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♪♪ This meal used to feed almost
like the whole community of boys. My son used to
have all their friends over. Their mom used to call the
house saying “It he at home?” I say “no, but he should be!” I’ll be back.
Don’t touch nothing. I’ve had people to call me
now being grown with their own children asked
me for the recipe. No, then I’ll have to kill you. ♪♪ Yeah, we’re going to
the kitchen right now. I think I smell
something good. Heard my mom was
coming today, so. ♪♪ Hello? How’s it going? Hey! How’s it going? I’m great! I’m good. I’m good. I thought I’d
take a time out and come and fix you
your favorite meal! Since you’ve been
on the go on the go. I have. I haven’t eaten
real food in awhile. I know! So I thought
I’d come and your favorite. And you know what that is! I sure do! Because I can see
everything. I see it all. You see the ingredients and
everything going on! Oh boy. Oh yeah. I just call it Mama’s Beef
Pie. We actually have our ground beef, we have the corn
and we have the vegetables. Once we do all that, then we
actually do a tomato base, but we actually put seasonings
in it to make it really, really good. And this is something
that I’m using, read that? Slap your Mama. Don’t ever try that. Not gonna do it.
This is gonna be terrible. [laughter] Because I’m doing, I’m
doing a cleanse right now. I’m not allowed to eat,
but I might have to break that real
quick. I don’t know. Proud of you. Stronger every day. [laughter] What does the
cleanse consist of? How do you go about
doing it? What is it? It’s just liquid.
It’s just liquid. No intake of solid foods or
anything like that is literally all I can have all day is
water and coconut water. No sex, so that’s been weird. What? Yeah, it’s been very terrible. I couldn’t do that fast. It’s um, it’s um.
Gross. What? Right now I’m actually getting
ready to chop up the vegetables to go in the dish because of the
fact that when you making it, the ground beef is really good.
But when you put bell peppers and onions with it, it brings
out the flavor! That flavor! Yes, it bring out that flavor. Oh, this meal is important to
me because I, uh, you know, grew up the whole family household,
everybody always gathered around for dinner. Nobody, you know,
took their food in their rooms or anything like that. And this
is a real nostalgic meal for me. Like when you, when you think
back to how you grew up and things like that, most of
the things you think of is the food you ate. I
mean it’s important to me because it just takes me
back to humble beginnings, which I’m always a fan of. I’m
always going to pay attention to because this is
what you need in life, you know, once you
get as big as I am. Uh, career wise and
size wise, you know. You’re not that big. Not anymore! Not with that
cleanse! Come on. [laughter] Okay. Now what I’m getting
ready to do is I’m actually getting ready to brown the
ground beef, I actually put the ground beef in. Right now
what I’m gonna do is I’m going to add the seasonings
to this, and I have to watch myself because I’m heavy
handed. And that’s chili powder. Oh my God, that
smells so good. This was the worst
scheduling of all time. This is the garlic powder
[T-Pain chuckles] and the oregano! I just added the onions
and bell peppers, because the ground
beef is pretty much ready. One day I was coming home and
on the side of the road, this guy was selling toys and I
stopped by and he had this little, this little piano
and it was like $5. And he said, “oh, I give it to
you if you buy it, and batteries.” I say, “I’m not
buying a battery.” So he gave it to me free. I
ain’t buying no batteries! I bought the lil keyboard and I
took it home, and sure enough, I gave it to Faheem and he was,
he went in that room and he came back out and being
Muslims, we didn’t celebrate Christmas. He came
back out and he played Jingle Bells for his daddy. Sure did! So daddy was like, “hold up!
Where did that come from?” “You know we don’t do that!”
You know, whatever. “Go get another song.” So he went back in, he
came back with Silent Night! That Silent Night
was solid, though! Oh, it was solid. It was like a trap version. Yeah it was! And we got in a
recording studio because he was actually going to a
studio and they actually was using him to sell beats to
people that was actually in the music industry. Yeah. So he
came home crying one day and he was upset. So we,
being the parents we were, we were like, “don’t worry
about them, we’ll get you your own stuff! You don’t
got to go back down there!” And there it was! It was a thug cry. It was a
thug cry. It wasn’t like a hard cry. It was just a few tears.
Know what I’m saying? Buckled up a little bit,
it was a thug cry. Wasn’t hard.
