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The MMA Junkie Radio Guys Talk UFC Sale, Drug Tests, Injuries, and More!

The MMA Junkie Radio Guys Talk UFC Sale, Drug Tests, Injuries, and More!

alright boys your thoughts on the sale
of the Ultimate Fighting Championship we’ll start with the sharp dressed member
of this brother act, Goze what do you think? well you know the sale was crazy
man, we all kind of knew it was coming but there’s a lot of uncertainty because
there’s new owners we still retain Dana White as president but the thing that
kept this company going in my opinion is the fire these are combat sports guys Lorenzo,
Frank, Dana they love combat sports and a lot of what they did was based on
passion are the new owners going to have passion? That’s what worries me. It’s business as
usual I mean the the fight cards are scheduled things are happening big fights just took
place so I haven’t noticed the change one bit We know what the phrase business as
usual means in mixed martial arts Buzzito – oh yeah we know what that means. I’ve
heard that before and what do you guys think is the global
impact of the UFC? The UFC is massive you know, and and it’s I mean these guys
break new grounds all the time and you know Europe has been blowing up the UK
in front of our own eyes I think the next frontier is Asia so I
think this purchase is centered a lot around getting into China and conquering
Asia Next you got to be a little worried though if
you invested over four billion dollars and you find out that your biggest star
Jon Jones you know you can’t use them now Brock Lesnar it’s like buying Nike and then telling you
guess what you can’t sell jordans for two years that’s a little rough to take at the
beginning what you think guys? You’re right there is a huge risk and I’m
wondering though if you guys could look in your cracked crystal ball and and
what do you think will change? well supposedly what they’re saying is
fighter pay is going to get better and opportunities outside of the Octagon are
going to get better they mentioned actually movie roles for
some of the top names so those are a few that stand out to me there’s definitely going to be a lot of
changes coming you don’t put that much money into a company and not want to
make changes not want to give your your viewpoints on everything so expect
changes here you guys already mentioned his name
brock lesner what do you think about this situation with him look we don’t have enough details yet
because all we know is that he’s been flagged for doping allegation so now it’s got to go through its
process if he wants to get his b sample tested if he’s going to go through an
appeals process or if he just accept his punishment which is pretty severe
nowadays it’s two years and i believe thirty-three percent for first time
offenders so we just got to let this these facts play out first of all and
the morbidly obese combat sports injury bug continues to feast for my money from
horn to horn in any given fight Demetrious Johnson the UFC champion is
the pound-for-pound best and yet he is now off of his next title
defense against Wilson haste haste is staying on the card because let’s face
it he needs the money and I’m sure as you mentioned that’s going to be
something that the new owners will have to contend with but what about the
matrix Johnson going down to injury and and the impact it will have at UFC 201
because he’s not known as the biggest ticket seller or needle mover and yet
he’s one of the best in the game yeah the show always seems to go on with
Demetrius Johnson he’s one of those guys that’s what is
always seen invincible nothing ever happened to the guy this might not be the worst of things
though because really what that division needs a time time to develop new guys
and any time you can buy in that division i think is is pretty good
hopefully a Demetrius can be right back and stronger than ever because that’s
the heart that he has the meters is wiped out the division at wilson hey so
I think comes in with a one fight winning streak so in reality I don’t think much is
missed I don’t think much as mr. at the gate I mean woodley and robbie lawler
ours was gonna sell that that fight card but duh Demetrious Johnson has been very durable
he once fought with a broken leg against Miguel Torres I was about 34 years ago she can’t
question his heart his you know his character guys tough let’s move up a little bit of weight
class what about that bantamweight division is a lot of stuff going on any
good just beat McDonald what do you guys think of it you got a
dominant champion in Dominick Cruz i mean granted he’s been away but still
the run that he’s had has been incredible next up it looks like TJ Dillashaw wants
to position himself in there but John in the coaches had a great win and he’s
putting people out he’s got power 235 pounds this guy came up from 125 pounds
for crying out loud and it’s about as hard as some of the
guys at a hundred 785 so that guy’s an exciting prospect so is cody guard brand
who who’s undefeated you also have Bryan caraway was slowly
just making strides is getting some wins he knocked out aljamain sterling was
undefeated you know going into their fight about a
month ago so I I know his throne is his a hat into the ring and then lastly how
about this wildcard Frankie Edgar you know he wanted to be a 3 division
champion he just lost his chance to be an interim
champion and 45 pounds but we all know this guy doesn’t walk around about more
than a buck fifty five or so so he can easily drop – 1:35 and at any moment
that guy sells I could see Frankie Edgar maybe involving himself in the mix to do
you guys think Dominick Cruz should get first dibs at 145 he chooses to move up I think if he does choose to move up we
like we always see with the fighters in there that are a little bit older in their
careers once they make that move up it’s pretty much for good so if he was
going to make that move you really need to think about it and make sure that’s
what he wants to do if he does I think he’s got the size is got the the type of
match ups in that division i can create a lot of great fight I think it would be a good move to be
honest and in my opinion I think DJ could move up to 35 because he’s cleared
out his division Dominic hasn’t cleared out his division
just right now it’s getting exciting I think he’s got matchups waiting for him
and max Holloway was right – are you know clean stick that claim
because he’s got that big fight win streak he’s looked great I think he’s got next
Dominic I i I’d like what he’s doing he’s kind of feeling out the process
dipping his toe in that water he wants to be involved in the big paydays in the
super fights there’s nothing wrong with that but I do believe he stands behind
max Holloway uh you know and then of course conor mcgregor jose aldo you
never know if Joe’s they can write that ship make things even you got to play
out the trilogy match – yeah yeah yeah

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