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Tai Chi vs MMA (Who is nicer?)

Tai Chi vs MMA (Who is nicer?)

Now this is a wonderful demonstration of what I love about martial arts and martial artists. I was at the mixed
martial arts Expo in Toronto and I was scheduled to do a demonstration on a Sunday morning and my students, who were going to help me out with a demonstration, were
unable to make it. So, the martial arts school in front of
me, “Lanna MMA and Kickboxing,” they were doing a demonstration ahead of me and were planning to quit when my turn came along
and I just said, “Well, I don’t have any students to demonstrate on. So, you folks may as well just continue and do the demonstration.”; and the chief
instructor there said, “Well, would you like to moral one of
my students?” I said, “Well that would be very kind
of you! “Are you sure that’s okay?” He said, “Sure” and he just pointed to one of his senior students and said, “You’re learning Tai chi. Get out on the mat.” Now, I have never
trained with this particular club. I’ve seen them do their demonstrations but
I’ve never visited their school I’m and not a kickboxer myself. I didn’t know much about their
lineage and they didn’t know much about me. But they though enough of me to respect why I was there and what I was
doing. and if you watch, this is the second
demonstration we did that day. This is one of the assistant instructors from Lanna MMA and look at how good-natured he is and so very nice and relaxed. He gives a really good honest
application and its at no point does he let his ego get in the way. At no point does he worry about whether
or not he could kick my butt. Instead he just make sure that he gives me the opportunity to demonstrate
my skill. and without trying too hard to make me look bad. In fact, he makes me look pretty good in a couple
places. There is something about martial arts.
You find that the more skill that people have the
better they get and the better quality of skill that you
find at a martial arts studio or martial arts
school…. the nicer the people are. In fact, you can
judge the quality a school’s martial
arts by the character of their students and by
the personalities of the instructors. Because nobody who has
anything worth teaching is going to waste their time teaching
somebody who is it worth it. Nobody is going to
waste their time teaching a jerk. Not only that, but in order to master
martial arts you need to master yourself. This is
not just and idealistic principle this is a very
practical thing. Every time there’s a thought there’s an
emotion. every time there’s an emotion there is a physical response. So, people who master martial arts have to work through their own “stuff.” So,
there’s no room for fear, hatred, or anger, ego, or anything on the floor. Everyone has to be paying
very close attention to very fine details and constantly respecting their training
partner, because if you break your partner, you don’t get another one. So, here’s a fine example a really obviously a wonderful martial arts
school. Now I didn’t know much about them until I did these demos.
I just seen them do their demonstration in the past. So, when I finally got around to checking
out who these people were who very kindly
volunteered to help me out with my demonstration, I found out that the chief instructor,
Kru Mel Bellissimo, trained in Thailand with a very famous
Muay Thai master named, and I’ll see if I can
say this properly, Ajahn Burklerk Pinsinchai. Now, he is referred to as the Mohammed Ali of Muay Thai. So, my point is that these very nice people could have shown me up very easily and I certainly wouldn’t want to
get into the ring with any of them and yet here you would think that I was some great martial arts master just
because all the way to they’re helping me out with this
demonstration so it bears my point. The better a martial arts
school – the nicer the people, and the higher the level of skill – the nicer the personalities of the

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100 thoughts on “Tai Chi vs MMA (Who is nicer?)

  1. This is sweet.
    I have done Aikido for many years and see Tai Chi as a sister martial art.

    And I wholy agree with the philosophy of what you were saying.

    Good Demo, too.

  2. Great demo. Tai chi is an amazing art. Many people look down on this art just because how 'soft' it looks. Ego is indeed the biggest enemy of martial artist. Many people boast and insult other arts just to recruit more students.

  3. perfect. says it all really, about us martial art people. just the kinda vid i wanted to find searching for something to help me explain my love for tai chi to my friends.

  4. I've been scrolling down through the comments and I'm surprised to see no (and do forgive me) comments from some of the mma community that think that mma is the be all and end all. Very strange especially on YouTube were everyone is an expert. Lol

  5. Wow. That was fun to watch. And it is very difficult to be the receiver of this treatment, nice or not. The man handles it well.

  6. I wholeheartedly agree with what you say, although my MA of choice is different (bjj) I respect other arts as long they lead you to work on your character, skills and provide a path to happier and more meaningful life

  7. This is one of the best martial arts videos i've seen on youtube and yes
    you demonstrate true martial arts in your physical and in your
    character – I am a fellow martial arts practitioner and teacher and i am
    amazed at your skill – I mainly practice wing chun and also do some
    basic taiji and ba gua and other stuff. I just want to say I support you
    and always keep it up well done

  8. I like the tone of this but I don't believe that those techniques work at real speed, in real time or against a determined person. It does demonstrate the techniques well. It was nice, tho. You make a very fine point.

  9. I have been learning Tai Chi Yang Long style for about 7 months now and I want to learn how it can be applied to self-defence. I know that the key principles are being developed but how can I train to actually make my Tai Chi able to defend me?

  10. "You can judge a martial arts school by the character of its students."

    Martial Arts is supposed to make you a better person. It's not just for training you in techniques.

  11. The tai chi master is very good, but the only way to know if these techniques is gonna work is putting the helmet on and fighting, only then will be proved.

  12. I studied under Master Phil Selmon in Tempe AZ. Such a nice guy! I really love what you said about people who master their martial arts. The people whom I have met who have been fantastic students and fantastic instructors, all of them were very kind, generous and wonderful people. The nicest guys you'd never want to mess with!!! But your form looks so beautiful by the way!!!

  13. Interesting philosophy, but I think it almost goes without saying "not all" applies here. There are dangerous people out there that aren't just dangerous for their intentions, but also what they've learned. I do agree it is easier to teach someone with humility, but remember with great power comes great responsibility because power can corrupt. Martial artists are no exception.

