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Suisen-kan Aikido

Suisen-kan Aikido

Hello Target spotted, 12 o’clock, turned to 2 o’clock Yeah Got it Shut up! Give me your wallet Alright, alright And your backpack too I yield! I yield! Hello officer? Good day Right foot forward, ikkyo-undo One, two, three, …eight, … Switch to left One, two, …seven, eight Okay Migi-hanmi Fune-kogi One, two, …, seven, eight Alright, switch One, two, three, …eight Okay, enough Make a line Sayu-undo Feet wide apart, to the right first, breathe Turn your chushin One Six Seven Eight Okay, enough Return to your seat Onegaishimasu Alright, katate-dori KOTEGAESHI TECHNIQUE Okay, details. Pay attention, for kotegaeshi Hand placement, one, two, this one stays Close Precision is a must on executing a technique In order to improve the technique to be carried out successfully First, we must understand how to precisely placing our hands HAND PLACEMENT Second, is to understand which joints are the target TARGETEDJOINTS Third, is how to move them This, doesn’t go that way But, diagonally move downward, in a spiral motion The rest, body moves (MOVEMENT DIRECTION) Then we continue to the “ground lock” Make sure, you lock the shoulder, elbow, before you let go the palm, and continue to the next step Arigatogozaimasu Please do, katate-dori kotegaeshi, dozo, onegaishimasu ONEGAISHIMASU! Shut up! Give me your wallet! And your backpack too Okay, wait a moment ONEGAISHIMASU! First, correction, katate-dori. This is not a hit, rather, slide it in, turn Slide it in, turn After that, in basic, we don’t do this atemi So now we try to apply atemi, this is one And the habit of looking in the wrong direction, your eyes goes there Because out there, the application is not that easy when we are trying to let go Once we managed to escape, his other hand is ready for another hit So, we must enter first Later on, we could apply any variation of atemi We can use kicks Not strictly goes there, sorry This is possible This is possible Two hits, possible But for basic, try to apply this for now So when the time comes , when we have to apply it out there, we already have the necessary tools In order to prepare us to face the worst Okay, proceed Atemi Alright, yame ARIGATOGOZAIMASU ONEGAISHIMASU! From shomen-uchi (DAI-SANKYO TECHNIQUE) Dai-sankyo As usual, make sure, it is locked, and locked Dai-sankyo omote, from shomen-uchi Okay, details Pay attention How to grip the palm Again, precision (HAND PLACEMENT DETAILS) Grip, and do sankyo After you apply sankyo, move your hand placed on his elbow, replacing the other This one, slide its’ position to the fingers The same Precision in hand positioning matters Position of your hands, study which joints you should move, and to which direction we have to move him Then atemi, keep his hand locked, and enter Once more Precision, pay attention The joints that we utilize in sankyo In order to execute the technique, we have mainly one, two, three We have to control them all Move them from this point (LEVERAGE POINT) If we look at it closely We can move him here There Okay? Try to emphasize on the details ARIGATOGOZAIMASU! No need to rush, mind the details while you do the technique Alright, please try, from shomen-uchi dai-sankyo, onegaishimasu ONEGAISHIMASU! Just like ikkyo, the same, this is how you take the hand Usually, when people reach this point, the lock accidentally released Then the lock got loose, and he will be able to get up (Note: mind this common mistakes while applying sankyo) Okay, yame Finish it ARIGATOGOZAIMASU! ARIGATOGOZAIMASU! ONEGAISHIMASU! This one is a bit tricky So you we have to pay extra attention Shomen-uchi, enter Hiji-kime Mind the placement of hands Must be precise HAND PLACEMENT Be careful, do not miss Just like doing shiho-nage The arm position is slightly over the elbow (TARGETED JOINT) The position is higher than the elbow (our arm closer to uke’s body) Straighten out your arm and reach the closest point, from here straighten out our arm (LEVERAGE POINT), and twist Downward In reality, in the old days, this was done by grasping the collar, arm straighten out, choke, and enter Arm is straighten out From here We have to be careful, because the chance of atemi and joint breaking is highly possible, so you have to practice this technique slowly Also when we move downward, do it slowly In order to minimize the risk of injury on uke ARIGATOGOZAIMASU ALright, from shomen-uchi, please do hiji-kime, onegaishimasu ONEGAISHIMASU Be careful Grasp it, once again, straighten out, twist Yame! ARIGATOGOZAIMASU! So that’s our practice today, and now we will try to summarize today’s lesson All of the three techniques were different But the connection that I’ve tried to show you is These three techniques are “high-risk” technique in terms of causing injuries Especially when we try to apply it in reality, off-the-mats When we face certain condition where we have to apply certain technique It is highly possible that we have to improvise There are a lot of things that we should do out of the boundaries of basic technique But what we learn from Aikido is, we should maintain the safety of the technique It should be able to ensure the safety of uke That is the first point that we should learn on the mats, and I hope we could also practice it off the mats even though we are facing a certain “situation” So that we are able to keep O-sensei’s message, on how technique should not be used to destroy But it constantly giving a second chance, or preserving the life of others Okay, I guess it’s enough for now, let us finish the session MOKUSO! MOKUSO YAME! SHOMEN NI REI! Ta, you have anything to do tomorrow afternoon? I guess not What’s up? There will be a theater show in my campus tomorrow, Ika and Novi will be there too Oh, they invites alumni too? It’s open for public Really? If you have nothing on your schedule tomorrow, just come along, we can go together With Ika and Novi? Of course not, it’s too far for them We could meet at the usual spot, then straight to my campus Your campus? My ex-campus Okay, okay Sorry I’m late You realize what time is now? I know, aw, come on, don’t get mad at me Alright, let’s go Give me your bags, leave it here, then you can leave Now what ta? / Let’s just call the cops Hello officer, good afternoon

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100 thoughts on “Suisen-kan Aikido

  1. Adventure. very good teaching, aikido teacher. Thank you very much. I form Turkey, in Bursa. My name is Gökhan Gögcay.

