Its one of the few movies i have seen that has realism in the fights

  7. I will be the most street fighter that can be more skilled then any Ring fighters and i am not playing, don't matter what at all times,

  8. I was the street fighter that fough a ring fighter and he's a boxer and i was beat the shit out of him and i bite him and head crank him, kicked him in the nuts kicked him in the face and slap the shit out of him, and i use my wrestling skills and still beat the shit him i know i he been doing the boxing combos against me but i still beating the shit out of him,✌🏽🏋🏽‍♂️

  9. I fought someone bigger then me and stronger then me and faster then me and oh boy i beat the crap out of them before,

  10. Also I'm the street fighter that can make everybody tap out including Ring fighters even when i was a teenager, i don't care how dangerous you are or you a wing Chun fighter or how aggressive you are or stronger or faster or smarter i will always make you taped out by doing Alot of damage, i got alot of respect for people but there is some people i got to be careful more then always, because i don't care if someone got knives or guns, I'm always beat them weapons, don't matter what, because I'm staying strong,

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