The Miz vs. Cesaro: Raw, Sept. 2, 2019

>>Did you guys see the look on Baron Corbin’s face several minutes ago
when it was announced that he’s gonna compete in a triple threat match inside
the King of the Ring tournament now?>>Pure disdain, but I think that’s
exactly what it was supposed to be. I mean, listen, we didn’t know
what to make of the call between Samoa Joe and Ricochet. Triple threat it is.
>>But we know it’s gonna be
a triple threat next week.>>It’s a judgment call. I mean, did they both advance or
did they both fail?>>And Miz with the neck-breaker.>>I think Baron has a very
legitimate complaint. John Cone once again rears his ugly head.>>Yeah, but if you’re a fan of WWE, how can you not love the fact that
you’re gonna have Corbin, Joe, and Richochet in a triple threat match
to determine who goes to the finals.>>[CROSSTALK]
>>I will tell you exactly how. I happen to have a great deal
of money riding on Baron Corbin.>>Now this is a dream situation where
the odds are just more stacked against Baron Corbin, goodbye. And Miz now misses with a big kick,
Cesaro caught him with an uppercut. Cover by Cesaro, hook to the leg and
a kick out by Miz.>>Just because you don’t understand Sami
Zayn doesn’t mean anything’s wrong with him, could be a bit of an acquired taste.>>Miz fighting back,
driving Cesaro into the corner and now the constant kicks to the arm.>>Sami Zayn is one of the most
irritating individuals in all of WWE, never knows when to shut up.>>Miz into the corner
with the running knee.>>Is that a Canadian thing?>>Look at this, big knee in
the corner from The Miz over and over again, but,
what an upper cut right on the button.>>Cover by Cesaro,
to win this match, kick out!>>Miz stays alive.>>Uh-oh, Cesaro’s gonna be looking for
the neutralizer. This could be our big time speed bump for
The Miz on the way to Clash of Champions.>>Instead, Cesaro gonna roll Miz up,
pins the shoulders down. Gotta till [INAUDIBLE].>>Uh-oh.
>>Seamless transition, I think Miz might be going for a swing.>>Miz though-
>>Says nope.>>Doing his damnedest to fight out,
and now looking for the figure four. Cesaro able to counter.>>Great athleticism from The Miz.>>Lodged underneath,
Cesaro though able to stack him up. Shoulders down now for The Miz,
Cesaro’s got the ropes.>>No, no, no, no.>>The official caught The Miz,
able to reverse and a kick out by Cesaro. This is the kind of aggression Miz
is gonna need to possess at Clash of Champions if he wants to stand any
chance of knocking off Nakamura. Right hand followed by an uppercut. And Miz is stunned.>>At this point Miz might not have
any teeth left by Clash of Champions.>>Skull crushing finale by
The Miz from out of nowhere! Here’s the cover on Cesaro,
and Miz for the win! [SOUND]
[MUSIC]>>Here is your winner, The Miz!>>Miz building some much needed momentum
heading into Clash of Champions, and his battle with Shinsuke Nakamura for
the Intercontinental Championship. [MUSIC]

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