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This is Fletre Kelly. Business tycoon.
Multi-millionaire. Playboy. Gangster. Style icon. He is well-known in
the city for his style. He developed his own
style when he was young. He always got what wanted. His way of living was unique,
very different from others. One of the many
special things he had.. ..was this Black Mustang. Fletre’s son Edger was
very attached to this car.. ..just as Fletre himself was. That’s because Edger
was born in this car and.. was in this same car
that he cried for the first time.. ..when he lost his mother in death. That’s why Edger was
very attached to this car. Excuse me! Yes? Is Shiva here? – Who Shiva? R. Shiva. Wait a second.
Is this really his name? We don’t know.
But we call him Shiva. I have his photo. Here you go. Take a look. He? He is Prayag. He is there. The car is nice but
it needs a lot of work. Huh? Where is the engine? Where does the smoke come out from? It is very confusing. Shiva! Hey! What are you
three doing here? – Hi! We! You! We all! – Hi, Shiva! Dude! Your real name is Prayag,
right? – But.. How did you find out? Buddy! The car needs a little
polishing. – Do it properly. And you need to change
the interior as well. – Done. Do all that and tune
up the engine too. Whenever I apply brakes
it makes weird noises. Do it well. The weird noises will stop
if we oil the engine. I will do it. Buddy! We want you to
do a superb job on the car. Geeta! Where is Tom? Tom is on leave today. Your biceps are awesome. Which gym do you go to? Winner Gym. – Oh!
My gym is in the same area too. Hmm. The shoulders are good. You will have six-pack
abs soon if you work on.. ..your shoulders,
back and abs at the same time. Touch this. – Oh I see. Hello! – Hmm? You can’t get that girl. ‘Jesus! Help me to meet her today.’ What’s wrong? My cycle’s chain is broken. Oh. I will repair it right now. – Hmm. Why am I not able to fix it? That’s okay, Jerry. I will
ask my dad to take it with him.. ..when he goes to his office. There is nothing that I can’t fix. Wait here. I will bring
my toolbox and fix it right away. ‘Oh no! He ruined my plan.’ Jerry went to bring
a spanner to fix it. He can’t fix the zipper on
his pants. How will he fix this? Jerry, bring the toolbox here.
Hurry up. Okay, bye. – Thank you. ‘He is walking away so
coolly after ruining my plan.’ Your older brother’s muscles
are awesome. Okay, bye. ‘He made those muscles
with the help of protein powder.’ ‘He thinks he is Salman Khan.’ There you are!
Why did you clutter this table? Move aside. Keep everything back
in its place. Okay? I won’t keep them.
Brother made fun of me. Really? Why did he do that?
– What did I do? He said that I can’t
fix the zipper on my pants. I see. That is true, my boy. Why did he announce it to everyone? Okay, little brother. I won’t
tell anyone about your zipper. Now take your revenge. Stop it both of you. I won’t spare you. Mom, where is dad? I won’t spare you. He is building his body in the gym. I will complain to dad.
– Wait, I’ll teach you a lesson. Dad! – Hmm? Make sure there is someone
with you when you work out. There is nobody here to
help you if something goes wrong. Son! I didn’t build my muscles
by eating proteins like you. This is natural, son. Natural. I was a wrestling champion
when I was your age. Even today nobody
can get out of my grip. Do you want to see?
– No, no, there’s no need of that. Tell me this,
how many times should I work out? It is necessary to work
out at least two times a day, dad. I don’t have the stamina
that I used to have before. So first I need to
increase my stamina. Dad! – Hmm? Dad, increase your stamina.. ..but make sure your
intentions are pure. Got it? You got it. Okay. Dad, I want to increase
my stamina too. How should I do it? One two one.. I don’t want a towel. I don’t want underwear.
I don’t want to go to school. I don’t want this. I don’t
want that. I don’t want anything. I don’t want anything. Jerry! Why aren’t you ready?
You will be late for school. Son! – Just a minute, mom. Tom! Tom! – What’s wrong? Where are the spanner,
the pliers and toolbox? They are there.
But what’s the matter? It is stuck? – It is stuck? Almost done, son.
Be patient. Everything will be okay. Here you go.
– Why did you bring these? I can’t open the zipper with them.
– Oh God! Jerry! Don’t I always tell
you to wear underwear inside? Yes. It will be alright now. Relax. – Leave him alone. Relax. Relax.
Relax. – Am I bleeding? No. Wear other shorts.
– I there some other problem? Nothing. My darling, is it very painful? Hey! Is it very painful?
– Why are you troubling him? Uncle! Is Jerry
not coming to school? He is coming in a minute.
He is getting ready. Vibha! – Mom! I told you to leave him alone. Okay. – Don’t worry,
brother won’t tell anyone. Vibha! Jerry can’t
come out for some reason. He will take some time.
Can you wait five minutes? Hmm. ‘Can’t you keep your mouth shut?’ ‘Was it necessary to talk to her?’ What happened to you, Jerry?
– Nothing. Vibha, don’t ask him anything.
Please. – Hmm. Vibha! Don’t let anyone
sit on his lap, please. Oh! So your zipper got stuck today? Listen! – Yes? Don’t you have anything else to do? Get ready quickly.
Drop me at the stop. Hello! You look very happy today. What do you mean?
– Tell me. Why are you so happy? Because Jerry’s zipper got stuck. That’s okay.
But why are you humming a song? Because I feel like humming a song. Is that so? I also used to
sing songs like you in the past. I still remember them. You used to sing songs? – Yes. I’m telling the truth.
You can ask your mother later. Okay, okay. Why are you driving the
bike like a tortoise? Go faster. Okay? Okay, listen. – Huh? I know that you don’t
like singing songs. But you are singing
songs today and.. ..I know the reason behind that.
I’m your father.. ..not your younger brother. Got it? Now go. – Crap. Yes. – What is going on?
Where are you? Why? What happened? You were supposed to
give me the poster today. Yes, I was going to give
you the poster. So what? Those guys are sitting
in the workshop. Ask them to wait a few minutes. Okay. But come soon. – Okay. Yes, yes.
– I told you it will happen. Buddy! Tom is coming
in a few minutes. Why the delay?
– I will be right back. – Okay. What were you saying? ‘Her name..’ ‘Nisha. No.’ ‘Okay, I will ask her now.’ ‘Hey! Oh God!’ ‘Oh no! Where did she go?’ Sorry. Yuck. No. Don’t take it.
