TEACHING THE BASICS | Dont Starve Together #1 w/Robin

*W’PSH* Top o’ the mornin to ya laddies! My name is jacksepticeye And welcome – I guess, back – to Don’t Starve! But this time it’s Don’t Starve Together and I got a little friendo! (silence) On we go! *laughter* He doesn’t talk! um, so… Robin: “I got a friend!” SILENCE *laughter* Silence is my friend. So, to preface this, Robin has never played Don’t Starve ever. Robin: That’s true! *spotty audio* Jack: And… *laughs* As you can see, as he’s just runnin’ around me and I’m terrible at Don’t Starve so… We’ll just say that I haven’t played it ever! Robin: So, we’re just gonna assume that we WILL starve. Jack: Yeah. So, first things first. Well, I – I keep playing this as if I’m – I’m playing it the way I’ve always played it which is, first things first, is to find Beefalo.
Robin: Beef–? Jack: But I don’t know if some sort of other meta came up and now people are like “No, that’s the OLD way of playing the game well!” Robin: I’m just gonna get grass ’cause that seems like a manageable task for me. Jack: Yeah. Well, the reason you get beefalo – they’re like the big bison-lookin’ dudes because if you get near them, then they can keep you warm, and they have wool that you can craft stuff out of when winter comes, cause winter –
Robin: Are they aggressive? Jack: Winter’s gonna fuck you up! No.
Robin: Okay Jack: Well, they are during mating season, but normally they’re not. Robin: They’re not aggressive, they’re just frisky! Jack: Yeah! Robin: Hey, I got flint! Is that good?
Jack: They just… they just wanna get inside some booter holes! – Yes! FLINT lets you craft your weapons! and you’re…. Robin: Hey, there’s a suspicious marble here You’re on your own with that one! I’ve never found a suspicious marble. *laughs* Pick it up! Eat it! Lick it! Robin: I – Oh! It’s on my back!
Jack: Did you just –? Wh-what?? Robin: Wha – What do I do? I don’t know! I’ve never seen this before! *laughs* Robin: I’m so slow now! Can you drop it? Robin: I – Oh! Hello! Hi!
Robin: How do you say hi? Cause – If I click on you I say hi. Robin: I dropped it. “Suspicious marble”… *Robin laughs* That’s like a skull! Robin: Like half a dude! I dunno. *spotty audio*
Jack: Yeah! Um, don’t go inside worm holes! Robin: Hey, it’s like Astroneer all over again! Can I push you in? *laughs* No, fuck you! Robin: Aw *laughs* Robin: Don’t go near that! It’s bees! I know it’s bees! I’m gettin’ the FLOWERS
Robin: What happens if I go near it? Robin: I’mma examine it. DON’T! You get STUNG by the BEES! and then you be like Nicholas Cage! Robin: I – just says it’s – it’s buzzing with activity Robin: Aw, every time you examine a beehive, you gotta watch the entire Bee Movie *laughs* Oh god Robin: We’re gonna edit that into the video Every time they say “bees” the entire Bee Movie plays …and every time, in the BEE MOVIE they say “BEES” it speeds up ( yup! ) You run fassster, by the way, when you’re on the road ( oh.) boing boing boing boing boing boing boing~ ( Ooh! It’s true!) uh oh… uh oh…. okay okay ( I told you!) Stick with me !! ( How did you dooo dat? ) I made fire on the left! ( How did you?…what! ) Click the fire icon on the left !! …and then go down …and see a torch! ( OH. WOW! ) see? You got one too! ( yeah!) now we’re like Bear Grills in the middle of the winder-ler-wilderness ( yeah. …..? We’re gonna find King Lousie an… ) BEEFALO!!! ( OOO! ayeee! der he is ! ) Okay! This is a good place for base camp. But not too close cause they’ll-they’ll fuck us up so… ( but you said they weren’t… ) ( … dangerrrrous?! D: ) YEAH! if you attack them !! They will fuck you up!! ( Can I pick up his poo? ) ye… we-that’s actually like one of the most valuable assets in the game ( WOAH! I PUT IT ON FIRE!!!!! help. ) DID YOU LIGHT THE POOP ON FIRE ?! ( maybe…) BUT WE NEEEED THE POO !!! ( okay.) awww, now I.. ewww nasty but useful ( hey here’s another one though! ) Donnn’t light it on fire.. GOOD DAY TO YOU, Boopa Doopa. HEEEELLLO there! ( woah. that was a short night!) yeah the nights are pretty short. WELL I could’ve…. …We could make our own servers as well… …were the nights are like.. non-existent basically… BUT that’s-that’s boring and lame. ( no that’s … ) ( how do I put away my fire…? ) Right click on it! In your bottom bar. ( my botttomm bar? ) *not so adorable laughter!