You know? Mmm hmm. Yeah, just move on to that. Mmm hmm. It was a
hard cry, it took my soul! I’m a thug, it was because
I wanted to fight. That’s what it was! Oh my God. I’m dying. I loved it. It didn’t matter
to me. We built our house, made the soundproof. What’s this now? Now we’re going to
actually drain the beef, because now you can’t have all
of the fat in the meal, right? So you got to drain it! Oh jesus, look at all that. Drain it! See? I’m gonna have to read all of
the guidelines of this diet one more time. Seems
like all the stuff I want. Because once I drain
the actual liquid and fat off of the beef. See
how it’s dripping? Are you sure this is
a part of this? I’ve been doing this
since you was born. Oh my goodness. We’re going to go ahead
and add the corn to this. And the corn actually
brings out the sweetness of the ground beef. So… It sure does. What we’re going to do is
we’re going to actually add in the tomato sauce. And now the
only thing that we’re going to actually add as far as seasoning
to this would be the Slap Your Mama so it could have the spice
to it, but it should actually have a blend already
from the ground beef. So we’re gonna actually
make the cornbread and I’m gonna let,
since he used to do it when he was small, I’mma
have him go down memory lane. So I guess the first thing we’re
going to do is we’re going to actually open up the packages. Okay! That’s important. Important. Boom. Like nothing. Like here. There. I would eat this right now.
Just exactly like it is. Put a stick of butter
in there. Whole thing? The whole thing. That’s cholesterol right here. There you go. Dump it. I hate the feeling of butter. You’re gonna dump it.
There you go. And then we’re going to
do a half a cup of sugar. I was going to lick it,
is the problem. [laughter]
Don’t lick it. Just dump the whole? Just dump the
whole thing. Okay! Oh, look at that. Then we’re
going to actually put the milk in. And you’re going to mix it. There you go.
There you go! Ahh! Don’t be scared. Alright. Complete actual torture. Oh boy. There we go! I’ve seen this on TV before! I think my style came from
a few different places. I mean it’s ultimately
came from Tallahassee and just different experiences
and things like that. But mostly it came
from my dad. That, that helped
out a lot, but you know, it, it was always music around me
and all my friends wanted to be rappers. Obviously
everybody wanted to be rappers. And I think that’s what drew me
to singing how I do now, because everybody in Tallahassee
was doing the same thing. It was always, everybody
wanted to be rappers, everybody want to rap
about the same stuff. So I figured I’ll switch it up.
Being a singer was also considered
being soft, so it was like, if you wasn’t a gangster rapper
and you wasn’t rapping about smoking and drinking
and killing, then you weren’t an artist. And so I took that
big risk to be different and I just wanted to do
something different from everybody else. And I mean
my sound just came from all of that. Just all
that influence. There was a lot. Alright! He did a great job!
It looks like cornbread. He did better than me.
Pour this on top. Mm, mm mm mm. That looks good, don’t it? Yes. That looks amazing. This is it. This is
the famous beef pie. So now what we do is we
actually stick it in the oven and we let it bake
until the cornbread is completely brown and done. Okay. Well this is
the finished product and it comes out like this. Perfect. Voila! I used to pretty much
ask for this every night. This was my favorite dish and
I would always tell people when they come to my house
and they want food, I would say, look, I got, I
got four favorite dishes and I hope you like Tilapia
because that’s three of ’em. Watch this shit because this
is the part that, oh. Mmm. And this is the part that
makes it worth it. That cornbread starts
sopping up that juice. Oh it’s, I mean, it’s it’s… Well. I’m proud of you for
what you’re doing really. As far as you know, trying to
build your energy up and keep your head straight
and stuff of this nature. I would definitely
come back and fix that for you after your seven
days. So let me know. Everything came out pretty good.
Tastes okay, and I’ll taste it. I’ll take your word
for it. Hoo! So on my way over, well before
I thought about coming over and fixing your memorable meal,
I’ve thought about some pictures I have, and I thought I’ll
pull some out. I say, “You’re going to get
a kick out of these.” Oh my goodness, I haven’t
seen any of these in so long. For sure.
Three days old. Good lord. Good lord. That was special. That is something else. Remember that one? [T-Pain laughs uproariously]
I wanted to do this so bad. Remember that? We never could
figure out how you did that. Oh my goodness.
That is so funny. You robbing you. That is too funny. First wrapped bus! Oh man, I’m scanning all
these. Oh, that’s so crazy. Oh my God. I didn’t know,
I don’t have pictures of any of this stuff. Oh! Oh! Look at the baby! I was dark! Two days later, it was like
they switched babies on me! I had bells on the shoes. You know, just a couple
of pictures I’ve thought I bring by and you know,
you did good. You did good. I tried. You’ve been doing good. To
think that you came from here, to [sings]. But you did good
and your family’s proud of, you know, we do.
We love you to death. I appreciate it. I pray for you every night,
keep you safe. Make sure you’re happy, that’s all that’s
important to me is that you be happy in whatever you’re doing, It’s working. It is working.
I appreciate it. I see the progress. Hey,
like Nick Cannon told Kanye West today, “I’m glad you’re not in
that sunken place, brother.” [laughter]

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