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The Most Expensive Dog in the World: VICE INTL (China)

The Most Expensive Dog in the World: VICE INTL (China)

[VICE INTL, CHINA] Hey! This is Krishna, from VICE’s New York office. Our friends at VICE China discovered that people in China are willing to pay outrageous amounts of money for Tibetan Mastiffs. Some of these pooches cost as much as $3 million. This is: The World’s Most Expensive Dog. [VICE INTL, CHINA] [The Most Expensive Dog In The World]

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100 thoughts on “The Most Expensive Dog in the World: VICE INTL (China)

  1. These people should not be allowed to have dogs! They obviously have no respect for animals. There is no need to toss dogs around or pull them with force!!!

  2. I'm a Tibetan refugee and our dogs are in China being sold and it's truly sad free Tibet and Tibet's all natural heritage

  3. This is just something for the rich to show off when their friends come over to their house. China hasn't changed in 5000 years. They are still corrupt, selfish, money hungry, and living in the dynasty.

  4. everyone mad in the comments like they don’t eat meat and animal products and benefit from the slavery and murder of animals you all have no right lmao

  5. No one is gonna call the chines for culture appropriation. Wth. And The dogs look like they can’t carry their own weight.

  6. This clinches it. In terms of weirdness, the Chinese have attained white people levels. I hope they begin to die off soon.

  7. Hope they don’t eat them There are pets ;-; people say There not pets They just EAT Em SO RUDE

    What is this world made of!!!!!!!

  8. I have seen many stray tibetan mastiff dogs in High altitude region of my state of Arunachal Pradesh, India.
    I will take a pair home, I get to go there next time.

  9. I’m Chinese and I never see street pet store stands treated dog like that or shelter. Mostly, when I headed to China all pet stores and others treated the dog gently, but what place in China kinda treat the dog little bit harsh. Also, my dad used to bought a Doberman in China and they treated the dog gently and made the dog feel more comfortable (My dad is half Chinese & British).

  10. I am Tibetan and when my dad was younger he had a Tibetan Mastiff as a guard dog for his family, and that dog was very loyal and protective till he passed away. Tibetan Mastiffs are supposed to be loyal animals who will protect you/ guard you, not some dog to be groomed to be sold and put in a fashion show or what not. They are beautiful dogs, but it’s terrible how they’re being bred to be sold for the most money. Sad how China took our country and now is taking our beautiful animals.

  11. got two bitches maltese poodle and chihuahua for free and would not sell them for nothing,besides they ugly as fuck.but the're my pets.

  12. At every American or UK dog show it seems like the dogs are pretty happy and enjoy strutting their stuff for judges. Even breeds that some consider disfigured like the English Bulldog are treated with respect by the handlers. These dogs in China just seem sad. Adopt a dog from the shelter or a breed rescue or pay the much higher price from a reputable breeder whose priority is health.

  13. the rich people are stealing and spending the money that it should be for a taxes or penalties because industrial activity destroys the environment , waste the resources , finish with the forest áreas ,and potencialize the greed of this people , they must be stop by the law.

  14. In India u get the Indian mastiff or biotic for just 4000 rappers in hilly regions. Or less than 70 dollars 💵💰💸.

  15. After all will eat it right?because that' what chinese always do,they will treat the dog as delicacy food or exotic food

  16. That white dog is a pyrenees, Thats what my dog is… She also was not cheap but, sure wasn't half a million

  17. So an extreme amount of money for a dog that's unpredictable… I'd rather just buy a pitbull for all that

  18. There r Tibetan Mastiffs but no Tibetan owners to be seen. These dogs need more love than sold as commodity

  19. Me: so how much for this little guy?
    Seller: 3.3 million
    Me: we're getting a hamster, come on we're leaving lol

  20. This is so sad. They didn't even mention what the conditions the overbred mothers of these dogs are going through.

  21. Would want to own on but dont have the $$$ for it and would not want to imagine the mess when it sheds its fur.

  22. They are worth much more than that. Tibetans are largest dogs ever. Largest was measured at eight foot seven and 38 inches tall. Was very known as worlds largest dog but I am not sure on pictures but regardless the dog tibetan mastiff gets huge and is a fighting breed and is very savage many at the house is very safe. Worth more than a ferrari as that just gets you places.

  23. Im dog breeder from Mongolia. I have close to 100 Mongolian & Tibetan mastiffs if guys want to buy puppies. Email me. Currently in America able to get connect.

  24. so disgusting. its not about the dog its about people showing they have money to buy expensive dog. then the majority of them dont give the dog the time it needs. disgusting humans

  25. Why are there Chinese women dressed like Mexican dancers ? Why are they tossing those little puppers? Why do they only focus on money? So many questions

  26. 0:05 oh my. Dude maybe you were stressed out . Still at least you should brush your hair before you appear infront of camera .🤷‍♂️

  27. It's sad cuz you can adopt an equally loving dog in the pound and it's literally FREE.. Why do people do this stupidity.

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