Don’t take it. It doesn’t look good. No. Don’t take the blue one. Green. Perfect. Perfect. Excuse me. Buddy, I will call
you back in a minute. Hi! What can I do for you? Sorry. I thought
you were talking to me. It’s okay. No probs. Sorry. Hmm. Hi! How are you? What took you so long?
They have been waiting for you. I’m here now.
– Now wrap up the work. Where are they?
– They are sitting inside. What is this?
We have been waiting for an hour. We could’ve taken two trips by now.
This is not done. Half an hour. – How long
will it take? – Just half an hour. Hurry up – It will be done
in half an hour. – Hurry up. Don’t worry.
– It will be done. Come with me. What’s wrong?
– Why don’t you get my hint? Buddy, are you okay? – I’m great. Will you tell me now? – I saw her. Who? Saw who?
– That day in the traffic.. ..just like they show the
entry of a heroine in the movies.. ..don’t you remember the
girl that I told you about? She. Tell me more. – I followed her. Then? – She went
inside a shopping mall. Then what happened?
– Then she went into a shop. You are beating around the bush.
Come to the point. Yes. Then I called up another number. Which other number? You told me the method
you used to impress Rosy.. ..and Suzie. I used the same method. Oh! That number method? Yes. Then she spoke
to me and apologized too. Really? ‘That method really worked for him?
He is lucky.’ What is her name? She didn’t tell me her name. Did you take her phone number? No. – You didn’t take her number? Facebook,
WhatsApp, Hyke or something else? How and where will we find her? How long will you guys take?
– I’m coming. Wait a minute.
I know her car number. – Oh. Hmm. Love at first sight. Wow! You fell in
love at first sight? You see the girl from a bus. Then you both meet
in the shopping mall. And you are already
in love with her. This sounds like an ancient
love story to me. – Shut up. Friend! Love is a garden.
– What do you mean? And lovers are like
flowers in that garden. Like rose, jasmine and lotus. What love! Buddy, be happy. – Hmm. We can go to any lengths for love. We even cancelled our trip.
– I think this is crazy. It is not good to change
your plans for a girl. But we will still go. What I mean to say
is she is a good girl. You are very lucky. Buddy, slow down.
We are approaching her house. Is this her house? – Yes, yes, yes.
Please stop the car. She is the girl.
She is the girl. – Stop the car. Reverse. Reverse.
Reverse. Go behind. Go behind. Are you sure she is the girl? That’s the car. It is the same car. Yes! Let’s go. Back, back, back. What happened to him? Listen! – What do you want? Brother, give me the tab. You want the tab? Here you go. Brother, give me the tab. You want the tab?
Get lost. He wants the tab. Brother, give it to me.
– You listen to me. When I went to our uncle’s
house in the summer.. were born as the result
of a mistake by our parents. Or else there was no chance
for you to be born. Get lost. Thanks. ‘I think he has gone mad.’ Listen! ‘What happened to him?’ Take this too. Where is my tab? – In my bag. I see. You are taking it with you? Please let me take it to my school.
– Why? – Please. Are you taking it
to show off before Vibha? No, I want to show it
to Suraj and other friends. Please let me take it. Suraj? Doesn’t he get
A+ in all the subjects? – Hmm. And what do you get?
F? G? Concentrate on your studies. He wants to show it to Suraj.
Get lost. Hmm. Let me see how you
will drive your bike today. I will deflate the tires. This is the punishment for
not giving me your tab. Take it. Hey! Stop!
Stop! Where are you running? Stop! You donkey! I’ll teach
you a lesson after you come back. Same to you. Mom! Darn! What’s the time? – 9.30. – Okay. Hello, Muscle Man!
Good morning! Oh God! Hi! – Oh dear! – What’s the matter? A dumbbell fell on my feet.
I’m not able to walk. Oh God! Do you do dieting? – Some times. Me too. But I forget about
my dieting when I’m hungry. How many days did it
take to make this six-pack? One year. That means I’ll need
at least fifteen years. Will you have some protein water?
– No, thanks. Your thigh looks very solid.
Please let me touch it. Hurry up. Hurry up. Buddy, help me to get in. Get in. Get in. Hurry up. Hurry up. – Push me inside. It is hard to climb the steps. Hi! Hi! Are you talking on the phone? No, I was waiting for a bus. Oh, okay.
– What happened to your car? I think oil has leaked
into the carburetor. – Huh? No problem. I will try
to start once again. – Okay. I told you.
A problem in the carburetor. – Okay. Okay, bye. ‘Oh no, she is leaving.
I have to ask her.’ ‘No, forget it.
I will do it some other time.’ Okay then, bye.
– Where are you going? Me? Just here. – Oh, me too.
Come in, I will drop you. Oh, thank you. By the way, I’m Tom.
– Oh. Hi, I’m Diya. Hey, nice car. – I know. Redesigned in Bangalore. I spent just 300,000
rupees for the redesigning. The one who did it became rich. Men won’t be able to drive this car.
They will go crazy. You know, driving is in my blood. Can’t you hear the horn? You ruined my day early
in the morning. – You.. He came from the wrong side,
didn’t he? Yes, you are right. – Yes. The driving culture
of this place is pathetic. Absolutely. You know, if you really
want to know a person’s attitude.. should just
observe his driving. Hey, put on the seatbelt. Yes, I forgot. Sorry. So, you can’t drive, can you? I understood that
as soon as I saw you. One minute. – Yeah, it’s okay. Priya! – Listen, there’s a problem. Why? Didn’t you get the tickets? I didn’t get the tickets.
But that’s not the problem. Then? – Actually
there is no one at home. Where is everyone?
– They all went out. They will be back tomorrow. Actually Sam is coming
to my house now. Hello! Oh! Uh..
– Hello? – Priya! One minute. Hello? – Okay, okay. I know you won’t mind it. But you know this is
the last week of his holidays. And since there is nobody at home,
this is our chance. Still, I’m sorry.
– Okay, okay, just hang up. Nothing is going to
happen as you are imagining. Okay, okay, I know.
I will call you later. We will go to watch a
movie tomorrow. Okay? – Bye. Bye, Diya. – Bye. – Bye. Diya will be here soon. You may go. Look, I’m very busy. I can’t wait. You may go. No problem. I’ll manage. Sure? – Sure. Wait a minute. Keep this bag. It has the files of my cases.