  14. My mom sent me to a Kyokushin school when I was 7. That lasted 2 months. All my life growing up I wished I would have continued. At 30 I joined a Taekwondo school but by that time I had contracted MS which disables me from most physical activities. That lasted just a few months too. Now at 35 i've joined a Taichi school learning yang style (less aggressive). It's been two months and i'm loving it so far. I hope i'm able to continue this for a while.

    In my teens I was one of the best at Street Fighter (arcade game) in my neighbourhood. I was so good that playing against most people was super boring. I used to seek out good opponents. The weaklings I wouldn't even bother with, or I would often let them win. I believe it is the same case with real martial arts. The better you get the less you seek out conflict and the humbler you get. This video is proof of that. Thanks Ian.

  15. I'm glad real martial arts still exist .. It's a way of life bringing mind soul n body as one n being the best person you can be and expressing one self and much more .. These days are too many punks with no respect

  16. Abi bu kadar artislik yapıyorlar Sonra gerçek bir dövüşçünün karşısına çıktıklarında dayağı yiyorlar  ben anlamadım bu  işi.Kaçtane maç izlediysem mma cılar  jiu jitsucular judocular muaythaiciler dövüyorlar bunları .

  17. You know he was working with the guy in fun and sport. There was no "I'm going to make you look bad" or anything. This dude just worked with him and just probably enjoyed helping that cat out.

  18. It was very nice to find your video, I like your philosophy and your humbling way of thinking about other martial artists.
    I do practice Thai Chi but I am a beginner, I am 46 year old and I feel optimist that I can reach my goal of achieve my master back level still in one piece.
    Thank you

  19. I have a book written by the gentleman who assisted you! He is a very knowledgeable and experienced Muay Thai(formerly) fighter and now teacher. AWESOME story!

  20. Dear Mr Ian , I dont want to tell you your techniques are good or no, but if you want to see for yourself go to a boxing Wrestling bjj or mma gym and spar wirh some skilled NOT COMPLYING fighters. What you show in this video is like a sparring with a boxer who will hold his fist after a jab for one second…is ridiculous. All this videos with complying partners are just funny. These videos do not exist in boxing or Wrestling because they will be just funny. I myself practiced Wrestling and went to a bjj gym…I slammed some guys but got chocked in the end…The efficency of a martial art should be measured in real sparring…real sparring des not mean the violence of real fight or match but one non complying partner who strikes back and is not there to please your ego…with a boxer you will see he is not holding the jab there waiting for you to make the takedown

  21. Awesome vid, none of that "My martial art is better than yours" crap, just two martial artists respecting each other humbly

  22. ohh this is so cool, tai chi is so heatless I mean it a good way, I always wanted to learn but it was too expensive for me :S

  23. Yea I give it up to this MMA School they showed alot of class ,very honorable and respectful.

  24. Vorrei vedere che fine fa quel lottatore di mma contro questo di tai chi!!!! Hanno voluto fare pubblicità all'arte mma mettendo un maestro che non aveva la prontezza che ha questo lottatore!!!

  25. Please commentate on more material arts , we like your approach and voice is nice to listen to and no ego , may be you could make vids that have nothing to do with wow he gets knocked out and so on but a more calming approach like this one I would watch them mate

  26. Great deal of respect for one another . No ego, no trying to be better than the instructor. You can tell the instructor is a good person
    . Thanks for the video

  27. This is great but this isn't a real application of mms. I get what they are doing but this will give ppl an unreal expectation of tai chi


  29. SUBBED. Great video, even greater message. You can judge the quality of a school's Martial Arts by the Character of their students. Damn straight.

  30. Love your work. Should have more exange like it. I think it's part of what is missing with chinese boxing (internal and external style).

  31. In a pure MMA fight with UFC rules, a taiji (tai chi) practitioner is going to have problems, as taiji and modern MMA have two completely different purposes. MMA is pure fighting to win, while taiji is so much more than that, and is generally taught very theoretically with very little practical application in a real situation, whereas MMA is a sport where fighters are tested in real fights all the time.

    The MMA fighters are simply more practically experienced in actual fighting, whereas taiji pracitioners are much more theoretically skilled (most of the time). I do not, like many people, believe that taiji is "trash" compared to MMA. It's just that taiji will need to adapt to the rules and situations of the MMA cage, and will have to adopt some things from MMA in order to be fully effective. Also, the taiji practitioner would need experience against real fighters with real sparring and fighting before being effective.

    So it's great to see and hear videos like this where you talk about these things. People very quickly jump to defending or boasting about "their" chosen martial arts, where I on the other hand believe that most, if not all, martial arts have something to bring to the table in a real fight. It's just that eastern martial arts are more esoteric and theoretical compared to MMA which is very hands on and requires actual fighting experience to succeed in. That's where I think the disconnect comes from and why people think taiji "sucks". Such as that taiji master who got knocked out in 10 seconds. He was not expecting the style that MMA fighters use. The overly aggressive, in your face, flurry of attacks kind of style. He was not prepared for that.

    Give that master a few months to practice and spar with MMA fighters and he would've adapted his style to the MMA style, and he would've been able to compete.

  32. I love the wonderful demonstration of Buddha's Warrior Attendant Pounds Mortar @ 1:20 minutes in. I do that movement everyday in taolu but this is the first time I've seen a clear demo of it in "action". Thanks so much Ian!

  33. Hi Ian, I've been watching your videos for about a month or so now, and I'd like to wholeheartedly thank you for sharing your teaching. My background isn't in tai chi, however I have already picked up some fantastic insights from you for my own practise… little gems that are just waiting to be found! I really appreciate the humility and humour you bring too! "Peace is power"… I couldn't agree more! 🙏

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