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The New Day Dropping Championships? Hulk Hogan Return Update | Wrestling Report

The New Day Dropping Championships? Hulk Hogan Return Update | Wrestling Report

What’s up everyone? My name is John, and this is the Wrestling
Report. First off, we have some news about the Tag
Team championships. It is looking as if The New Day is going to
beat Demolitions record of being the longest reigning tag team champions. However, after they break that record, which
will be official on Wednesday December 14th, they will defend the titles against Cesaro
and Sheamus at Roadblock. Reports are claiming the New Day will lose
the titles at the pay per view. Next up, we’ve got an update on Hulk Hogan
returning to WWE, specifically WrestleMania 33. TMZ recently got camera on Hulks daughter
Brooke Hogan, who did not deny any claims about the Hulkster being at next year’s
WrestleMania. She said that she “knows that people have
been calling him for WrestleMania,” and even said “How can I put it? What is a way that won’t get me in trouble?” It looks as though that WWE has contacted
Hulk to maybe pitch him a return for WrestleMania. It is even being rumored that Hogan has been
in New York secretly filming something with WWE. Since Mania is just around the corner, we
will see if this actually happens. Finally, we have a little more news regarding
WWE expanding. It seems as though people in WWE, aside from
Vince Mcmahon, are interested in showcasing independent promotions such as Ring of Honor,
CZW and Evolve on the Network. This might explain why Triple H is eager to
buy out all those contracts. McMahon said that he didn’t want any “hot
indies” on his Network, so Triple H might have just come to terms with that and decided
to take as much talent as possible. And this has been the Wrestling Report. I hope you’re all having a spectacular day;
thank you so much for watching Wrestling Hub, and I’ll see you tomorrow with more wrestling

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39 thoughts on “The New Day Dropping Championships? Hulk Hogan Return Update | Wrestling Report

  1. Most likely at Roadblock, The New Day will lose their titles to Gallows & Anderson, they deserve it. Hulk Hogan needs to return for at least 1 more match against a heel from Raw. Have someone give an open challenge at WrestleMania and Hogan comes out.

  2. I really don't want New Day to drop the titles to Sheamus and Cesaro. I feel they are the wrong team to take the belts. Don't give them to The Club, The Shining Stars, The Golden Truth. For me, there are three ways I would want this to happen:
    1) Enzo and Cass with a roll up/heel turn from one New Day Member
    2) Nese and Gulak with shenanigans/heel turn from one New Day Member
    3) Call up an NXT tag team (either The Revival, TM61 or #DIY)

  3. hulk got mad for saying something similar to tmz a few weeks ago or a month. said she is just trying to stir things uo and no truth to it. and said she needs a boot to the head lol

  4. Vince needs to retire. For the love of God, let HHH run WWE. Sick of people booing RAW especially when the past two episodes have been great.

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