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Super Food for Increasing Strength & Growing Muscle?!

Super Food for Increasing Strength & Growing Muscle?!

Hey, what’s up everyone? I’m coach haylie
and today I want to talk to you about one really simple, but awesome super food that’s going to help you increase your strength and build more muscle. So the food I
wanna talk to you about today it’s called “quinoa.” Quinoa is becoming more and more popular and for good reason, because it’s packed with nutrients it’s high in protein and it’s
just an all around awesome food and it tastes really good, too! So for those of you who
don’t know quinoa is actually a seed as opposed to a grain, like brown rice or
couscous, but they look very similar. So if you have any allergies to gluten:
you don’t even have to worry about it with quinoa, quinoa is completely gluten-free! The other really cool thing about quinoa is that it is a complete protein, meaning it has all the essential amino acids your body needs to build more muscle, increase your strength, and all that good stuff. Just one serving of quinoa provides over 24 grams of protein, a significant amount of iron, B-vitamins,
magnesium, and a ton of fiber. So as I said in the beginning: not only is it
good for building muscle but also just good for all around health. So it’s
important to look good, we all want to look good, but it’s also important to have
a healthy body; have a body that functioning well. Also there are over 100
varieties of quinoa, so you never have to worry about getting bored. So I want to
thank you all so much for watching! I hope this video has been helpful. If it has,
please give this video a thumbs up and let us know any comments that you have
down in the… haha nah… That was going smooth for a minute, but then it went downhill. Haha! Ok. I want thank you all so much for HAHA! I don’t know what to say!… I want to thank you all so much for watching if this videos been helpful to you please give it a thumbs up and share
with a friend, And I’ll see you all very soon! Peace out.

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100 thoughts on “Super Food for Increasing Strength & Growing Muscle?!

  1. Hi Shane… I am training at a new gym and we usually spar light once a week and heavier also once a week. What do you think of this approach??

  2. Why are people being aresholes? Just shut up and listen it doesnt matter whos telling u the info just as long as u benifet from it. OMFG .

  3. hey Shane can you please answer this question , is it true that boxing changes your face ? and if so, is it at a certain level or certain scenario that this happens ?

  4. Never heard of it. Where do you get this stuff? If it's a bunch of seeds–can't that be a problem getting lodged in one's intestines, causing polyps?

  5. hi i have a question , how do i train my head movement? i feel like thats a really big problem i have i dont dodge nor block . ty for your time 🙂

  6. some of these comments are just a slap to fightTIPS, don't click on the videos if your being a prick about and just leaving messed up comments.

  7. can somene answer this? i learned that protein from plants cant be used except with vitamin c or so.. is that true? pls with source

  8. sorry but quinoa is not food for the body, its hard to absorb. Eggs are good – meat lot fat(organic farming.why? cuz it has omega 3) , whey, cheese lot fat (casein), fish 😀 thats the food for build muscle.

  9. Shane, i'm 15 years and I'm willing to buy this. but wouldn't protein be bad for the development of my body since I'm 15?

  10. Great info, looking forward to more of these videos. Maybe some ideas for lunches that require a microwave but no access to stoves or pans at lunchtime? Unless this has been done already… Keep up the great work! ^^

  11. BITCH 109g carbs for only 24g protein FUCK YOU

  12. 1 Cup of Quinoa (cooked)
    39.4 grams of carbs
    3.6 grams of Fat
    8.1 grams of Protein

    I don't know where she is getting her nutrition facts. but going to the grocery store, and looking online I can't find anything close to what she is saying.

  13. Love the all around explanation of this super food that I've been beating so much about. Especially the breakdown of nutrient intake percentages and all shnaz. Cute bloopers too haha. Thanks coach Hailey

  14. What are other foods for getting stronger, I'm not as worried about looking good as much as I am getting stronger, I'm gonna join the Marine Corps after high school.

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