63 thoughts on “The MMA Guy On Chinese Tik Tok (Douyin) That’s Challenging Kung Fu Masters

  1. If we get into a conflict with China, hopefully the PLA is learning Kung fu style shooting! No accuracy, no defense, no skill.

  2. Mma is modern "kung fu" and TCMA are older chinese mma. These kung fu styles didnt just appear from nowhere, the style founders learned from a few different masters and combined/ mixed what worked for them eg Choy-Li-Fut,Hung-Fut etc.these were mixed martial arts. Hell even original Yang family taijiquan's founder Yang Luchan was a Chang quan boxer who learned the principles of Chen family boxing combining what he found worked to create his style of boxing. Even Japanese styles came from other styles combining and changing over time. TCMA continued to evolve until the mid to end of the 19th century then they mostly flatlined being overtaken by western boxing and japanese styles.
    Really there is no ultimate kung fu style there were only individual great boxers that made that style work for them then, and even they learnt from a few different masters of different styles using what worked thus they were mma fighters. All of you favorite kung fu fighters of old were just the mma boxer of their day.

  3. This is how you can tell he hasn't been hit before. At least the second guy could take a hit. And the last guy was pretty good, just wasn't going very hard. Looked more like a hard spar.

  4. That guy in the yellow shorts was brutal the other guy obviously could not defend he's self should have stop the fight. Thanks for the cometary you rock.

  5. Isn't master Wong legit? I mean he obviously has very exaggerated videos that won't work. But I've seen he has some decent kickboxing tips videos, so I think he might be a good fighter

  6. Maybe it's time to STOP making FOOLISH comments about Master Wong. Master Wong would EASILY beat Ramsey Dewey. Dewey has very little power in his punches, is very slow with his hands, and would get destroyed. And it's not me who thinks this. Have you seen the recent YouTube comments by former MMA fighter Alan Murdoch, concerning his FRIEND Master Wong vs Ramsey Dewey? Here are an 'expert' opinion, by someone who know FAR FAR more than you about both MMA and street fighting.

    "I am an MMA fighter AND a Doorman so i've had plenty of street fights over my 22 years experience.” … “I’ve fought in many different arena's and had a 6 year pro MMA career fighting in the same venues as Vitor Belfort and Anderson Silva etc. I loved my time in the cage and the friends that i made while there but found that the rule system hinders from using all of the real quick finishing techniques.” … “I train full pro cage fighters, close quarter protection bodyguards, doormen and any fucker else who wants a real fighting experience and training regimen.” … “I was used to fighting in pubs, down back alleyways, in parks etc gang against gang. MMA is not No Holds Barred at all. I've spoken personally with many of the pro's on the cage fighting circuit and many have never even fought outside of a gym environment." and …. "I've trained Martial Arts all my life. I've fought in the boxing ring, jiu jitsu kumite, the cage as well as having many years experience on the doors."

    "I wanna make this ABSOLUTELY CLEAR to everyone. Real hardcore street fighting is far more viscous than MMA. I know because I do both. Please will everybody shut the fuck up about MMA beats everything. It doesn't I can personally vouch for that. I work the doors and have done for over 22 years and train all the lads how to stop people fighting and guess what? I don't use MMA because it would take too long to sort out the problems. Me and Master Wong are currently in negotiations with many cage fighting professionals, boxers, karate, ju jitsu, thai boxers etc. to teach them the necessary skills to stay out of jail while protecting yourself on the street."

    Concerning a street fight between Dewey & Wong … (after watching one of Ramsey's real MMA fights). Here are Mr. Murdoch's comments …

    "His (Ramsey's) defence and stance were poor, punches and kicks had no power and he could have easily got out of the side control with a left underhook and turned his body straight out. I've fought MMA professionally and i've fought on the street for over 22 years and believe me Master Wong wins EVERY TIME. I had a few little spat’s with him when i went to his house for four days mate and the guy IS REAL. He has speed, power, aggression. Doesn't feel pain (or at least express it) and he has some nasty hidden fucking shit…"

    ps. Her's a photo of former MMA fighter Alan Murdoch …. https://www2-cdn.sherdog.com/_images/pictures/15/14855.jpg

  7. Please, no streetbeefs breakdowns. I used to be a fan, but watching the guys gettind thrown onto the hard ground pissed me off. Get them some mats for Fuck sake. Especially now with all the annoying sponsorship they are getting, they can afford it. That and the stupid plywood lining their cage. They should replace that with black matting.