I’ll take it back later. Why? – I will miss my flight
if I go to keep the files back. Which case are you working on now? Divorce case of a movie star.
The verdict is tomorrow. Here comes Diya. Hi, uncle! – Hi! I’m in a hurry. I’m getting
late for my flight. – Okay, see you. See you later. – Take care. Shall we go, dad? – Let’s go. Nobody else can do business here? Will he decide everything? Both our fathers started
this business together. I got my share and he got his. Why does he want to register
the business on his name? That’s not possible. I worked
very hard for this business. Forget about registering
this business on his name.. ..I won’t give him any shares in it. Look, Mr. Martin!
It’s no use telling me all this. I’m only his lawyer.
I’m here to make the documents.. ..and get your sign. That’s all.
I don’t know anything else. Then I don’t have to talk to you. Yes. Okay, Martin.
You can directly talk to Edger. I will come after that. Oh! So you think that
I will agree to this? That won’t happen.
– Okay. See you, Martin. Hmm. Edger! He is refusing to sign.
He is very arrogant. Hey! Hey! Hey! Wohoo! He is speeding. Look at him.
He is speeding. So fast. Why are you speeding? – Yeah! Make your handprint! Go! Why are you speeding? Yeah! Wohoo! Hey! Come on! Stop! Stop! Teach him a lesson. What? Hey! Wait for me. – Run. Run. A new chef? Get me a coffee. Hmm. Oh wow, when did you
start reading novels, Martin? I will not sign, Edger. Martin, let me talk to you. – Hmm. Listen to me.
Did you read the agreement? First read it.
You will benefit from this deal. I will give you 20% profit.
I’m happy with 80%. Do you think this is a joke? Martin, look!
I’m not in the mood for jokes. The better option for you is..
To sign the papers. I have a lot of work to do.
– Are you in a hurry? First drink the coffee. This book is clever too. You just need to know how to use it. Edger! None of your men are capable,
Martin. Everything is mine now. Whatever is yours is mine now. My lawyer will meet you. No change. Uncle, give me this bottle. Leave the bottle.
I brought this from home. Hi! – Hi! Are you going to office? Come in. Will you drop me to my office.. Diya! – Hmm? Are you going to watch
a movie today too? – Yes. Are you going with Priya? – Yes. Hi, Priya!
Did you reach the theater? – Yes. Which movie? – ‘I Found My Hero.’ What? It is the movie of
that hero with muscles. – Yes. I won’t come. I just don’t
like heroes with big muscles. Yes, tell me if there’s another
movie. I will definitely come. You first come here.
Then we will decide. – Okay. Bye. Were you scared? You should be in total
control when you are driving. Yes, Priya. – Hey, listen.
Our movie plan is cancelled. Shilpa is getting her surgery done. She called me for blood.
She wants B Positive. What is your blood group? My blood group is AB Positive. If you know anyone that
has B Positive blood group.. ..bring them to the hospital.
I will meet you there. Okay. Do you know anybody
that has B Positive blood? I’m positive,
because my blood is B Positive. Yes. I know someone. Tell me. Which is the latest movie? Wait, let me see. – Alright. But download a good movie. – Hmm. What is going on? Shiva! Come here. Hi! – Hi! Come on, get in. B Positive. ‘They are making great progress.’ Shall we go? – Okay. Why did we come here? Buddy, what is going on?
– Yes, we are here. Wait a minute. I will call her. – Okay, okay. Tell me. What’s the matter?
– Come with me. Diya! What’s the status? – They
are preparing for the surgery now. They need blood.
Did you find someone? Uh.. – Okay, come with me. Come on. I have to donate blood? Tom, give me something to eat.
I’m feeling giddy. I’m very hungry.
– Here, eat this bun. Throw that bun to the dogs.
Give me the oranges. I ate them.
– What did I do to suffer this? Listen.. – Yes?
– You are a very kind person. You willingly gave your
blood to a total stranger. So, what is that girl’s name? Her name? – Name. Sheelu. – Sheelu? My blood is flowing
in Sheelu’s body now, right? Of course, yes. – Does
she know that I gave her blood? It is not necessary
to tell her that. But how will I know
whom I gave my blood to? Wrong. Look,
after doing a good deed like this.. ..we shouldn’t brag about it. Yes. You are right. God won’t bless us for
it if we brag about it, right? Yes. – Can I meet her?
– No, you can’t meet her. That poor girl is in the ICU. Here, drink this juice.
You will feel better. Sister! – Yes?
– How is that girl now? She is fine now.
There’s no problem now. There’s no problem. Tom, she is fine now. – Oh, great. There’s no problem.
We don’t need your friend’s blood. Huh? – Okay. It is okay
if you don’t need it. – But.. Tom, thank you so much. For what? – For helping
me in the time of need. It’s okay. Any time. Right? ‘You rascal..’ Diya! – Yes. Tom, we both are
going to the hostel. We have to pick up some clothes. Okay, we are leaving too. Let’s go. -Yes, let’s go. – Okay. ‘I will see you outside.’ Let’s go. – Hmm. Tom! Will they give my blood back?
– Don’t worry about it. What do you mean by that?
I gave my blood.. Do you think I’m a fool? Once again, thanks, Tom.
– It’s okay. I will call you.
– Okay, call me. Definitely call me. Okay, bye. – Yeah, bye. Hmm. – Bye. – Bye. You sacrificed me
to get your work done. You gave me a bottle of
juice for donating my blood. Why did I agree to come with you? Whose unlucky face
did I see this morning? And they gave me this
cotton to rub myself. She said she will call me. Did you give her your
phone number? – No.. I knew it.
You didn’t give it to her. Okay, get the car.
– Which car should I get? The car..
We don’t have a car, do we? You.. You have ruined my day. Let’s take an auto.
Let’s go. – Give that to me. I will never come with you. Why are you not
working out nowadays? Answer me. – I’m too tired. I had to take the bus, that’s why. Why didn’t you take your bike? I didn’t take the
bike for no reason. Hold it.
Hold it. Hold it. But you like.. ..Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt. They are movie stars.
And I have a lot of work to do. I know what work you have.
– I will kick you. That’s my son. Brother, get ready quickly.
Take me to the stadium. I’m taking part in
a painting competition. Painting competition? You? Tom, drop him there.
