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Taboo Official Trailer (HD) Tom Hardy (Season 1) FX TV Drama

Taboo Official Trailer (HD) Tom Hardy (Season 1) FX TV Drama

Scott Free
Hardy, Son & Baker I attended Mr. Delaney’s
funeral and a ghost appeared. A son we all thought dead in Africa. James Keziah Delaney. an FX Original Event You will see, Delaney!
This legacy is your death sentence. From Tom Hardy. I would guess that confidence allowed
his true savage nature and mother’s madness to emerge. and Ridley Scott – You look the same.
– I’m not. I have sworn that I will do very,
very foolish things. What things? Who exactly is it, that wants you dead? Is it the East India Company, or the King? The East India Company doesn’t ask twice. Oh, the Leviathan of the Sea.. The beast with a million eyes and a million ears.. Conquest, rape and plunder. And I do know the evil, that you do. Because I was once part of it. ♪ Tense instrumental music ♪ ♪ ♪ I am a very dangerous man to know. Taboo Coming FX #TabooFX

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100 thoughts on “Taboo Official Trailer (HD) Tom Hardy (Season 1) FX TV Drama

  1. "You send me 12 men I will return you 12 sets of testicles in a bag and we can watch your little whores devour them together" – James Delaney

    This miniseries has some funny parts xD

  2. watch it and towards the end I fell asleep, but probably cuz it was late and I was tired. HARDY is a good actor and this show looks interesting…will watch next episode. …

  3. I began to doubt about how good is this series in the second episode. That bitch appears and one assassin manages to stab him. He supposed to be superhuman. They are going to ruin it just like Penny Dreadful. Unless it is HBO do not waste your time.

  4. i love it, tom hardy ripping assasin's neck out with his teeth ,getting his kit off loads of cameo's from great actors great music and camera work what's not to like?

  5. Jesus you know how hard it is to find "Taboo clip" or Taboo show on the innernet or youtube
    fucking pron go away already, even the devil is tired of you

  6. I'm watching it right now. It's really really annoying how historically inaccurate it is. I know it's just a TV programme – but I love how the British government and monarchy are portrayed as the villians. Yet they forget that the war against the United States was jpartly about stopping slavery. The United States meanwhile was committing wholesale genoicde against the Native Americans and the blacks. The British government are the heroes, the United States are the colonialist villains. And don't forget, with their war of independence, they had the help of the French, so the myth of the brave US farmers up against the might of the British empire is a gigantic lie. The US in fact hasn't won any major battles on its own, e.g. Viet Nam. But how they twist history for their own sick means. Never trust a word that comes out of the United States. Their 'news' providers, academics, military and media are liars. Lies stip of their tongues as easily as honey. Hitler used the same techniques. Of course, I don't refer to ordinary people from the United States. To know that the US is once more spreading its lies is spoling the whole story for me. Taboo is yet another tool of US indoctrination.

  7. PS for example, they have a little girl who just happens to be black. She says she wants to go to America. 'America' could be Canada, Mexico, Brazil but we have to assume that it refers to the United States, even though the US is only a small part of the American continent. And why would she want to go to a country with slavery? Many blacks were more keen to get to Britain, a fact De Lany conveniently leaves out. Look up the abolitionist William Wilberforce for the truth – and make sure you avoide any US 'academic' because of their bias. The UK was and is a force of good. The US was and is a force of evil. Of course, I speak generally – no country is all good and no country is all bad.

  8. PPS if my source is correct, the British government abolished any future slavery in 1807. It abolished all slavery in 1833.

  9. Where has the first part of my criticism against the US government gone? When I first posted, they were all together and made reasonable sense. Now the last two are all over the place and my first post has vanished. Well, all our media is now owned by the US, isn't it, including YouTube. In my first comment, I said that overall, I've always viewed the US government, media, miliarty, entertainment to be a sinister and the UK government overall to be the good guys, unlike as portrayed in Taboo, which I've since stopped watching. For example, in the period depicted, the British navy was stopping US slave ships, the US were practising wholesale genocide against the Native Americans and practising slavery. So the US shouldn't criticise Russia for distorting the truth in their movies as the US so often does the same. Never trust anything that comes out of the US, like that movie that claims the US found the enigma machine in WW2 when it was really the British.

  10. GHOST NUMBER 1 – It looks exactly the same as his mum with the Black hair, Black eyes, long nose, White face, prominent neck muscles etc. in episode 1. GHOST NUMBER 2 – There's a clearer ghost of his dad in episode 2 on the ship GHOST NUMBER 3 – The ghost of the tribal/soot covered James Delaney himself at 28:35 on episode 6. I remember seeing it at the
    time but totally forgot about it. Looks like his spirit was busy spying on the traitor farmer. GHOST NUMBER 4 –
    Another ghost of his mum in episode 7 at 44:27 (in the top left behind the guard) when he's in the torture chamber when Jason Watkins starts walking round the back of the chair, which just like the other ghosts only appears in 1 shot. There has to be more we've missed in the other episodes.

  11. One of the best series out there. Very clever, strategic and manipulative.
    A series which if you watch for a second time, you will still find things that alluded you,
    because it lets you figure out some of the happenings on your own.

  12. One of the best series of the last years. Can't wait for the second season and – i hope – a ending. I hate when they milk TV series.

  13. Eine professionell gemachte Mixtur aus "Breaking Bad", "Gangs of New York" und "Graf von Monte Christo"

  14. estou viciado nesta série,espero que tenha um final
    algumas séries não tiveram final por falta de audiências ou por outra razão qualquer

  15. i really dont understand what a fuck is this series i think to see zombie or vampire but are just few second of the trailer i font know

  16. Hell yeah effing right Tom's sexy ass is the main character in this hell yeah I'm watching every day…Love you Tom

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  25. United India Before east India Company 25% of world's GDP
    When Britishers left it was one of most poorest regions in the world.

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  27. 😨 I just Watched the second episode of this the guy just ripped some guys throat out with his teeth like Rick did in the walking dead 😅

  28. James K. Delaney one hell of a character ruthless and unrelenting as they come. Season 1 was a trip can't wait for season 2 to get here. Tom Hardy was wickedly good!

  29. This is top television from top to bottom. Tom Hardy is amazing in this sumptuous period piece scattered with amazing actors across the board. I love everything about this series, from the mucky dirty English air to the caked on make up of the aristocrats. It’s one of Hardy’s very best performances and happy to see him on the producer’s side with his father. I look forward to season 2…is it happening?

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