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[Sub] 아이유(IU)가 신곡 Love Poem으로 설리를 추모하는 방법 – 디쿨멘터리 | 디렉터쿨나

[Sub] 아이유(IU)가 신곡 Love Poem으로 설리를 추모하는 방법 – 디쿨멘터리 | 디렉터쿨나

Sulli is not only an artist who has given us a lot of happiness, but also an artist who has a great sense of beauty. IU will start her new album on November 1 with Love Poem. Actually, IU planned to release this album in mid-October. She postponed the release of this album until early next month. The reason was, “It’s hard to accept the death of Sully, who was my best friend.” I’ll call for you to walk an unusually long night. Although not very well known, Sulli is not only an artist who has given us a lot of happiness, but also an artist who has a great sense of beauty. In fact, Sully followed only one IG account in her lifetime.
@be_my_panties This account, @be_my_panties, is an account that uploads the pictures that Sully drew. This account gives you a glimpse of Sully’s aesthetic sensibilities. Especially, her drawing skills are very sensitive. Drawing reveals individuality in the subtle sense of the line. Everyone has a subtle feeling about drawing lines. Like everyone has a voice or a unique pattern. I did art, too, but I think drawing is the most simple act of expressing individuality. But we can see a painting called self-portrait very unique. I’m guessing she draw like a step-by-step crokie. It’s a beautiful painting that makes you feel strange. It has a red kissmark. It’s a drawing that caught my eye. This painting is an inspiration to her best friend, IU. IU explained that at the time of CHAT-SHIRE’s release, Red Queen’s motif was taken from a painting by Sully. IU said her song Red Queen was inspired by Sully’s painting. It’s harder than anyone else to feel sad about losing your best friend at this moment. “I always miss you so far away.” However, IU has to continue her next album and concert schedule that she promised to her fans. IU is also well known to us as a growing artist. As IU grows up, she sings about what she’s going through at her age. The album, released in 2015, is a recording of IU, who turned 23 and recorded her story. What’s happening to 23-year-old IU? She filled out seven songs that expressed my thoughts in people using the characters in the novel. IU has been recognized for her musicality once again by participating in the songwriting of all the songs with her CHAT-SHIRE album. In particular, this album is about IU as a group of idols and artists. It’s also a solid record that she has made her way to artists. In the case of Red Queen, of which self-portrait of Sully was the motif, the song is based on Alice in the Mirror. The Red Queen whom everyone hates threatens and interferes with the heroin . It’s about her who was so pretty and lovely. I think it’s a song that she wrote thinking about Sully as my best friend. Sulli’s self-portrait red lips reminds of the Red Queen. IU left a message on her SNS on the 23rd celebrating the 4th anniversary of her beloved chat-shire. That she was inspired to make the Red Queen. She uploaded pictures of Sully’s paintings and photographs. IU made two songs inspired by Sully. The other song is peach. She made the song to express Sully’s love. Sully was IU’s best friend, but at the same time, she was a true muse. IU to postpone the release date of her new album on Sully’s sad news. She also posted articles and photos in memory of Sulli. IU as a best friend who lived in the same time and as an artist. She would have hoped that her muse would never be forgotten. IU was inspired by her who was so lovely that she made two beautiful songs. She kept her funeral home, and after she left, We will not be forgetting the works that Sulli left behind. Sully will remain in everyone’s mind forever. IU will release a new album, Love Poem, on November 1st. On November 2, we will start our national tour concert in Gwangju. Let’s start November by listening to IU’s new song and remembering Sully. Well, I’ll meet you next time with another behind-the-scenes story. Bye for Coolna today. I’ll be there looking up. Remember the eternal friendship between Sully and IU.

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26 thoughts on “[Sub] 아이유(IU)가 신곡 Love Poem으로 설리를 추모하는 방법 – 디쿨멘터리 | 디렉터쿨나

  1. Esto me dió mucha tristeza, pobre IU como debe sufrir aún y aún así se muestra fuerte para sus fans, la amo por esa fuerza que posee ♥️♥️, Sully ahora está descansando pero espero que la gente que la amo, y IU encuentren consuelo y puedan seguir adelante solo con su recuerdo 😭♥️.

  2. 델루나 대박나고 배우로서도 새로이 조명받고 새앨범 릴리즈 앞 둔 시점에 절친이 이렇게 허망하게 떠나간게 …너무 좋은 일
    이 있으면 안 좋을 일이 생길까봐 불안한 생각이 드는 것 같은 그런 일이 아이유에게 일어난 상황은 아닌건지.
    마음이 많이 아픕니다.
    종현군에 이어 설리까지.ㅜㅜㅜ
    더 이상 이런 일은 없어야할텐데요.
    살아가야 하는 사람 가슴 속에 평생 문신처럼 새기는 아픔이죠 이런 일은.
    여러분들 중 만일 정말 너무 힘들어 극단적인 선택을 생각하시
    는 분이 한 분이라도 계시다면 주위를 둘러보세요.
    여러분을 사랑하는 사람이 단 한 사람이라도 곁에 있다면 살아
    갈 이유가 있는 거예요.
    왜냐하면, 온전히 잘못 살았다면 주위에 아무도 없었을테니까
    그러니 절대 희망을 놓지 마세요.🙏

  3. 아 진짜 사람들은 이상해
    자기도 막 엄청 비난했으면서 이제 큰일이 나고나니까 불쌍한척 미안한척 진짜 낯두꺼워
    정말 설리팬은 아니였는데 이번일이 있고나서 설리를 많이 알게 되었는데 정말 좋은 사람이였어요 세상을 떠나고 나서 알게된 나도 정말 한심하지만 정말 설리님이 다시 살아계실때로 돌아갔으면 좋겠어요… 진심으로

  4. 러브포엠 듣자마자 개인적으로 호텔델루나에서 나온 천도교가 떠오르더라고요 천도교를 걸으면서 천도교를 걷는 누군가를 위해 부르는 느낌이었음 복합적인 의미가 있겠지만 절묘하게 맞아 떨어진듯

  5. 사실상 이번 곡은 종현님이 돌아가시고 나서 작업을 했고 , 그 영향이 아마 있었던 곡인 것 같습니다. 그래서 추모곡의 느낌이 나구요. 그래서 원래 선공개 곡이 아니던 러브포엠을 11/1일 대신 공개한 이유는 그 곡이 설리님을 애도하는 곡으로도 쓰일 수 있기 때문이었던 것 같습니다.

  6. 이거 설리 위해서 만든 곡 아니에요.. 설리가 죽었던날이랑 아이유 컴백날이랑 시기가 비슷했는데 설리가 사망했다고해서 컴백 시기가 늦어진거에요 그리고 설리가 사망한지 3주 정도 되는데 설리가 죽고나서 곡 만든게 말이 안되죠..

  7. 제작한지 1년이 넘은 앨범인데 고인하고 자꾸 엮지 마라. 자장가 공개되면 또 설리하고 엮겠네…

  8. 너무 안타까운 마음에 이 노래를 설리가 좀더 일찍 듣고 위로받았다면 좋았을껄 싶다

  9. 한참을 검색어 변경해서 찾다가 유니가 27살에 성형수술실패, 인조인간악플등등으로 인한 인기하락등등 여러가지 요인으로 자살한걸 뒤늦게 찾고 기억했네요 설리는 정확히 26살에 자살한거죠 제가 설현과 띠동갑이라 37살이기 때문이죠

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