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The FDNY Boxing Team fights for wounded veterans

The FDNY Boxing Team fights for wounded veterans

who’s stronger this guy’s strong when it comes to staying on the couch cookies I think these pipes speak for themselves helping people is kind of in our DNA so this is a way to stay in shape hopefully put our job and it was a good outcome in box my team about two years and got two fights too and I’ll also known as go undefeated I love to challenge myself I love to feel that the nerves of love where you going to fight anybody on a career who you are the best in the world award you know just us competing for charity that you get that nervous feeling and I embrace it I like that nervous you and I fought for matey for 92 and it’s only old days belief like one fight a year be against brothers and blue to heal City Police Department over the years it expanded and now we fight three four times a year with fighting games from England Ireland Australia up and down the East Coast California Chicago it really developed into quite a nice Club in earning a lot of money for charity our head coach Mike Reno in one day okay there’s a drill your weight class no I do boxing I crossed it and he was like very good and once those words come out I don’t you take your challenge all right they train pretty grueling matters on Strictly their own time you know they don’t get any danger or anything from the fire department so they’ve given up a lot to do this own training this team is empty and we’re all from different companies here barrel and everything at the end of the day we’re one tiny knife and was burning for each other we have two matches at a grudge match which Pitt FDNY members against other FBI wine member one of those about two brothers I was a nurse every time she went to work this guy so he was in charge pack to test how much in charge he was you know not sure how much you charge oh it’s wrapped over he left me a nice childhood scar Marissa they’ll suddenly a beef between their firehouses ones an engine Wonder Trotman and s arrival either finished off in a fire department or it could be a gone things he’s a marine a tough guy on the Air Force and the shown that not only is the Air Force but it was so much engine hope to come on victorious shouldn’t be real problem really he’s got a big head so to make it a little bigger [Music] Lobo veteran start story great cause it’s gonna be fun authority that the charity of choice is building homes for Heroes and its really a great charity they deal mortgage free handicap accessible homes for all veterans returning with severe injuries and a better mechanic Coast waha especially since the if a 911 these were the guys that went out so we have a special place for them I’m also a veteran just to be able to give back to those Webster before me and just to be able to give something back to them it’s just immensely a great experience and at the Fire Department of New York backs it up even more it’s just such an amazing experience there’s gonna be wounded warriors and it stands and we’re fighting for it’s our homes for Heroes and it’s an honor to battle for them they fought for our freedom you know hopefully can fight for their freedom back here at home it’s fighting the tip of cap from them for my performance and it be true on him I’ve been in the job since I was 19 I came over to fire when I was 27 years old and the fire department has always just been giving and it’s just a great experience to be part of it all [Music]

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