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Testosterone Boost with BioForge

Testosterone Boost with BioForge

The hormone testosterone is what makes men
look and act more stronger, younger and more masculine.  It’s responsible for our bone and muscle mass,
our voices and the condition of our skin, hair and vitality.
It’s what fuels our sex drive and physical performance.
And a lack of it can make men feel irritable and tired, lose bone density and turn muscle
mass into fat. OK. We all know that testosterone naturally
declines as we get older. In fact, after the age of 40 our testosterone
production falls by between 1% and 2% every year. Being overweight can cut testosterone production
by 25% too. Which is a downward cycle … because then we don’t have the energy to try and get
fit and reduce our weight. Alcohol consumption reduces Testosterone production as does smoking
and poor diet. And to make things worse … us guys are being
exposed to unnaturally high levels of the female hormone estrogen. It’s found in the
plastic in food containers and even in drinking water. And too much estrogen can lead to a
hormone imbalance so our testosterone is less potent. Estrogen even leads to man boobs,
which doesn’t do our self image any good at all. But there is a way that you can turn back
the clock and increase your testosterone levels. BioForge from Biotivia contains four safe,
natural ingredients that get us off the downward cycle and start to turn back the clock to
the good times when we had more energy and felt stronger and more potent. Those four ingredients are called …
Coleus Forskohlii Fadogia Agrestis
7-methoxyflavone and Vitamin D3 Cholecalciferol You’ll find out more about those laboratory-standard
ingredients beneath this movie.  But for now, it’s reassuring to know that
thousands of Bioforge customers have found that this unique, proven formula has helped
them to boost their sex drive, enjoy more energy … and also to lose fat and increase
their muscle mass. Better still, right now you can get two 90-capsule
bottles of BioForge for the price of one. The recommended retail price is $49.95 for
a one month supply of 90 capsules … but now you can get two bottles for the same price. Biotiva is a trusted name as well. The company
has a 10 year track-record … is registered with the FDA in the US … and has been featured
in Men’s Health magazine, Wired magazine and the Los Angeles times. In medical trials,
universities throughout the world use Biotivia supplements because of their high-quality
ingredients. So, give your testosterone a fighting chance
and save money too, by ordering BioForge from Amazon-dot-com or from Biotivia-dot-com today.

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