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The first step in a journey to living a life on purpose

The first step in a journey to living a life on purpose

Hello, world. It’s Caveman Klaus here. Who am I? What’s this all about and why am
I putting myself out here on YouTube? I am going through a lot of questions and
a lot of change in my life, and I wanted to share that experience, because I think other
people may be having similar kind of thoughts and questioning things in their lives. Maybe
this can be of benefit to some other people and I’m going to put it out there. I quit my job a month ago. I’ve had a gnawing
feeling inside me for probably the last couple of years which magnified in the last six months
of my contract. I was working as a software developer. While I was very good at my job,
I was well regarded, successful, and well paid, I had this gnawing feeling that there
was more in me. There’s more to life I’m capable of much more. I knew that if I didn’t force myself out of
that situation (a place where I was very, very comfortable) I wasn’t going to grow.
I was just going to basically stay comfortable—enjoying that, but not really pushing and driving forward.
So, I deliberately quit that job without a clear plan, or an idea of where I wanted to
go. It’s been a little bit scary, and a little bit exciting, but I went ahead and did it.
Now I’ve been out of work six weeks. What have I been doing? I have alternated, basically, between periods
of really exploring my purpose. I have been reading lots of books (self-help and development),
going to seminars, and also speaking to other people. I’ve had some bouts of self-doubt
(I’ll admit it) and unmotivated periods where I go into a kind of escapism and hiding mode,
as well. I just watch TV, or play some video games, and I’ve found myself in a place where
I’m scared to ask myself the hard questions. I don’t like seeing myself like this. I’ve
come from a place where I had a lot of certainty in my life. I had Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
fulfilled. I had status. I had a sense of belonging. I was in a team. I was well regarded.
I was able to do some teaching. I had all of that, and now I’ve taken myself into a
place where I’ve got no certainly. I don’t really know what I’m doing. I don’t know what
the right answers are. I’m forcing myself into this uncomfortable place and asking myself
the hard questions. How am I going to move forward? How am I going
to get some certainty? How am I going to act with confidence and progress from my current
position? Largely at the moment it’s through trial and error. I’m looking for clues in
the way that I conduct myself and the kind of activities where I actually enjoy the process,
not just the results. I think that’s a good clue in itself. For me, one thing that I do consistently through
these times of uncertainty is work out at the gym. That’s because I can do it well,
I can focus, and I’m certain about the work that I’m doing and the results. It’s a good
anchor point for me when I go and do that. I do that Monday, Wednesday, Friday each morning.
It’s a great routine to start the day. It fires me up and I can see progression. I’m
getting stronger. I’m getting fitter. I’m losing body fat percentage. I was watching a YouTube video just recently.
Richard Branson was on Necker Island and being interviewed. He was asked if he could do one
thing, each day, to boost his productivity, to magnify his impact, what would that be?
His answer was “exercise”. He said exercise boosts his energy, boosts his strength, and
his ability to do more each day with better energy, and it would be infectious to all
the people around him. I wholeheartedly agree with that. I know that
when I’ve got my eating right, when I’m working out hard at the gym, when I’m feeling strong,
I’ve got my sleep right—I’ve got energy to do stuff each day. It fixes my self-confidence.
My clothes fit better. I project better to the people around me. Also, I feel great. So, Caveman Klaus—what’s this all about?
Why am I doing it? I’m getting back to basics around health and nutrition, including eating
lots of unprocessed foods and, at the moment, adopting a Paleo Diet. In terms of exercise, I’m doing a lot of really
good stuff with barbells and with the Olympic bar. I’m getting into Olympic lifting. I’m
really enjoying crossfit at the moment, and I’m just at the beginning of that journey.
I’m doing a lot of mobility work with my ankles, my knees, and my hip flexors—body parts
which have seized up. These muscles have not been activated and are very inflexible for
me because of my sedentary lifestyle being a computer programmer. I’ve been trying to
get back here sooner, but with these years of unhealthy living, everything has reverted. It’s going to take a while. I’m going through
a lot of questioning. I’m seeking answers. I’m hoping what I’m going through can perhaps
be beneficial to other people. Maybe other people out there have got some advice for
me. I’m open and receptive to that. I’m putting it out there. I think there’s
a better way to live than being a wage slave all my life. I know there’s a bigger person
inside me that I can grow into. There’s enormous capability inside me. I want to bring that
out, and I want to show up and be each day in my life and grow into that person. So, I’m starting here. I’m doing it publicly.
I’ve got plenty more to say. Thank you for stopping by. I’ve bought the website,
and I’m going to set up a blog. I’m going to set up a Facebook page and a YouTube channel,
all of this right at the start of this journey. Thanks for coming and watching. You’ll be
hearing more from me, so stay tuned. Thank you.

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2 thoughts on “The first step in a journey to living a life on purpose

  1. Hey CavemanKlaus!

    I can relate to this video very strongly. I'm 24, started Crossfit 3 months ago after bodybuilding for 6 years and I've been practising the paleo diet for as many months and I'm absolutely loving it. I have less cravings, more energy, my auto immune disorder has vanished, my mood is steadier and generally more positive. I've subscribed and it's very nice to meet a like minded person.

  2. @Elite1987 great to e-meet you. It's so great to hear the results you have had, Crossfit really is awesome the energy, strength and confidence it gives you. Less about the shape of your body though so some BB work is needed in addition to get that. Once you go Paleo it does change your mood and remove the cravings/binges! keep at it mate, live strong

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