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Stupid driving mistakes 383 (August 2019 English subtitles)

Stupid driving mistakes 383 (August 2019 English subtitles)

Ninja Turtle Wagon Lost Door mudak ebaiy blyat ( asscave muddler for carnal pleasures, damn it!) after 300 meters turn left Yes! orange dump truck disappeared from the scene of an accident the route is rebuilt
straight one and a half kilometers left is a garage cooperative where residents of apartment buildings leave cars for the night.
And where do residents of such neighborhoods in the USA park their cars?
Underground garage? the culprit and her passenger went to the hospital smashing trio perhaps the idiot at Audi took on the role of teacher, and interfered with the movement for Sorento.
Or maybe there was another reason for braking blyat truck backs up! yourbunnyoh! Kostya Kostya Kostya! Back! back! back!
Kostya! Kostya! Kostya! please reverse me! faster! Guess the curly word

1) blyat
2) pizdez
3) suka at the intersection of Lomonosov and Lepse streets, the Gazelle driver provoked a crash Drunk Driver Volga sedan driver goes to the middle hospital there was no one in cars except him long-suffering left buttock, treatment with adhesive tape stickers “danger, a novice driver behind the wheel” (yellow)
Ш – шtudded tires suka blyat I knew it Kazakhstan be careful! op tvoyu mat! poy tvoyu mat! USA Which Ford is in the garage? oh, what a shame! Sir you shamelessly invaded my good mood! brakes loosened at the dump truck the inscription on the banner: take a bite! previously unpublished winter video Kazakhstan BMW driver fled the scene I met a neighbor and I told him “damn heat yourbunnywrote!” blyat he lost a horseradish rearview mirror and flew into the ditch! into the ditch!
the truck blyat pizdez suka!
truck! bad horseradish horse dresser!
end a communication session I’ll show you a video later.
there is probably a soft-boiled cargo egg pushed the truck, the truck finished the route in a ditch.
a goat for carnal pleasures! i will go to help OK goodbye I think everything will be fine, I can pull it Quarek Name Sent a video
Poland Poland four went to the hospital “Jan R sent link to facebook Austria Unfortunately one biker went to heaven.
the second biker went to a hard hospital Vietnam, Phu Tho Province details unknown we must help Logan and Sandero
Logan’s driver and passenger were sent to heaven.
Passenger Sandero went to heaven.
Driver Sandero went to a hard hospital bus on the left inside the bus open the door. How are you feeling? need an ambulance you feel bad? Does he feel bad?

like yes blyat behind the wheel blyat the bus driver has a charge of 2 ppm of alcohol Ukraine bear heading I have no more treats.
hey they will eat you for the glory of the horseradish root! I have no more treats.

shoot video pizdez hey get out wow did he catch my hand?

what did you expect?

close the door they will eat us.

close the door!

get out! wait.

close the door!

do not order men!

close the door, Kolya! drove on

no need to close the door

well, OK he pulled my hand!

did you think that he would kiss you? your hands smell like fish, so he perceives your hand as sardines he wanted to pull you

bitch don’t even try! a goat for carnal pleasures! I can make you a bullet out of horseradish in rural areas there are zombie alco virus go in the direction of horseradish hurdy-gurdy brain blyat Dragosh H Sent a video
,Romania The driver and passenger of the Audi went to heaven Alex A sent a video
Romania Dragosh H sent a video further a selection of videos from the Facebook group, which added Lim Lim , Pablito Cruz and Alberto Secciani Malaysia old but epic video. strange, but the driver and passenger did not go to the hospital

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48 thoughts on “Stupid driving mistakes 383 (August 2019 English subtitles)

  1. 13:30 If you're gonna drive like that, you should expect to die. I don't care who the idiot was, I'm happy that he didn't take anyone with him.

  2. This episode, is most definitely one of your finest yet John! I'm going to watch it again, as soon as I've finished typing this. THANKS!!!!!!!!!

  3. Another excellent upload John Connor, I am still slowing down playback speed so as to allow me to see more of Russia etc whilst the mayhem goes on unmolested on the roads.
    Was good adding the old bit of footage at the end😀 after all we can’t have frolicking bears and sharks every-weak lol . But please consider if not a greatest hits so to speak, but definitely bringing back for our viewing pleasure, crashes from much earlier uploads.
    Thanks again, and I haven’t forgotten about tipping you a few bucks my friend will sort it soonest.

  4. 1:10 Do you mean the garages on the right? Every state & city have different regulations regarding parking. Here in Portland, Oregon if the apartment building is 30 units or less, then the developer does not need to provide any parking. Which then forces many to use public/sharing transport services or park on the street. It's a big headache when developers build 30 unit buildings in residential neighborhoods like mine. Not sure about the larger buildings. Most likely underground.

