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Taxifahrer gegen einen professionellen Chirurgen! Bekämpfe MMA!

Taxifahrer gegen einen professionellen Chirurgen! Bekämpfe MMA!

Heavy weight! A super fight This guy drove 700 km from Moscow to St Petersburgh With his friends. He is a usual driver Applaud him A convenient man who decided to show himself A guy against him….It’s not gust a guy Rustam from Moscow, a professional surgeon with 14-years experience Applaud him. He came by the train It’s a star fight of men who hold our country in their hands A driver and a surgeon Soon we’ll see that doctors can not only treat but also cripple To the center How is your feelings? Tell us Why did you tore a T-shirt of that man? That was not good Look at camera and tell everything My feelings are good I see STRELKA as a good training I wanna go here to train And become better each time become stronger We’ve heard a lot of Armenian songs here. Can mousy smh in Latin? Dura Lex Sed Lex The rule is absolute. And it’s absolute for everybody So your way was all not in vain? Good evening Thank everyone to come here Thank organisers to make such fights Everybody wants to test himself This is sport The one who is stronger have to win Good luck to all fighters Well done. That’s a great fight

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15 thoughts on “Taxifahrer gegen einen professionellen Chirurgen! Bekämpfe MMA!

  1. Все бы хорошо, но как будто я в селе с нагайцем дерусь, орут хрень.

  2. Врач думал авторитетом задавить,но что то пошло не так

  3. черный за весь бой ударил ОДИН раз! ногой в конце боя.
    зачем выходил?.. хз…

  4. Зачем эти чуды бойцовскую экипировку ещё покупают, осспади. Ну дятел-дятлом. Я всё понимаю-показать себя итд. Но ты же ска ноль нулевый. Берегите себя.

  5. хирургу надо было со скальпелем выйти!тогда б хоть какой то шанс был не проиграть!)

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