100 thoughts on “The Fiend makes his first entrance: SummerSlam 2019 (WWE Network Exclusive)

  1. I got to see the full entrance up close and let me just say it is one of the best WWE entrances I've seen in a while. Seeing the severed head of his old character/self as a lantern was just absolutely amazing. It looked so cool and overall it was an amazing entrance and seeing it live was just a great experience.

  2. WWE can’t ruin him and be cutting out all of his violence like the head lantern. I don’t care if kids are scared, this is the only way to get the product to go up again. Compare the additude/ruthless aggression era to the PG era. Which got better ratings and more views?

  3. ….you had it uploaded in full, and now you reupload it, and you managed to cut most of the entrance and make it pointless to watch. Good job WWE.

  4. Vince: so..Bray…..have you written a sketch for the fiend tomorrow night??

    Bray: yes sir…got it all done…would you like to see it??

    Vince: nope…I'm good…i trust you with this….see ya next week!!

    (let me dream dammit😒😒)

  5. Reminds me of when I used to watch WWE/F in the 90s. How the wrestlers would try to put fear into the audience! Papa Shango,Doink(heel), Undertaker,Jake the Snake,ect.

  6. I wonder what is he wearing on his head? It is not a hoodie. It is hard to tell but the thing he is wearing on his head is not connecting to his jacket. So what is that on his head? Is it cloth?

  7. Imagine. Wrestlemania, the Fiend comes out for his universal/Wwe title match with demon Balor. And the whole crowd shouting “Hurt! Heal!”

  8. I didn’t know you could edit videos and make them shorter? During the first day of this video it was the entire entrance from start to end.

  9. The Fiend basically controls the characters of WWE now. I hope the Heels that we love gets the Heal Glove. And the Faces we hate gets the Hurt Glove.

  10. And look at him now, all red . The whole red light thing and invincibility is really dumb guys. He doesn’t even seem like a wrestler/superstar anymore. I get wanting to make him stand out, but come on, this is a freaky guy in a mask, not Thanos. I thought he was gonna be the next Kane, please make him a wrestler again

  11. Im just here again after funhouse bray entered to compare and once again have my mind blown that these are the same person

  12. Has he lost a summerslam bc didn’t taker debut there that be cool if he never lost a match kinda like a taker streak for bray

  13. This was a masterpiece. I don’t know why WWE ruined it with the red light. The timing, the flashing light, the black towel over the head, the camera-works, everything was perfect!

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