* Manure is GOOD because it let’s us fertilize stuff! ( I assume so. Yes. ) Auhmm. ( Do we kill one these, eat them? ) Noooooohooooo! ( awww.) THEY’RE REALLY REALLY VALUABLE ( k.. ) CUZ eventually….. …Houuunds are gonna get us! ( Oh yeaaah! I’ve seen those. Yes. ) And if you-if you… bring Hounds to the-the Beefalo. the Beefalo will kill them! so, (ohh~ that’s nice) we should- I’m gonna make a base like down here next to the road (okay) (okay) even though i have nothing actually to make a base with so uhh (we could make a base with poo) *laughter* (I have poo) I have two poo (he-yeah) I need to make a fire. What do I need? uhh.. wood! (you just made a fire a before, you idiot!) no, real fire! shit there are no trees around (look you can axe my face) ow *laughter* so I need to go, get some logs (okay, what do i do?) uhm.. keep get er-gathering grass and twigs ’cause they.. make.. uh traps! and the little holes on the ground, we could put traps over them and we get rabbit meat (ohh yeah!! okay good) it’s like survival! there is a lot of fucking residdy rabbits over here (I see one!) (*gasp* can I get it?) you can try.. (*weird sounds* uh no no!) *inaudible sounds* to be successful (dont.. i’m so close though! pick it up pick it up pick it up) YOU’RE NOT GETTING IT! I can tell already that it’s not workin’. ( how did you know?) because I’m smart and brain! (ohh) and you’re dumb! *laugh* (could’ve fooled me) that’s the.. that’s the main contributing factors that I know how dumb you are *laughter* (noouu..aww..) oh by the way! (I came here to have a good time) (what?) if you.. if you like, knock down a tree, you get like three things.. so instead of clicking on everything you could just hold space and she uh-like your character like all would pick up everything near you (ohh okay) so if you’re around a bunch of grass, it’ll work as well just let- just let Willow go out and do all the work and you just stay home and make yourself a nice.. cocktail. okay? (okay.) (I”ll make a uh bunny and poop cocktail ’cause that’s all I have) ehehe-eww.. wait, did you get the rabbit? (no..) haha! I knew you were dumb. (I keep them as company) (We are equals..) *giggle* If you were equal with a rabbit, I dont think that there’s much about you (It’s a good thing.. I’m one with nature.) (hey!) hi~! If you press “M”, can you see like, all the map that I uncovered on the right? (I can’t see that. I can only see the what I’ve uncovered myself) Woah~ look at all the bee stuff on the map in the right! Okay, do you have any flint? (yes) Can I have flint? (Where are you?) I’m back over here. (I don’t know where ‘here’ is) (I’m’re there) ahaha.. that’s very true wait, does it show you? fuck It’s really easy to lose each other! (I know, right? I’m going down on the path) uh-oh. (passed all the rabbits) I think we might.. I think we might be on a different path Ohh you’re on the- I was on the right side of the path. You’re on the left side Well.. (there’s a right side?) yup. I should be able to see like an icon pointing to wherever the fuck you are (there you go~!) heyyyy (hiii~!) hiiiii (okay wait, how- nonononono.. flint.) can you drop it? (ha! I give it.) ugh, there’s only one dammit. (well, sorry. Geez.) I need more flint It’s okay, man! I don’t hold you accountable (I’m going back to my bunnies.) (They appreciate me.) y-you shouldn’t waste your fire! It’s not dark yet (I’m not wasting fire!) (I’m wasting manure by setting it on fire) (OW! I’m on fire) DONT WASTE THE MANURE! We really need that. That’s for our farming needs.. (But there’s manure all over the place) I know, but eventually they might stop pooping And then, what are we gonna do? (I’ll poop. Don’t worry about it!) haha.. FLINT! yes. Flint Michigan (Flint Lockwood!) (Okay, where do we-did you put up any sort of base at all?) No. (okay, good.) You should be able to see that on the map whenever I do it (Ohh) I’m just making sure I have- I need to get flint ’cause I need to make a good fire I can make a fire but I need.. like, rocks To make a fire that lasts long It’s funny cos I needed flint to make a pickaxe to knock down rocks to get more flint (that irony lmao) SCIENCE! *giggling* AH SHIT I NEED 6 MORE ROCKS FUCKK iTHOUGHT I haD enOUGH IT’S NEVER ENOUGH! :'(((( (Man, don’t let the rocks control you.) (You gotta be-you gotta be the master of the rocks) I got this, don’t worry. (The boulder got this…..) Huh. The boullllder is over his emotions… (What’s flowers for? other than…being-) Uh. You can craft…a hat, out of them? A garland? (Whoa!)
Like a tumbler flower crown!

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