98 thoughts on “The Miz’s biggest wins: WWE Playlist

  1. Does that chick securiry guard not work for WWE? She wouldnt let Maryse go the same way she wasn't letting Gronk over the rail at Mania. Like she has no idea what's going on scriptwise

  2. Miz is a good wrestler but I don’t like the fact that he cheats to win his matches. The real win is when you can actually beat your opponent on your own without cheating or interference by other wrestlers.

  3. I used to dread The Miz. When his music would come on, my soul filled with despair.
    Now he is one of my favorite WWE Superstars of all time. At the height of his villainy, I referred to him as "The Roddy Piper of His Generation."

  4. 10:50 minute
    Really? ,,Beating the BIG DOG" 😑

    The Miz is on of the best Heel's, because He cheated in the most Matches 😂

  5. First intercontinental the miz win at July 23 the surprise is i born in july 23 first it was raw episode 1000 and one of my favourite wrestlers wins title😂😂😂✨

  6. When it show DX the ref should have stopped counting because Michael shoulders were up and they weren't down so

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