The auto man didn’t come today. Give that to me. My dear Gracy.. – Hmm? Don’t come so close
to me when I’m working out. I told you this so many times. Don’t talk like
that before the kids. Hmm. Do you want some? What painting are you going to make? Hey! How will you go home? Dad will come to pick me up. – Oh. You leave. Go. Come on, go. Hi, Vibha! – Hi, uncle! I see. Hi, dear!
I thought you won’t be coming today. ‘Why doesn’t he go already?’ Okay, bye. Best of luck. – Thanks. ‘He keeps blabbering all the time.
He has no other work.’ Hey! – All the best! – Get lost. ‘I will make a painting
of us together.’ Thank you. Good job. So nice. Very good. Show me yours. Very good job, dear.
Very nice. – Nice. What’s your name? – Vibha. ‘Tell me what you think of it.’ See his painting. ‘What is she going to say?’ This is so cute. You didn’t go home? – No. Hi! – Hi! No, no. He is my brother. Brother. Okay. He is very cute. What is going on here? Five minutes. – Okay. ‘Say something. Will you
just keep staring at each other?’ What’s the age difference
between you and your brother? Diya, actually the
difference is not so big. Just fifteen years. – Fifteen years? He is so cute. I wanted
one little brother like him. And I wanted an older sister. Yup. He is very smart.
– He is not smart, he is over-smart. Hey, he is so cute. Diya, I didn’t expect
to see you here. – Why? Your character and painting.. To be honest,
I know nothing about painting. My friends are organizers.
So I just came and joined them. Then why did you make
me nervous for no reason? Hey! – Shut up. That’s a nice t-shirt. – Thanks. Nice dress. – Thanks. ‘Poor girl.’ Ma’am. – Yes. Sir, sugarless. – Thanks. Oh! A fitness freak.
Sugar-free and all. But I’m not a fitness freak.
I just exercise regularly. Oh I see, so you don’t like muscles. And that’s why you are
not working out, right? – What? No, nothing. But you look good like this. Sister, I want a chocolate. – Okay. No, I will get one for him. What is wrong with you? – Okay. Sister, I want to click a
photo with you. – Okay, let’s do it. Let’s take a selfie.
– Yeah, sure. Come. Yeah. – Is that enough? – Thanks. I have to go now. Okay? See you. Wait a minute. Give me your number.
I’ll send the selfie. 99611.. – 11.. 00.. – 00.. 110.. – 110.. Did you memorize the number? What are you talking about? There’s no need. Take my number. 9747000053. Okay. Bye. – Bye. See you. – Hmm. You have her number but
you are hesitating to call her. I have never seen a man
like you in this whole world. You are such a loser.
You are good for nothing. Idiot. Give it to me. I will call her. Sit down. There’s no need
to do that. I will call her. Okay, call her.
I will drink another beer. Listen! What should I say to her? Donkey! Can’t you say hello to her? What? – Hello. Useless fellow. – Hello. Call her. – Hello. Hello. Hello? – You seem to have
dialed an incorrect number. Please check the
number and call back. What happened? – It seems
this number doesn’t exist. What? This number doesn’t exist?
How can that be? How is this possible? – Let me see. There are only 9 numbers in this.
– He deceived me. That’s means she didn’t
get any of your messages. Darn! You should do everything
in the right way. You came here with
just 9 numbers. Donkey. Buddy, what do we do now? There’s one way.
First type those 9 numbers.. ..and try all the
numbers in the last slot. One of the numbers will be hers. How? – Try it. – But how? Give me the phone.
Let’s start with 1. Shafi! Shafi! Is Diya there? – Not anymore. It was somebody else.
Now let’s add 2. Let’s see. Hello! – Hello! It’s a girl. Hello, is this Diya’s number? Who do you want? – We want Diya. I’m not Diya. But you can
call me that if you like that name. I’m a bit busy now. I’m sorry. She had a very sweet voice.
– Give me the phone. This is not going to work out.
– It will work out. Shut up. Even if it works out, it is
not good to call her at this hour. We are men.
We should not be scared of anything. Shut up. – If you behave like this,
you will never call her. You are a coward. I’m still waiting for the picture. Huh? I’m still waiting
for the picture? Look, she texted me.
I got a text from her. I’m still waiting for the picture. Told you. We just had
to figure out the last number. Show me the number. Zero. Even zero is a number.
We forgot to add zero. Great! Zero, one, two, three..
Your work is done. Coming soon. Coming soon. Did she reply? Jerry is so cute. Jerry is so cute. Jerry is so cute.
Now you too reply to her text. And send this smiley with it.
Okay? Your work is done. He is my brother after all. She will definitely reply to it.
You’ll see. She will. She will. She sent such a cute smiley.
What’s wrong? Do one thing.
Send her that smiley showing teeth. These are our personal talks.
Why are you interfering? I’m just helping you.
– Shut up. – Listen to me. Listen.. Nobody can help you. Going to sleep? Smiley. Yeah, going to sleep. – What work? Painting competition?
Dog show? Cat show? Engagement? She is getting engaged? She is getting engaged. She didn’t tell me.
– You didn’t tell me. Darn! Sorry, forgot. K Drink this.
This will lessen your sorrow. 32 calories in 100 ml, so
that makes 208 calories in a bottle. If you count numbers in everything.. will you get a girl?
– Get lost. May God bless this couple! Amen. Listen! We will wish
them after the wedding.. ..then eat food and leave. Okay? Please don’t do any
drama there. Got it? Maybe you can get together
with one of her friends. Anyway, where is the groom from?
– Shut up. Do you want to marry Mr.
Alfred Joseph and.. ..Catherine’s son Victor
and accept him as your husband? I do. – He is gone. Do you want to marry Mr.
Fernandes and Helena’s.. ..daughter Priya and accept
her as your wife? – I do. Did he say Priya? – Yeah. Victor Joseph, son of Alfred
Joseph from Borivali and.. ..Priya Fernandes,
daughter of Fernandes from Malad. Does anyone here
object to this marriage? Yes, I object. Side please. Hey, he looks familiar. Yes. And that girl is not her. If that girl is not her,
where is Diya? We’ve been in a relationship
for the past three years. Nobody in this world
can separate us. We left behind love and traditions. You promised to
leave this world and.. ..come with me to another world. Nobody can separate you and me. I think I came to
someone else’s wedding. You definitely came
to someone else’s wedding. I came to the wrong place. Is he mad? She is not the girl I love. Carry on. Enjoy yourselves. Beat him! Where are you running to? Stop! You need a lesson!
