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The love in village is so sweet! Pure and enviable!

The love in village is so sweet! Pure and enviable!

I will be back, Xiaowen. don’t leave me alone. I will be back in ten days Really? Yes! Father…Mother… Father…… Xiaowen I am coming back too late. I don’t care, you don’t have to participate in the exhibition. Ten days. I will be back in ten days. When I said ten days. I was serious. But… My parents had a car accident on that day. So I didn’t come back on time. Everything about here, including you. I have forgotten it. Because it is too painful. Sorry, I didn’t come back on time. I hope to go to Tibet with you to see the snowy mountains. WIht the white gloves you gave me. But before that I will heartbreak and die because of you. Do you like this house? NO Why? I thought I was going to sleep in the same room with you. I am going back. Don’t be kidding me anymore, otherwise… The pillow is too high, I don’t like it. how about now? Better. Is your head made of stone? It is too heavy and hurts my arm. It’s just the beginning. It will be more painful in the future. Your injury will be deeper than mine. It’s all my own initiative. Relly? Yes. OK! Let’s wait. I have to sleep with your arm for a while. Why didn’t you tell me before? What? Why don’t you tell me that little girl is you? How can I tell you? You didn’t recognize me. It’s good to see you, I am Xiaowen, I am coming to say goodbye, how are you? Remember this? Dandelion You said it before. Just blow it to the sky and you can achieve a wish. You still remember this. What have you promised? emmm…I hope you are more mature. HOW ARE YOU! HI! I AM VERY GOOD!

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