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Teen on life support after fight outside middle school

Teen on life support after fight outside middle school

I can see these girls kicking her tonight Wow grief heartbreak and anger strikes a mother unexpectedly Mamie Jackson is talking about this video her daughter cash-flow Francis in a brutal fight this was Thursday down the street from addicts middle school they had just been released the video you hear laughing as she lies on the ground taking several blows to the head 13 her mother says she arrived home after the fight with a bruise on her face but cash allah insisted she wasn’t badly hurt she kept saying like I’m fine Saturday her mother says cash flow was at a family member’s house another family member says cash flow appeared delusional for a moment but things got back to normal my Sunday things would change again mammy tells me her daughter was weak and complained of a headache and she told me I thought to get up get up kissing she kept saying mama my head hurt so she laid down that was the last time she saw her daughter’s eyes closed by the time first responders arrived she was unconscious they rushed her to Texas Children’s Hospital we found out she had a large tumor in the back of her head and she had fluid buildup in her brain the tumor unbeknownst to the family before doctors discovered it Sunday and now her mother wonders how the other issues arose the fluid buildup on her brain all I know is my daughter was perfect it’s fine before this fight and now [Music]

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100 thoughts on “Teen on life support after fight outside middle school

  1. It's all fun and games until it's too late those kids who beat her are all sad but it's too late

  2. I wanna beat the girl ass who ever hurt the girl like that made me fill soo bad like that made me mad

  3. Are you fucking serious
    That’s bullshit
    A girl is now on life support because of a fight
    I would of protected that girl no joke
    Those people are sick

  4. Those dumbass bohemoth kids.
    The kids recording and laughing should be thrown in jail.
    Let them rot with their gremlin laughs.
    They are h e a r t l e s s 🙁

  5. Wow im pist if i was there i dont care if i hit a girl i will beat the shit out of that hoe

  6. They should have been stopped it instead of letting them keep fighting and the let them girls kick her in the head

  7. What were they fighting over that was big enough to take the others life ? Like in middle school I enjoyed it I was making so many friends what is there to be upset over so sad

  8. On the bright side they at least found the tumor before it was too big, the fight was both a blessing and a curse but mostly a curse

  9. All those lil girls laughin thinkin it funny like it is not right like tf I can fight every lil bitch one by one who laughed and did not help. PERIOD!!!

  10. I hope those girls who basically killed that beautiful girl is going to some kind of jail for murder. That girl was so beautiful and I hope those girls are going the some kind of trouble because that is just so evil to do to someone’s child

  11. Dude, these parents don't care. There children are hitting an innocent kid. They technically murdered her. If i was the girl's mom (who died) I would of sued the children's parents. This is so sad

  12. THE LORD tests the righteous, but his soul HATES THE WICKED AND THE ONE WHO LOVES VIOLENCE.
    Psalm 11:5 Holy Bible

  13. I just saw another video about janise getting jumped by a group of girls, where was the police where was the caring citizens at when this happened, our communities need to do better because better will never be good enough bit it's a start. My heart goes out to this young lady and her family. Lord God wake her up from her sleep Lord God and seek vengeance upon those wicked girls.

  14. Give me hug me like those people deserve to get whooped and get beat up dumb people I want to beat them girl I probably don't know you but I love you so much

  15. This is why human beings shouldn't be fighting each other, what they probably thought was going to be a simple fight ended this child's life. This is so sad and everyone involved need to be prosecuted and televised as an example.

  16. She had other health issues. Like the tumor for instance. The fight was horrible though. They should be prosecuted

  17. "Schools:dOnT fIgHt uSe yOuR wOrDs schools when kids use there words then get brutally beaten:-suprised pikachu face-

  18. Oh my lord this is sickening I cannot if you kill someone you are old enough and strong enough to go up on trial they are sick

  19. Man fuck those kids who beat her up, beating up a 13 yr old I would've fought them see how they like it when people laugh at them getting beat I hope they go to court take the punishment,they parents take them to jail and let them know how it feels to be locked up.