Stop! How dare you! Does anyone else
object to this wedding? Hi! – Hi! Oh dear, I was so scared.
He was crazy, wasn’t he? Why are you smiling? No, I thought you
are getting engaged. Ah, I knew you would think that. That’s why I didn’t
explain it to you. Why so? – Simply. Hi! – Hi! Hello! Change your mind or else.. will have to
face many more crazy men. I haven’t met any crazy
man like that till now. I wonder if someone like
that will ever come into my life. How do I say how much I love you? How do I say that
I’m crazy about you? My heart loves you
without any boundaries. You are in every breath I take. I cannot live without you.
I miss you every moment. How do I say how much I love you? How do I say that
I’m crazy about you? You are my destination, my darling.
My heart chose you. You are my companion, my soul-mate. We’ve been together
in all our past lives. I feel I have conquered
the world ever since I met you. All my dreams came
true after getting you. I want nothing more. My heart loves you
without any boundaries. You are in every breath I take. I cannot live without you.
I miss you every moment. You are my shore.
You are my boat. You are my God. My love is true.
Nobody can separate us. I fly in the skies of love now. I’m not myself anymore.
You have cast a spell on me. How do I say how much I love you? How do I say that
I’m crazy about you? Do you want more? – Hmm. Dad! Diya. Tom, Diya calling. Diya? Who is she? Come to me next me. Son, do you want
more flat bread? – No. Hello! – Why are
you panting so much? Do you exercise at night too? No. I came out for privacy? Why? Don’t you have
privacy in your room? I do, but my little brother
can come at any time for my tab. Diya, did you have dinner?
– Yes, and you? Yes, I had dinner.
– Actually.. – What? Nothing, nothing.
I’ll tell you tomorrow. What will you tell me tomorrow? Let’s meet tomorrow.
Same place. Good night. – Hey.. Same place. The moon is so beautiful. Yes, the moon is beautiful. – Hmm. She was just a 16 year old girl.
You trapped her. It is difficult to get away with it. I know that well. That’s
why I asked you for a solution. That’s why I’m so disturbed.
I want this case closed. I will take care of everything else. Do you know anything
about her evidence? I know that she has medical reports. She has written something
about me in her diary too. The medical reports
are not a problem. But the diary written
by her is a problem. That diary is the only
proof of that girl’s death. We need that.
– Will I be safe if I get the diary? Let’s see what happens
after you get that. Where is Edger? – He is in that car. Does he always use that car? He uses other cars but
he is attached to this car. Why is he attached
to such an old car? Would you like to meet him? No, I’ll call you later. – Okay. See you. – Okay. Hello! Want some? Hmm. – Huh? I got a call from your home. Your father’s state is critical.
He wants to meet you. Why should I meet him? He is your father, Edger.
Let the bygones be bygones. He is dying.
He wants to see you before he dies. Now he wants to show love? Why didn’t he show
love to me in the past? You know the situation very well.
Come, get in. Want some? – No, you eat. Hey.. Hey! Diya! Sit in the car. That side. Edger! Edger! Edger! Edger! Edger! Edger! Edger! Edger! Edger! Darn! Edger! No, no, I will talk to him. Yes, I will call you
up after talking to him. It was Mary on the phone.
She was with him. She said that he died
in a peaceful manner. – Hmm. I want that boy and girl. We have his car number. We can find him with that, right? Did you see it? – You saw it. I don’t know.
What about you? – I didn’t see it. We’ll recognize the car.
We will find him, boss. He is not so powerful
that he can stand against us. I want them both before
this car is repaired. Hi! – Hi, Tom! How are you? I’m fine. What’s the matter? I hope yesterday’s incident
won’t create any problems. Diya, just forget it. Forget it. No, will it create any
other problems? – Forget it. Okay. – When can we meet? Evening? – Evening.
Okay, let’s meet in the evening. Okay. – Alright then, okay.
Bye. – Bye. This is Goan special. Goan special? – Isn’t it tasty?
I told you it will be tasty. Guys! – Yes? What happened? – Nothing happened. Tell us. – Nothing happened, buddy. Dude, come eat this. Come. – Sure. It is a Goan cake.
We got it for you from Goa. It’s delicious. – Really?
– It’s awesome, man. Try it, man. I’ll wash my hands first. Come soon, or we will finish it. Move aside. Why didn’t Tom come yet?
Did they come for him? Hey, I hope Tom didn’t
get into any trouble. They barged inside
without asking anything. But who are they?
– Do you know Edger? Yes. – They are his men. What are they doing here? Maybe they came to
get his car repaired. But why will so many people
come to get a car repaired? Forget them, buddy. Eat the cake. Give me more cake. They are gone.
Now you can eat. Come on, eat. Very tasty. Yes, mom? Tom calling. I’ll reject it. He is calling again. I’ll reject it. Darn! I rejected your call.
Why are you calling again? Hi, Diya! – Hi! I saw Jerry while
I was going this way. So I thought of meeting him. Oh. Mom, she is Diya. My friend. Yes, we have met. – You’ve met? Diya, did you see our house?
– I showed her. My room..
– I showed her that too. – Oh no.. Tom, what will you drink?
Milk or Boost? I want Boost. How is your injury?
– Just a small scrape. Diya, where is the car? I left it at home.
I was scared to bring it out. Why? Why are you scared?
I’m here with you. Boost is over. Drink milk for now. So, did you complete
your graduation? – Yes, MBA. Why didn’t you apply for a job? Still waiting for certificates.
Then I’ll find a job. MBA is good.
He did B Tech but it is of no use. He works in a workshop. – Mom! I’m an Automobile
Engineering Consultant. Oh! – Yes, whatever. Auntie, I’ll leave now.
– Are you leaving? I’m getting late. That’s why. Visit us often, dear. – Okay. Diya, how did you come?
– I came in an auto. I’ll manage. No, I’ll drop you at the auto stand. Mom, I will.. – Okay, son. Okay, shall we go? – Hmm. Oh no, I left my phone with Jerry.
– I’ll bring it. Jerry, give me the phone.
Give it to me. I won’t. I won’t. – Jerry, you dog! Here’s your phone. – Jerry! Thanks. – Thank you. So sweet. What are you doing? He is very naughty.