  2. Great vidéo! The real star is the video producer. As for the Aïkido itself, i find it too "robotic" and choppy. We are better off practicing slow but fluid rather than robotically. The body remenbers what it practices… I loved hearing Indonesian, i Still can understand most of it, i lived there in the 70s. Although i am still not used to see women wearing scarves (40 years ago 99% or women left their hair free, now it seems to be the other way around).

  3. Жаль у нас в деревне нет таких мастеров, я бы хотел что бы моя дочка занималась этим видом единоборств. Спасибо за видео.

  4. SÚPERRR !…🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞👑👏👌👆👍🍀

  5. I understand how effective Aikido is in disarming someone with a knife. How effective is it boxing and kickboxing.

  6. fake martial art. who in reality would attack you like in this video. LOL. go to the boxing or Mia.much more effective instead of this shity martial art.

  7. Полная симуляция. Обратите внимание на зал, нет матов , а на кафеле не попрыгаешь. Фуло .

  8. Look nice video, but aikido does not work in reality, I am a brown belt aikido myself and I can say it is completely useless in a street fight, feel free to go up against someone who knows what they are doing and who will not hesitate and you will understand y.

  9. I had been training likewise in krav maga, brazilian jujitsu, and judo and I can say for certain aikido does not even stand a chance against these martial arts. All aikido does is gives a false impression that something can be done on the streets when it cannot. Please do not fool your students. I am just a blue belt BJJ and I had taken down and submitted a black belt aikido. So much for this so called art.

    ASI SEA..

  11. that is exactly what happen but they are 4 of them and i dont know who is the enemy or bystander, the assailant escape but never take my bag

  12. but sensei in the heat of the battle no time to call the police , you might just return the knife to his neck, theres a saying of a mafia, "you can't make money with knife or gun in your hand"

  13. Soy latinoamericano. De Perú.. Quiro formarme en las Artesanales como en el Aikido. Y poder practicar en su País. Felicitaciones un gran Sensei. Como puedo contactarme con ustedes. Por favor.

  14. When i am doing aïkido before during and after i dO an atemi preceding each technic, i am mentally and physically in shape till the end.

  15. 아이키도의 매력은 종합격투기나 케이원 보다 훨씬적 움직임으로 상대를 대적 할수 있다는 점 입니다. 물론 아무나 그러지는 못하겠지만…

  16. This brought back a lot of memories of my first formal lessons in Aikido. The techniques were taught in exactly the same way, with explanations of the mechanics required to make them work. My Teacher was Jack Baden and, as far as I can remember, took his training in Germany. I think that his origins were in the Philippians.

    Thank you for the Video.

  17. Another Bullshikido demonstration of skinny little people manipulating other choreographed skinny little people. Ever see Segal enter a ring? or any other Aikido baloney practitioner? No cause in combat Aikido is absolute BS

  18. Im 57 yrs old. I like to learn and tin I should how to react. But you know wat wil it work in the movie or real lie. Im a loner I admit. God bess

  19. I practice Aikido in chicago upto blue belt only. Not bad my sensei tohei died smoke alot. I see its your hobby sensei. I always imagine also why I think theres always bcause Im in the Philippines now 9 yrs now llot of stabbing over here . But if I avoid stay home . I pray . I see muslim practicing . Also my reason my BP. God Bless thanks for reply . I only have few friend

  20. Dürfen die Moslems ihre "Kampfkunst" eigentlich auch gegen ihre prügelnden "Männer" einsetzen???
    Da hätten sie jedenfalls täglich Training!!!
    Wem wollt ihr diesen Quatsch eigentlich weiss machen?

  21. хер знает, но на технике санкё так встречать руку всегда считалось не правильным. обеими руками встречать под локоть, и только потом вторая начинает смещаться в сторону кисти. а у него одна рука под локоть, а вторая запястье. Если человек окажется сильнее, то его рука не сможет удержать локоть противника.

  22. Та же техника санкё, нас обманывают, человек нападает с левой руки, а техника (вид сверху) проводится на правой руке. (9:55, 10:36).

  23. bullshit. This will not work in unarmed streefight. Learn to run, avoid shady people, avoid shady areas, go in groups, learn how to use hidden weapons if you have to fight and quick win strategies

  24. Great Detail in the instruction, This looks much like Hankido or visa versa however you want to look at it.

  25. I reach some level in combat aikido and to me , as I learned, is to apply atemi before the proper technique. what aikido technique should you apply against a straight punch, hook and upper cut? most of the technique is more applicable against sword strike- from overhead and thrust. For the women, I believed that their mastery is in releasing away from hand hold and any restraining move to the body of a would be abductor or bully.

  26. Martial arts theater presented in the guise of reality……irresponsible. Aikido is great, exciusite, but it’s not effective in a combat sense. Proof is visible in the video – the guys attack slowly weakly – they have to. Aikido choreography takes two people to work. That’s not a bad thing. But a good high school wrestler Wails on high level aikido guys any day – they don’t cooperate in wrestling


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