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The Controversial Filipino World Champ CASIMERO

The Controversial Filipino World Champ CASIMERO

So let us talk about the very controversial John Riel “Quadro Alas” Casimero Who first made a big news after his team was attacked by angry fans during a riot After defeating Luis Alberto Lazarte for the Interim IBF World Light Flyweight title in Buenos Aires, Argentina in February 2012 The fight was indeed controversial There were a lot of illegal punches being thrown by the argentinian But the referee was just only warning Lazarte And in the 4th RD, Casimero was deducted 1 PT because he apparently kicked his down opponent In the 5th RD The referee called a knockdown after Casimero seemed only outbalanced because of a trip It is the rope who caught Lazarte’s punch There were series of foul plays from the argentinian From his low blows and Rabbit punches and in the 6th RD Finally the referee deducted 1 PT from Lazarte Due to repeatedly punching the back of the head of Casimero But in the 8th RD Casimero has thrown a rabbit punch of his own the reason for him to be deducted for the 2nd time in th 9th RD Lazarte was accidentally hit by a low blow Casimero was lucky this time because the referee only gave him a warning Lazarte still continued doing his rabbit punches and it seems like he doesn’t care anymore even if he will again be deducted Until Casimero got the right timing and was able to knockdown the Argentinian 2 times in the 9th RD Lazarte was very wobbled after the 2nd Knockdown but was saved by the bell Casimero continued the attack until the referee was forced to stop the fight on the 10th RD and if you notice the people are already starting to throw things in the ring after some seconds it was already riot the people are throwing everything in the ring and some are already on top hitting Casimero’s team with their own hands Some of Casimero’s team members were accompanied out of the riot while he was forced to hide under the Boxing Ring waiting for the riot to cool down This was one of the biggest Boxing News of 2012 and Argentina was near to be banned from holding boxing events because of the Riot You might be wondering It seem’s like Casimero is mocking his kneeling opponent June 27,2015 When Casimero fought then undefeated and current IBF World Flyweight Champion Amnat Ruenrong also known as one of the dirtiest boxer Casimero was caught with a left hook and right straight combination that resulted in to a knockdown in the 2nd RD But in the 3RD RD Casimero made his revenge after he also dropped the champion with a counter left hook, but the referee didn’t rule it as a Knockdown but just a slip There were a lot of trip/takedown done by the champion and it’s strange that the referee is not doing something about it There are even time’s when the Thai is already choking Casimero Casimero had a hard time from the extraordinary style of the champion who made the fight an MMA/Wrestling because of the takedowns and clinching Amnat sometimes punches while he wrestles the Filipino Casimero again was knocked down in the 7th RD in countless rough plays/dirty boxing that was done by Amnat he was only deducted 1 time and this happened in the 11th RD and even after the deduction Amnat still didn’t stop with his take downs even if the fight is near finished and after the 12th RD The Champion was declared the winner via Unanimous Decision After losing Casimero didn’t fight for almost a year for him to get a rematch against Amnat Ruenrong Finally, May 25,2016 almost 1 year after their 1st encounter they will be again facing each other Just like the 1st fight It’s still a dirty play from the Champion Casimero still went down multiple times because of the tripping or pushing done by Amnat but in the 4th RD Amnat’s jaw was solidly hit by a left hook and was knockedown Casimero did a strong follow up and was able to land a clean body shot that knocked down again Amnat , this time he was not able to get up Casimero was victorious in the rematch, finally he got the IBF World Flyweight title via 4RD knockout win, and after 4 months Casimero defended his IBF World Flyweight title against the undefeated Charlie Edwards On the weigh-in, the challenger is already doing hand gestures that he can easily get the belt from the new champion Some can say that this is not an act of cockiness but just a way for the challenger to to eliminate his nervousness But some can say that this is just for publicity for more fans to buy the ticket But some would interpret this as a sign of not respecting the Champion The Champion dominated the fight unleashing crisp shots to get the respect of the challenger and in the 10th Casimero’s left hook caught another victim Edwards went down, and the referee soon stopped the fight That’s it for this!

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100 thoughts on “The Controversial Filipino World Champ CASIMERO

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  2. ito yung pinoy na hinhnp ko dati yung lumbn sa argntinia siya din pla yung nanlo ksy tete ibang klasi yan d mattkot tapng nyn…

  3. D katangap tangap yung talo niya sa 1st fight sa thailand.. Taena subrang daya putya… Pero lumaban parin ng tama si casimero…yan ang tunay nah boxing

  4. Putakte grabe pala ginawang pangdaraya dito kay casimero,. Tapos yung mga keyboard warrior kung makapang husga akala mo mga perpekto.. Idol na kita casimero more win to go!

  5. Mga gago kyo lahat argentina bayot kyo putang ina nyo ngayon champion si casimero 3 rounds lng si butete s knya

  6. Gago kyo putang ina nyong lahat thailand madaya kyo mga bugok ! Pano nyo nakakain ang pera kinita nyo sa pandaraya ng alaga nyo sa boksing

  7. Shame on that Thai boxer..Shame on you, Ref (of the first fight! Both of you don't deserve to be in this professional field…

  8. Iba talaga ang pinoy hnd talaga uubra ang tete ng ibang lahi sa tete ng pinas malaki lng tete ng ibang lahi pero malambot at malamya hnd tulad ng pinas maliit pero malakas at makamantag

  9. casimero vs thailander ang napanood ko na subrang nakaka asar lalo na ang unang laban nila,kaya na Karma anf thailander

  10. minsan kasi kailangan mong maging demonyo kpag sa ibang bansa k..pra manalo… tayo kasing mga pilipino pg nasa ibang bansa tayo, malambot puso natin… kung baga parang pakitang tao lg.😂😂

  11. Hhhhhaaa kakatawa laro na to ah 😂😜 because that Argentina boxer is the first crazy he's punching below the belt lol 🙊

  12. ชะใจไฟล์ที่ชนะน็อกไอ้อำนาจ ล้างแค้นได้ชะใจมาก

  13. ito ba ung pina inom ng juice ni noynoy? anak ng! napaka lupet na atleta na nagbigay ng karangalan sa bansa pina juice lang!

  14. Casimero is a tough, brave, skillful fighter (not just boxer). Sadly, he usually got his hands full with his dirty opponents.

  15. dapat bawasan ni casimero ang kayabangan sa katawan nya kapag nasa ring.. di naman masama ang maging maporma pero dapat irespeto naman ni casimero kahit ano pang pandaraya ng kalaban..

  16. Si nyo ma sisisi si casimero kung bakit nya iniihipan ang na knockout nya na kalaban na parang gagamba kasi sa ponagdaanan nya hahahaha idol

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