    R.i.p. little angel some people don't know you but we do care God is with you now your home,and her family she's in a better place god called her home she's looking down on you.♥️

  20. I remember I got into a fight during 7th with a girl and 2 of her other little friends just because I stole her seat at lunch,she started pushing me even though I said I would give the seat back to her which wasn't really hers but I was trying to be the mature person in the situation.
    (I had depression and anxiety,still do but I'm going to therapy but it's not really doing much to me except controlling my anger issues)
    She jumped on me and I remember being so scared cause I was a good kid in school and the fear of what the consequences scared me,I felt I was going to have a panic attack and the attacks are horrible for anyone who has experienced them or not.
    (she was popular,immature,horrible in the inside)
    She started hitting me and pulling my shirt while I tried pushing her away people were staring and I wanted this to stop so without thinking about it i pushed her a little too hard and she fell and started screaming and crying.
    I felt really bad and tried to help her up but she started saying "the fat girl started a fight me!"
    Alot of kids came and formed a circle.
    They were calling me things such as fatty,earthquake,ballon,monster,
    I fell to the ground and I couldn't even process on what was going on.
    I had good grades,NJHS,never got into drama,didn't socialize alot.
    I didn't realize I was having a panic attack i thought i was in a really confused state.
    I went to the hospital but I don't remember but I remember being told that my blood pressure was really high for a 12 year old.
    I went back to school with people that believed the girl was the victim they didn't do ANYTHING to her except "next time don't do that rylie"
    I was really mad at that and decided to take my anger out but I always do it to myself.
    I started cutting and hitting myself with my bare hands.
    The stress that I had while 12 is higher than my high school stress.
    I'm still suffering from anxiety,depression,and anger issues,but I'm really trying to get rid of them but It seems i can't. Pi

  21. I am so dam tired of this double standard in law; I just watched a show where the White Woman drove across state dam near to kill this Black Man she wanted to be with but who did not want to be with her. She was 65 purchased the gun the same day she drove to kill him, they see her in the video; driving around the house several times to get her nerve up to kill him and leaving clear as day; they pick her up she blames another just like they always do; they find the gun inside of her house; she claims she threw out the 5 bullets that was actually found in the mans body and they give her 40 years with 30 years suspended. Now this guy was a scientist; building up on inventions in such. Now she will be out in about 5 years released date 2023. I'm sick of it; the whole time the investigation took place they continued to say the same thing; She just doesn't fit the description of a killer, nor does she have a record; I have a newsflash for these cops when the criminal looks like their mother, sister, daughter or son; IT'S THEM! THEY ABSOLUTELY FIT THE DESCRIPTION; no they are not a BLACK MAN! I'm sick of it. They don't have a record because you don't give them a record; they go free for the same reason you think these angels are walking the streets and they wind up killing everybody. This girl is dead now, our lives aren't worth a quarter; she is not the only young Black girl who has been beaten up by a White group of teens, died but had a pre-existing medical problem that was the cause of their death; America is just a crime infested junkyard of devils; I don't even know how they sleep at night. These boys get murdered and we turn our heads; but worse than all of this is that; IF; IF; IF; IF; IF; IF; IF; IF; IF; IF; IF; IF; IF; IF; IF; IF; IF; IF; IF; IF; IF; IF; IF; IF; IF; IF; tables were turned the Black Women who shot a White Man to DEATH and in cold blood would've gotten the death penalty and the little girls who were Black and killed a little white girl would be in jail for life along with the hecklers. IT'S SAD TO BE BLACK IN AMERICA! AND SHAMEFUL TO BE WHITE! I am convinced we as Black People will not see justice here in America but the Life you live here will be questioned, and especially for those who do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT IT! …Black People need to wake up; Cory Booker wants to change the justice system for all; that means crooked judges, killer cops etc… and we aren't even giving him the time of day. So here we go again depending on the White man to have our Backs; I have another Newsflash for you, they don't know enough about our struggle to have our Backs!

  22. People who stand and record these things while laughing make me sick. I always break up fights when I see one while others tand and laugh and call me a party pooper. If you're not helping the person getting bullied, You're a bully too.

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