  8. Honestly, Kung fu at its purest form is just kickboxing. Before all the flashy shit, it was just kickboxing with takedowns. It wasn’t till a prolonged time, that it became more flashy

  9. You know its only a matter of time till one of these kung fu guys pics a fight with the wrong guy and end up suffering irreversible damnage because of it.

  10. WANNABE "master" posers in Kung Fu, DESERVE to be beaten silly and not saved by the ref! Why? Because they've been deceiving and cheating students with their unproven and ineffective bullshit for ages!

  11. Bro, I love ring sports and especially boxing, but comparing a sport specialized in fighting with gloves with an empty hand self-defense system it's outright stupid. There is a reason why bare knuckles boxing is inherently different from classical boxing and that is because gloves are weapons. Without hands wrappers and gloves to protect your knuckles, wrists and those small metacarpal bones in your back of the palm, you can't slip or defend punches in the same manner. Also being hit with bare knuckles with the same punch velocity&power gives far more damage. Fighting in a ring requires strategy and a game plan and it's somewhat different than fighting in the streets.Even an "untrained" guy can punch your head to death. MMA or kickboxing fighters beaten in the streets it's not something that uncommon.

  12. Maybe they thought they have “Enough” training to conjure some sort of “Chi Armor”…lolz..but after one punch or kick they woke up from a literally painful realization..lol

  13. Who wodda thunk? Doing silly and flashy forms and katas, beating up on wooden dummy doesnt teach you to fight. Also i love how these kunt fu guys dont even use any of these pretty kunt fu techniques. Most of them look like drunk bums swinging wildly.

  14. It's frustrating watching all these videos because Kung Fu can actually work, it's just that the people who actually train it well, complete with sparring, resistance training, etc, are one in a couple thousand, so it's so rare to be near impossible to find.

    I know I, and people like Ramsey Dewey have run into a few, but sadly the majority both in China and abroad don't know how to apply nor practice it well.

  15. Speaking of tiktok, my words limit was shortened for some reason. I asked, but they just corrected it back without saying why it happened. I don't remember offending anyone….except ccp. Lol

  16. Something I want to add… even if the one of these kung fu guys would win… they just look like regular amateur kickboxers who can't punch well. In other words, they don't look like any kind of kung fu practitioner, but relatively untrained people with the occasional decent kick.
    I see no reason to train in their art, as opposed any other notable form of kickboxing, including a legit karate dojo.

  17. Yes! Bruce Lee really jumped twelve feet straight up in that tree in Enter the Dragon right? Do you also believe in Unicorns? Silly people.

  18. Man these are hard to watch sometimes. I love chine for its great weightlifting but might not want to travel there for martial arts xd

  19. could you make an volume input threshold with your recording equipment? its not unbearable but its pretty rough with headphones occasionally. thanks, love these kind of vids

  20. It makes no sense that any martial arts master would not be able to throw a jab or a proper cross or hook, or not even use one goddamn front or side kick. Lol.
    My sifu always said that the martial arts world is full of frauds because of the lack if oversight from actual martial arts masters. There's no "fda" of martial arts. I mean, there are strict rules to some and some.governing bodies, but there aren't any effective ones for kung fu… especially wing chun.

  21. Good lad! Oh to be sharp young and in China right now! These "masters" are all desperate to get punched in a video!

  22. is Xu Xaoudong (?) gonna fight the dude from Practical Combat Martial Arts? The Cuban guy? i know he issued a challenge, but i think that would be amazing. Sergio is a boss.

  23. None of those guys are Kungfu guy, they were more of self taught Martial arts fans, the short guy had some Muay Thai/Kickboxing training.

  24. Simplicity is what’s needed for Kung fu practitioners. There are an array of tools in there forms that can be used to spar with.

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