– No, he is so cute. – Okay. Tom! – Yes? Hmm? Okay, go. Diya, where does your friend live? Huh? She.. She lives there. There? – Yes. Okay, she lives there. Let’s go. I told you Tom will be here.
His girl is with him. You are here?
Come here. Just one minute. Come. Just a minute. – Come on. Why aren’t you answering your phone? What’s wrong?
I didn’t hear my phone ring. Did you get into
a fight with someone? Why? What happened? Edger’s men were searching for you.
Did you beat him up? He hit Diya. So I beat him up.
Why? What happened? Do you know who you beat up?
You beat up Edger. Who Edger? – Look at him.
He doesn’t know Edger. Have you lost it?
You don’t know him? Buddy, we are in big trouble. His men are searching
for Diya’s car. Thank goodness they
don’t know her car number. But they know the
car color and its model. What do we do?
– Shall we hide her car? Yes, that’s a good idea. But why do we have to hide it? You are an idiot. Diya will
be in trouble if they find her car. Listen, let’s hide
Diya’s car in her house. No, let’s hide it in Stephen’s
garage. – Yes, that’s better. Thank you, buddy.
– Nice thinking. Very good. Come with me. What’s the matter, Tom? – Actually.. Let me explain.
Your car is badly damaged. – Oh. We can get it repaired
in our friend’s garage. Let’s take it there.
– I hope it is not a problem. Not at all.
– It will be less expensive too. I’ll miss you. Diya – Hmm? Go in and get the car keys.
We won’t come in. Why? Why don’t you come in? Did we come here before? – Shut up. We’ll come some other time.
There’s no time now. They will close the workshop. – Hmm. What time Stephen closes the shop? Stephen will be there
till 10 pm, right? Yes, he’ll be there till 10 pm. Then you have a lot of time.
Come in for five minutes. You can meet my father too. Why did you want
to leave immediately? Is there a problem?
– Shut up. – Please sit. Look, your father in law is coming. Dad, he is Tom. Hi! – Hi! – I will bring tea. Sit down.
– Thank you, sir. – Thank you. A total mismatch. The
girl is so beautiful and he is.. Maybe she got her
looks from her mother. Oh no, this is a wrong match.
– What? I mean it will be an inter-caste
marriage. – Yes, that’s right. He is looking at us.
– What’s the matter? Nothing. We haven’t met, so.. Oh. Diya told me about Tom.
Who are you both? Uncle, I’m Tony.
He is Shiva. – I’m Shiva. Why did you come together? Uncle, actually we came
to take Diya’s car for repairing. Did you see the car’s state? The poor car has
to endure her driving. Actually,
that is not Diya’s car. – Huh? It is my car. – Oh.
So you modified the car? – Yes. That means you are crazy about cars. Not cars, I’m crazy about traveling. I was a vagabond. Oh. Vaga Mount. We have been there. Vagabond.
I loved going to new places. Oh, tripping.
Cool. We do a lot of tripping. Shiva loves tripping too.
– Yes, he is right. Get up. – Huh? Come. Get up. – Get up, man. Maybe he wants to show
us something. – Come. I think his old memories
are hung on the wall. Come on. – Am I right? Look! Rajasthan in 1975. And Kashmir in 1980. – Oh. Then Dehradun.
There I met this old lady. – Doll? Will you shut up? – Old lady. Diya’s mother.
– Were you very adventurous? Dad, did you start troubling
them with questions? Tom, this was my car.
But I had to sell it. There is no problem
in the present car, right? Performance is good. – Yes. But the color is not so great.
Am I right? – Yes, a little. It is a good color.
What’s wrong with it? It is good,
but it is a girlish color. Really? – Yes. Am I right? Yes, absolutely.
– Right? – You are right. You think so? – Yes, I think so. If you want we can change the color. You drive.
– No, I won’t. – You drive. You were right. – Shut up. Do one thing.
Change the color. Pick a good color. Take these.
– Okay, uncle. We’ll change it. Black color will look good.
– Yes, that’s right. – Black? It will look fantastic if
we put two skulls in the front. No, don’t do that.
Just black will do. – Okay. Okay, uncle.
We’ll take the car with us. – Hmm. Tom, we’ll take the car.
You drop them. – Let’s go. It took us so long.
– We are finally here. Oh no! This place is a mess. What do you want? – We
are here to get the car repaired. I understood that.
But what is all this? Actually we got hungry on the way.
So, we bought food. Didn’t you eat food? – No. Have you lost it? – What’s wrong? You should’ve eaten some food first. You think I’m a small child? Why? You should eat
food when you are hungry. Don’t you understand that?
– Stop it now. Here he is. – Who is he? This is Tom’s friend’s car.
Don’t you know Tom? How will I know him? And who is this joker with you? He is Tony. He works with me. Tom, he is Stephen. Stephen! – Yes? The car needs some work. And we want to change
the color to black. I can do it black.
It will look good too. We want a rich look. Do you want the color
to be matt or glossy? Glossy will be expensive. Glo.. Glo.. – Matt. The front looks empty.
We can put skulls in the front. It will look good.
– No, we don’t want skulls. No, no, we don’t want them. You don’t want skulls?
– No. Okay, I won’t put them. Will you break it? You are always careless.
I’ll stop being lenient. First pay me my salary.
Then I will do as you say. You are always abusing me. Why did you go silent
when I mentioned my salary? It will take four days
to finish all the work. Saturday,
Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. You’ll get it on Wednesday. Okay? No problem.
The car got damaged in a fight.. we thought that
apart from getting repaired.. ..the car will be
completely safe here. There was a fight?
– Yes, nothing major.. You go. – Okay. – Go on. Okay. Go on. – Let’s go quickly. Come on. – You too. He is a weird man.
He says weird things. Let me go. – Get out, joker. I liked him. Shiva! What do we do with these? Take it home and stuff your mouth. He is asking me
what to do with food. Why are you still here? Is this Thomas’s house? Didn’t you read the board outside? What does it say? Does Thomas sir stay here? Don’t you get it?
This is not his house. We were told that this is the house. Where is the damaged car? Listen, nobody named
Thomas lives here. Go that side and ask. Do you stay here alone? I can’t see any children at home. Why? Don’t you get it?
