11 thoughts on “The Formless One interviews Jim Cornette

  1. someone needs to do a top thirty list of the worst angles/gimmicks for wwe,wcw and tna and have cornette comment on them

  2. WWE is like a piece of gum , it was good when you first got into it , but chew that same piece for 10 years & you'll learn to hate gum ! I haven't watched WWE (or 99& of pro wrestling) in over 4-5.5 years .

  3. He created the Hell In A Cell match, that alone makes his FUCKING AWESOME! Great talker, good booker, legendary manager.One of my favorite periods in WWE history (April 97-November 97) he was a big part of creative.
    Go back and watch that period it was the perfect marriage of Russo's insane crash TV shit and Cornette's wrestling 101 booking

  4. Everybody who hates on Jim Cornette for being out of touch or whatever should just take a look at the list of people who got developed in his companies and the people he signed.

  5. KEVIN DUNN EVERYONE… https://s.yimg.com/fz/api/res/1.2/luh_b3_mBVaSsPR7jbzEUw–/YXBwaWQ9c3JjaGRkO2g9MjQwO3E9OTU7dz0zMjA-/http://www.gifsoup.com/view2/1554325/dunn-o.gif

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