  5. Don't feed the bears, or feed your fingers to the bears! They were so cute, I'd be tempted to pet 'em myself. Tempted, but not overwhelmed by emotion enough to risk my fingers! Thanks John, these were great, and that truck that caught air & crashed into that shop yard was INSANE!

  6. The Bard wrote: " A horse, a horse ,My Kingdom for a horse."
    Some unknown Russian bunny wrote: "A goat for carnal pleasures."
    12:05 Human: "I have no more treats."
    Mishka the Bear: "Then I'll have a hand sandwich."

  7. 1:10 To answer your question, John, American apartment buildings can have parking ramps, lots, or underground garages. I don't think there's anything else. You can have more than one parking structure or in some cases there's nothing. It all depends on what the law requires, and then if there's an option, they go with what's cheapest. Unless the building planners are nice. Then you might get something more practical.

  8. Ah yes, that last one a classic of Serbian Failblog! I must check out your first compilations to find more nostalgia!

  9. Thank you for these videos, John.
    0:51 License plate seems to be Belarus.
    1:16 Seems to be around 70-75. He is at fault, the Cadillac has the green light. Cadillac seems to be going at 30-35. They hit at the vehicle corner. Unfortunately, the video seems to bug, and it bugs at critical moment. The Cadillac seems to hit the front left wheel. Culprit car seems to be a 21053, but it is not certain, as the lack of pixels. At 1:19, we can see the front door getting squished. But the Cadillac did not hit driver door. The driver is safe. The passenger must have hit the car's window, causing head damage. Fortunately, there weren't any other vehicles. The driver most likely went to a hard hospital, and his passenger to a medium hospital.
    1:29 Either van was bought before 2002, or is vehicle from another country.
    2:25 Lost brakes. Brake lights are on, but not stopping. Road on slope. Word is "Pizdet".
    2:55 Reminds me of accident in France, where a drugged sand-transporter drove onto oncoming and killed all 5 occupants of PEUGEOT 307 SW. Incredible luck by the Volga driver. Author is going at already 80. The drunk driver must be at 100 or even 110, at time of accident. It seems he almost hit KAMAZ. But because of the scrape on windshield, it is hard to determine what happened at time of crash. At the picture of Volga, it seems the driver was not braking and hit at around 115. The SUV hit the rear door at such speed that the rear disappeared. The SUV probably hit the Volga at a 30 degree angle into the middle part of both doors. The SUV then probably lost control and almost tipped, so he steered back to the left, quickly going through the Volga. I'm amazed there was no explosion, as we can see at 3:24 the gas tank is missing. It probably got flung when the SUV hit.
    4:34 Documentaries of French highways ( shows idiots like these. Except, these are more idiots, since there is about 10m of free space on the right, when they try to pass on the left. This video shows a hit-and-run.
    5:15 Ford Taurus, I think. Driver must have fallen asleep, as there is no steering. The speed appears to be at a 120 km/h crash, as not even truck can stop it after about 15m of flying with trailer. At 5:17, the windshield does not seem to be broken, the driver is probably fine. At 5:18, the truck crashes driver-first into the DODGE RAM. The DODGE RAM is very solid truck, compared to the truck causing the crash. We don't see after the crash, but we do see at 5:28 a piece of the trailer, where the person is headed towards. Presuming, the DODGE RAM stopped the truck. A fast stop from about 100 to 0 in less than a second can be fatal. Unless the truck turned over (unlikely), the front of the truck is squished from the cab of the truck to the DODGE RAM. From the speed, and the angle of the crash, the truck driver likely went to a hard hospital. It is very hard to survive these crashes. He most likely died later on.
    5:53 At least there were no causalities. However, I do want to know where the occupants of vehicles are.
    6:10 When the green light is flashing, do slow down, it is a warning of a yellow light! The black car is at fault for not letting right of way traffic from ahead. From 6:14 accident, the 2109 appears to have it's entire motor destroyed from the front left. there is no protection from the driver anymore. The black car appears to be going at around 60 km/h during the accident, and the 2109 goes at around 70-80. The camera frame is slow so it is hard to determine. The 2109 was most likely speeding. This seems to be an urban area. The max speed limit is 60. They are both most likely speeding. From the crash, we do not see any driver or passenger from 2109, unless they are from the crowd, or sit on the curb behind the tree, where we cannot see them. If the passenger wore her/his seat belt, they would've survived. The driver is a little harder. The hit was on his side, with the speed and angle, the driver died mostly if not on the spot, a few minutes later.