Get out of here! Go! Let’s go. Tom! – Huh? Where did we first meet? We met each other
in the mall, right? No, I had seen you before that. Where are you walking
away with my heart, my darling? It is raining. Shower all your love on me. Drench me completely with your love. You are the desire of my heart. You are the intoxication of first love. Every moment of my life is filled with you. Every breath of mine is filled with you, my darling. My crazy heart beats only for you. You have made me crazy for your love. You have robbed my peace of mind. Where are you walking away with my heart, my darling? It is raining. Shower all your love on me. Drench me completely with your love. You are the reason for my living. You are my morning and my night. You occupy all my thoughts and dreams. You are my questions and all my answers, my darling. Love me and accept my love. I have loved you more than myself. Let me dwell in your heart. Where are you walking away with my heart, my darling? It is raining. Shower all your love on me. Drench me completely with your love. Wow, she is hot.
– Stop talking rubbish. What happened after that?
She kissed me. What? Kissing is not a big deal.
Don’t be so shy. Will you do everything
after marriage? – Of course. What? You are an idiot.
This is 2016 man. Grow up. Oh no! Your dad is coming. Did you pay the electric bill? Yes, I paid it.
The receipt is inside. Where is the rest of the money? Rest of the money..
Here, I forgot to return the money. Every time you sit here.. ..there’s a difference
of one or two thousand rupees. That’s right. That’s right. What? – No, Tom must have
forgotten about it, uncle. He is not so old
as to forget things. Hmm? Who are those men
standing there? – Hmm? I’ve been noticing them
here for a couple of days. These are the same people
that came to the garage. Dad! – Huh? – There’s a problem. Hello! I reached. Where are you? I’m on the other side. Come here. Why did you call me here?
We could’ve met at home. Because I wanted to
click a photo with you here. Okay, okay, I’m coming. I’m here. – Where? – Here! Tom! Don’t be scared. Come to me. Get the car! Go home.
Don’t think about what happened. Tom, dad is not at home.
Be with me until he comes home. Where did he go? Dad’s colleague died in an accident. I told you about Das uncle,
remember? Dad went to his funeral. Tom! Those men will come back. They will not leave us alone. We should talk to them
and come to a compromise. Diya, don’t be scared.
I’m with you. – Hmm. I want some water. – Hmm. Hello! – Hello! Where are you? I’m at Diya’s house.
There was a problem. Yes, I know.
They came to our workshop. They were asking for Diya’s address. Look, Diya is not safe there. Get out of there as
soon as possible. Okay? Hello! Hello? Was there a problem? – No, I’m fine. Did you see his face clearly? One man’s face.
– Alright, which car did he come in? A black Scorpio.
– Did you note down the number? Actually, noting the number
wouldn’t have helped much. It must be a fake number. But there’s no doubt
that they are Edger’s men. They were not. Huh? But they came to the
hotel and followed you. If they are not his men,
who else can they be? Buddy, if they were Edger’s men,
they would take me. Yes, but..
What will we tell her dad? Her dad is not at home right now. He will be back this evening. We should bring Diya
home before he returns. It is very difficult to find them.
Let’s file a police complaint. That would be better. Let’s go. That car.. – Huh? ..comes to our workshop.
Black Scorpio. It had our logo on it.
– Are you sure? Yes. – Then let’s go
and find out whose car it is. Hello, sir!
– Where is she? – Inside, sir. Did she say anything?
– She doesn’t know anything, sir. But there’s no need to worry.
We’ll get the file by evening. Don’t worry, sir. – Hmm. Do you know me? I’m a policeman. I will let you go if
I get what I’m looking for. I don’t know anything.
You got the wrong person. I’ve played many games
to reach this level. There are many cases
filed against me. And I’ve been suspended from my job. It is really difficult
for me to get my job back. If I don’t set this right now,
I will lose my job. Let me inform you this.
The lawyer that died.. ..was your father’s friend. Where is the file
that he left with you? He didn’t give us any file. I’m sure there is
some misunderstanding. Please let me go. Please. But that lawyer said
something else before dying. He said that he gave
the file to your dad. Try to remember it properly. Okay? In the meanwhile I’ll ask
your dad if he knows anything. Where is his dad?
– He is downstairs, sir. Don’t keep them together.
– Okay, sir. Take her somewhere else.
– Okay, sir. Tom, did you find that place? Once you reach the colony,
take the first left. And Tom, please be careful.
They are dangerous people. Okay? Did you reach or no? I reached. – Okay, take care. Okay, I will call later. – Okay. It is your responsibility.
Be careful. Okay? – Okay. See you later. Who are you? – Where is Diya? Oh, that girl? Hey, go. What? Catch him!
Kill him! Kill him! You rascal!
I told you not to hit me! Don’t beat me. Let me go. He is inside. He is inside. He is inside. Go. Uncle! Uncle? Where is Diya?
– I don’t know where she is. Give me my stick. It is there. Sir, please tell him not to beat me. I’m in a lot of pain. Sir, please.. – Where is Diya? Sir, the ACP took her. Shut up! Who were they?
Why did they kidnap you? They.. They want the file.
I forgot to take it from the car. Do you know where the car is? Diya told me that you know about it. It is in Stephen’s
workshop for repairing. I told them about it. They said they will leave
Diya after they find the file. Will there be a problem
if they get the file? That ACP raped some poor girl. And that file contains
proofs against the ACP. When I went to Advocate
Das’s funeral.. ..his junior lawyer
told me about it. The ACP will get away with
the crime if he finds the file. What happened?
– Drop uncle at my house. I will go talk to my dad.
Did you call up Stephen? Yes, I called him up.
He kept the bag aside. Go take it. Okay. – Tom! Uncle, don’t worry.
I will bring Diya back. Take him home. You were going to give
me the car in two days. It has been two weeks.
Did you find the fault or not? You are asking me as if
you told me to find gold. – Huh? Let me repair the car.
Go to the police station. Repair my car today.
I’ll take it with me. My friend is here. I will
talk to him for two minutes. – Hmm. Shiva called me. I hanged
the bag inside. Go in and take it. He came to ask for money, sir. – Oh. His friends forgot
some of their things here. Repair my car quickly. – I’m on it. Sir! This is the car, isn’t it? Where did it go? He wasn’t my friend.
I just know him. That’s all. Many policemen are
involved in this case. Now they will torture Stephen and.. ..he will give them my details. He won’t do that.
And he doesn’t know your address. But you know. Oh my God! They will ask me. Don’t go to your
house for a few days. Hello! – Tom! Who is it? – Listen! The
file in your hands belongs to me. When and where can
you bring it to me? Who was it? Whenever you are discussing
something important.. ..the signals don’t work.
