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Sweeps From Guard: MMA Techniques & Training : Basic Lockdown Sweep in MMA

Sweeps From Guard: MMA Techniques & Training : Basic Lockdown Sweep in MMA

Alright, in this clip we’re back in the Lockdown.
So we have the Lockdown. Usually what’s important with having the Lockdown is that I need the
Under Hook, but not for this particular one; alright. This time I can’t get the Under Hook
but I can get over, alright. Again to my side, alright. I’m posting on the mat right here,
alright. I’m getting to my side, alright. I’m posting on the mat right here, alright.
This foot actually slides down to the, instead of having right here; it slides down. So I
bring my leg out real quick that was between us and it come right back behind his knee.
Grab his wrist, pick the side and then kick right here. It’s a little hard to do in slow-mo
but it will be a lot better when I do it faster, alright. Play up the line. O.k. I can’t get
the Under Hook but I can get the Over Hook. I’m coming to the side; I’m popping out; right
here alright. This is another Lockdown variation, but this time I can’t get the Under Hook so
I get over and get my butt out. And this is another sweep I like to use.

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24 thoughts on “Sweeps From Guard: MMA Techniques & Training : Basic Lockdown Sweep in MMA

  1. at 0.31 secs when you brought your leg out and got into the dogfight position couldn't you just have escaped then? Wasn't it a bit risky going back on the bottom especially back to a position where he could have easily passed your guard?

  2. Also would it be that easy to get up on your side like that if your opponent was pushing his weight upon you? Your partner seemed very loose and wasn't putting any weight on you at all.

  3. Nice, it's like Eddie Bravo's "Twist Back" sweep, except without using double under-hooks and staying on your back(which I was unable to pull off). This looks like it will work well for me.

  4. You need to use the lockdown to life that leg off the ground. As you do that use your hands to attempt to lift you opponent towards your head. Scoot your butt out to the side as you do all those. It's called "The Whip Up" and if you need more info, look up Eddie Bravo as most of his half guard game he teaches is based off of this.

  5. how would it be impossible?? this is coming from a wrestler not a jiu jitsu practitioner you could easily take this guys back and go for a choke or transition to another submission

  6. someones not just going to keep all his weight off u like the guy in the green t shirt in this video ,someone that knows what there doing will dig a deep underhook and keep his chest on ur chest,the sweep in this video would be close to impossible to pull off against anyone who has trained even for 1 day,might work against a buddy that has never trained b4 but thats about it.

  7. well he really can't cause hes got the over hook and he would have to drop that but what you could do like if he was in half guard shrimp in and get the under hook and if he wizards and lets go just shoot your arm thumb to the head come to you side and elbow and then hop on to his back and if he want let you get in for the rear necked choke grab his wrist and turn his elbow to his head and thing swing you foot in the hole and turn over close gaurd and rean necked choke

  8. all of you saying he can just take his back are retards by taking an over hook you give the other guy an under hook and he will use that to push back into stopping you from taking his back but when pushing back into you he gives you this sweep.

    god damn retards have no concept of how and over and under hook works or how to use it STFU

  9. @snowshark84 I know right?! This technique looks great! Jits is awesome cuz its about transitions, if he doesn't give you that, go for the next thing, if not, go back and start over, eventually there's a crack.

  10. @thisfool89 they are forgetting that anybody who's worth a shit is not going to just let you take their fucking back! They're facing into you, if you went for his back you would lose the position in the 1st goddamn place. hahaha

  11. @np494609 damn retards think cuz they seen an mma fight or two they are experts obviously due to there lake of understanding how an over and under hooks work have never even been to a single wresting practice. GOD DAMN TARDS

  12. @thisfool89 next there going to say "why didn't he just do a gogoplata from the half gard geez these guys suck" once again the only thing i can say is FUCKING TARDS

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