    6:41 Normal Russian talk? Thank you. Always have a radio in your vehicle for communication! Appears to be southern Russia region. Driver of crash flies at over 140 km/h. Probably drunk. Tries to pass at very close of GAZEL. He likely lost control. We can see truck from the front. Although, it is interesting, as GAZEL might be hiding another car. The driver does not seem to brake. From the truck driver, the driver appears to go into ditch. But there is dust and smoke on both sides: ?Collision with another car?. There is dust, then behind more. The drunk driver possibly flipped over many times. He most likely died. What is interesting is that the truck from in front veers suddenly to the left, making it possible the car hit the truck. Maybe he hit gravel on side and lost control and drove into truck on the front right of the truck. Killing the driver instantly. The car then possibly flew back into the ditch and with the speed carrying, the car exploded in the dust, making dust going everywhere. At 7:13, possible area where car crashed into truck is the swamp. The driver of the truck is most likely at the hard hospital. The car caused the accident, most likely died on the spot.
    7:45; German; I am still trying to learn it, but what understand I, is that the motorcyclist was speeding and crashed into the VW. After we tried stopping, he flung over the vehicle and died on the spot. ==//== The motorcyclist was obviously speeding, the author of video goes at over 150 on a corner. It clearly states that driving on small one-lane each road, both motorcyclist and car driver has to driver at most 100. They are exceeding by over 50%. The driver of VW probably did not know this, so he pulled out on the blind corner. He pulled out even before the motorcyclists came around the corner. The VW driver is not at fault, as the motorcyclists arrived too fast. At 7:55, the motorcyclist that died has the motorcycle on the left of the car. The author of video has his motorcycle on the right. With such speed, even the small 150kg object going at 150, into the side of a vehicle can set it on fire. The motorcycle on the left has completely pushed the car from it's original spot of crash and it appears the front of the motorcycle is further in the car than the rest. The motorcycle crashed at over 150 km/h. I think this, as the VW was turning left, but appears to be trying to go right on the opposite lane. Unfortunately, we do not see the crash, so this is all i can say.
    9:34 No one was hurt.
    9:47 [See 10:53]
    9:55 No movement from other car. Dazed, shocked or lost conscious.
    10:24 Before we see the car, he is already skidding. Very high and fast speed. Appears to try and pass JEEP but fails and goes onto gravel. The speed of the crash appears to be over 130 km/h. Meaning during the curve, he was going at over 150. Although, the JEEP does not seem to pass 120. The driver was probably not braking and just trying to turn. At 10:33, we see no skid marks, no brake marks. He was not even braking. Drunk driver, most likely. From 10:40, the entire front of LOGAN engine, has disappeared. The people in LOGAN died immanently. The speed to life LOGAN is over 100. The driver of oncoming SUV was drugged or drunk. That is certain. He is at fault. The LOGAN appears to be going at 60 or 70, but brakes. The speed of his crash is about 55-60. With that speed, the SUV most likely flipped over one or two times. The passenger of SUV was probably not wearing seat belt, which is why he/she died. At 10:46, the driver seat is laying down, the force must have been extreme, the passenger seat is missing. Very fatal and violent crash. At this speed, it is amazing the driver of SUV got sent to a hard hospital.
    10:53 It is apparent the driver was drunk. Does not seem like anyone died.
    13:33 300 km/h. Hits pole at 13:35. Seems to be 150m away. Got what they deserved. CLIO driver is not at fault. 13:48 You deserved to die. But good job only killing yourself and no innocents (except passenger, but maybe knew or did not.)
    13:53 Obviously goes over the solid line. Probably sleeping. Truck seems to be slowing to a 40 km/h. Driver of oncoming goes at 80 or 90. The car hits on the front left on the driver side. The driver crashed at such speed, the truck cannot drive correctly, damaging the driveshaft and the wheel axle. The occupants died on impact.
    14:21 Interesting quick stop. Weird.
    14:44 Drunk.
    15:15 Stupid decisions, require stupid ways to die.
    15:21 4 stupid drivers meet at a curve and a roundabout. Surprising there is no huge crash.
    16:12 You're at fault. You pass at a solid yellow.
    16:26 No, you're the bitch. I don't know much about American laws, but if bikes on the road have to follow the same rules to cars. The biker speed down without a helmet, very fast, does not stop. You deserved it. But your stupidity will eventually hurt or kill someone else. The red SUV is not at fault.
    16:44 Well said, John. But his stupidity will eventually come back to him.

  10. The last video is one of my all time favourites. Oh, and thank you for the bears. I know it's a car crash channel but people being stupid with animals is almost equal to people being stupid on the road.

  11. 16:24 What an effing jack ass. . He runs a stop sign , gets hit by a car, and then screams "you f*%$ing bitch" at the driver of the car, like it's her fault he ran a stop sign.

  12. 13:10 Zombie alco virus… well, they are also present in the cities, if you have a lit taxi sign on your roof it draws them like a magnet in your direction.

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