Am I right? It wasn’t the signals.
I cut the call. Buddy, who was it? – I’ll tell you. Hello! – Hello? Hello, Tom? Diya? – Give it to me. – Tom! If you don’t bring the file to me,
I will kill her. What will you do if I don’t come? You will not get this
file even if you kill her. I have something that you need.
So, don’t threaten me. Now listen to what I’m going to say. Bring Diya to the place I tell you.
– Hmm, okay. I will give you the file. Let me take your photo. Hello! Lawyer! I need your help. Okay, sir.
I will call up, sir. Okay? Edger! You cut my call and thought
you were being a hero. He was bargaining with me. Remember that I will kill her. Now tell me where the file is.
– Where is Diya? Look, if you had done
what I asked you to do.. ..your girl would’ve
been with you now. But you acted like some big hero. I think you don’t know who I am. Anyway,
your scheme is very outdated. Hmm. Tom, I’m back. Give the file to the
ACP and come to my den. I’m waiting for you. Diya
is with me and your brother too. Dad! Jerry.. – They took
him before I reached his school. Edger kidnapped him.
What does he want? He asked me to come to him. Hmm. Tom,
it means he is challenging you. Answer him and come
back home with your brother. Give the file to me. I spared your life
because you are just a kid. But he is Edger.
You know him, don’t you? He is very powerful
and he has a lot of men. He can do anything. You can’t win against him, son. Why do you play with fire? Because I like the thrill. You like the thrill?
– Sir! Sir! Don’t do that, sir. You rascal.. – Sir, please.
Edger will handle him, sir. Let go off me. I will kill him.
– Sir! Come on, let’s go. He plays with fire because
he likes the thrill. Brother!
Beat up that man with long hair! Let him go.
– Wait for some time. Let sir come. Maybe he doesn’t want the girl. You are right.
He doesn’t want the girl. We’ll keep the girl.
But first let’s teach him a lesson. We’ve been waiting to
take revenge for that day. Do you have enough men? Let’s give him a trail
of what he will experience. Catch him. Brother, save me! Brother! Hurry up! Brother! Brother! Save me! Brother! – Jerry! – Brother! Brother! Brother! Brother! Brother, look behind. No, let me go.
Tell him not to do that. Don’t beat me. I have piles, son. Why did you beat me? Take this! Oh, you are leaving?
Don’t you want this girl? I don’t want her. I just want you. It’s not just about my car, Tom. I didn’t have a good
relationship with my father. I didn’t understand one thing. Did he like me or not? I don’t know. We haven’t spoken for many years. When my father was on his deathbed.. ..everyone told me
to meet him one last time.. that his soul
can rest in peace. So I was going to meet
my father for the last time.. ..but I couldn’t reach
him on time because of you both. My father died. And after
his death I found out that.. ..he had donated half
of my wealth to some charity. I couldn’t do anything about it. So I’ve suffered a
great loss because of you. You can never compensate for it. I wanted you because that
would give me satisfaction. That would be enough. My heart will feel much
better after I kill you. You are going to die.
Call up your parents and tell them.. won’t be coming back. I promised my dad
that I will come home. Tom! Brother! To be very honest,
I had underestimated you. And you hurt my ego when you hit me. A common man like you
hit me and walked away. I couldn’t bear that. For a few moments
my men must’ve thought.. ..that you are better than me. That’s why I wanted
to finish you before them. I won’t be at peace
until I kill you. – Jerry! Brother! Get up, brother! Oh, will he get up if you call him? Call him! Call him! Call him! Wow! Now I will have fun. Tom! Jerry! Tom! I can’t find Jerry. You are very attached to
your father’s car, aren’t you? Tom! It’s not just about my girl. You can come searching
for me any time you want. I’m going home. Tom! I will make you pay for it. I told you that my brother
will thrash everyone. Hey! – What? I want to beat him up.
– Shut up. Let’s go home. Did you enjoy getting beaten up?
– Enough now. What’s wrong?
– I think we have a flat tire. How do you know?
– I will check, sir. It is a flat tire, sir. What? I changed the tires yesterday. It is completely flat, sir.
– What a nuisance! Lawyer! – Yes, sir? You took the file, didn’t you?
– Yes. I took it, sir. You are safe now. But please
don’t repeat this mistake. Sir! Someone placed
this under the tire. What? Take a look.
– Who could’ve done this? Hold this. Come on, hold it. What do you want? Sir, give us that bag. Give it, sir. Laughing won’t help. Who are you? Are you their leader? Yes. My name is Stephen.
Angry Stephen. Check the Wanted List
dated five to six years ago. You will surely find my name. Are you threatening me? – Yes. Sir! He has a gun.
You didn’t tell me about it. He is a policeman. He’ll have a gun. Shiva! Will you bury
me if I die today? Don’t worry.
Let him fire the gun first. What’s wrong? Are you scared? ACP sir! They are just rats. Why do you want to kill them? Isn’t that a service revolver, sir? You’ve never used it.
Will it really fire a bullet? Stephen! Stephen! What’s happening? Stephen! Stephen! Get up, Stephen! Why did you do that? – Stephen!
Stephen! Stephen! My brother! He is dead.
You created a new problem. You got yourself into a new case.. ..even before you could
get out of the old one. I didn’t fire the gun. How did he die if
you didn’t shoot him? That’s what I don’t understand. Stephen! He is not bleeding. Why are you talking about blood?
He is dead. Stephen! Stephen! Stephen! Stephen! Get up. Get up, my brother. We are trapped. – Is he dead? Don’t kill me. I did nothing. Hey! Get up! I don’t think this is going
to be a big problem for us. Let’s go. I didn’t shoot him. – Let’s go. How did this happen? You killed my brother Stephen. He took me in when
I was little and raised me. You rascal! Time is up. Who is he? What is his problem? Wow! There is no blood at all. What happened to this man? I beat him. Shiva, my child.
I’m really proud of you. Stephen,
does that mean you didn’t die? No. I heard a voice. You got scared of a sound? You clown,
I will show you who gets scared. Calm down, brother. This rat saved your life today. Call me Shiva. You were brilliant today.
I’m proud of you, my child. Thank you. – Let’s go now. Stephen, we’ll take the
file and go straight to.. ..the Commissioner’s office.
We’ll give the file to him. Come with me. What should we do about that man?
– Let him relax. Hello! Tom!

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