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The Hidden Meaning in Fight Club – Earthling Cinema

The Hidden Meaning in Fight Club – Earthling Cinema

Greetings, and welcome to Earthling
Cinema, where we examine the last remaining artifacts of a once proud
culture, and try to understand what human lives were like before their
planet was destroyed. I am your host, Garyx Wormuloid.
This week’s film is Fight Club, starring the humans Brad Pitt and
Edward Norton, and directed by David Fincher. The film tells the story of a human
male, living on Earth. The filmmakers forgot to give him a
name, so let’s just call him Edward Norton. At the outset of the film,
Edward Norton has lost the ability to sleep, which is what humans call
it when they have to recharge their bodies. Later, he meets Tyler Durden. They
become friends and start punching each other, which allows Edward
Norton to sleep. Soon other males want to punch each other too. They
call it Fight Club, because why not? From here, Tyler creates
Project Mayhem, which is like Fight Club, but with bombs instead of
fists. Unfortunately, Edward Norton
discovers that he and Tyler Durden are the same person, because human
brains are primitive and occasionally malfunction. Edward
Norton shoots himself in the cheek, which destroys Tyler, because
imaginary friends always live inside your cheek. At least that’s my interpretation. In the end,
Edward Norton fails to stop the mayhem caused by his spectral
friend, but he gets to hold hands with a girl, and that’s all that
really matters to human males. Now, on the surface, this might
seem like a movie about punching. And that wouldn’t be a bad guess,
since human movies are almost always about punching. However, a closer reading reveals
that Fight Club is a cathartic expression of frustration with
American capitalist society. Capitalism was a system that
allowed humans to purchase their identities, which was much more
convenient than building one from scratch. In this shot, Edward Norton reads
his furniture catalogue as if it were laden with pornographic
images, such as a man’s penis or a woman’s penis. Humans fetishized
their comforts, and this left them feeling empty. As Edward Norton
says, he has a “house full of condiments and no food.” The
concept of ingesting nutrients through one’s mouth is obviously
disgusting, but the point still stands. Human lives were full of
ornamentation, yet had no substance. It is Tyler Durden who shows Edward
Norton a way out of his wretched existence. No, not with a
starcruiser and coordinates to the Yajj Nebula, with fighting. By subjecting their feeble bodies to pain the characters are reaffirming
their humanity in the most visceral way possible. When Tyler puts the
lye on Edward Norton’s hand, the scar looks like a human
vagina and bears a passing resemblance to the Trilaxian and
Zorgian vaginas as well! Or… so I’ve heard. In the face of a society that makes them feel nothing, Tyler is offering rebirth through pain. And with rebirth comes new life.
Durden’s Project Mayhem is about destroying the false comforts of
American society. They crush capitalist symbols, like the coffee
shop and the computer store. They spray water on the bible, which was considered by many humans to be the best book of all time, one that should be kept dry at all costs. Durden corrupts wholesome
family movies by splicing in frames of pornography, and ruins the
pornography by rendering it incomplete. At the end of the film, we see the
successful demolition of several important buildings. The Earthlings
have gotten what they wanted: to be free of their capitalist overlords.
And yet, here we see a shot of a penis spliced into the wreckage,
undermining their moment of catharsis. For even the film itself, a capitalist product after all, must be corrupted. Either that, or
the filmmakers just made a mistake. For Earthling Cinema, I am Garyx
Wormuloid. Please be sure to observe one of the holiest of human
traditions, hitting the subscribe button.

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